Landscaping Marketing Ideas: How to Stay Busy Through Every Season

Scott Dylan Westerlund
Updated August 31, 2021
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Landscaping marketing ideas, from social media contests to lead generation, can help you book more jobs through all seasons

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Growing a lawn care business can feel as "slow" as watching grass grow if you don't know how landscaping marketing works. How do you generate positive reviews and publicity to reach potential clients?

No landscaping company becomes the biggest in town without savvy marketing. Take a look at the best landscaping marketing ideas for lawn care companies below.

Landscaping Advertising Channels to Consider

Let's look at the most effective ways to grow your company's profile locally. Keep in mind that you don't have to implement all of these marketing strategies to get new customers. Focus on one or two that will have the biggest impact with the smallest investment.

Lead Generation Services for Landscaping Businesses

Experience level: Beginner to advanced

General cost: $ to $$

If you’re looking for landscaping marketing ideas that’ll bring new leads to you, try Angi pro. You won't have to spend time searching for leads from scratch when you sign up for a company that delivers warm leads right to your inbox.

Getting leads via Angi pro is the easiest way to book jobs immediately because the contacts you're getting are already in decision-making mode. You just have to send a quote and close the deal.

Social Media for Landscaping Companies

Experience level: Beginner to advanced

General cost: $ to $$$

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn are all great for building brand awareness and connecting with potential clients based on geographical location. 

Facebook is a great option if you're advertising to homeowners and business owners because the platform's demographic skews older than Twitter and Instagram. However, Instagram is great for showing off your work visually with hashtags that’ll attract home-improvement enthusiasts. YouTube is the perfect spot to show off your expertise with DIY and behind-the-scenes videos.

You can choose to use both paid and unpaid postings to generate buzz on social media. With unpaid postings, you're getting free publicity by using the right keywords, posting to local pages, offering incentives for sharing your posts, and creating shareable content. Paid posting allows you to pay to have your posts promoted while appearing like ordinary newsfeed items.

Landscaping Partnerships/Referrals

Experience level: Intermediate to advanced

General cost: $

Referrals and partnerships are great for generating organic growth. Try to form relationships with other pros who offer related services like tree removal, snow removal, or contracting. The perk is that you're offering convenience for your customers while also benefiting from positive word of mouth.

The only downside is that you’re linking your reputation with the reputations of others whenever you make a referral. Make sure any company you're associated with offers reputable, quality work.

Free Landscaping Guides for Potential Customers

Experience level: Intermediate to advanced

General cost: $$$

Positioning yourself as the local lawn care expert is a great strategy. You can invest in paper mailers or magnets featuring quick lawn care guides or checklists covering everything homeowners should be doing to keep their lawns healthy. 

Alternatively, you can make guides available on your website free for download. Linking to these free guides via your social media feeds will increase engagement and drive traffic to your site.

Social Media Contests

Experience level: Beginner

General cost: $ to $$

Social media contests with prizes are an easy way to increase engagement. You can post a picture of a common lawn plant and ask your followers to guess what it’s called. You can ask them questions like which plants are best for the local climate. Or you can make entries as simple as commenting or retweeting the post. 

You can give away prizes like:

  • Free or discounted landscaping services

  • Free lawn ornaments

  • Free plants

What to Do When It's Low Season

The cold-weather slump in the fall and winter is real for landscapers. While you don't need to stop marketing during the "off" season, you do need to tweak your strategy. 

In the fall and winter, your target should be homeowners looking for practical services like snow removal, cleanup, and winterizing. You can probably pause "inspiration" ads on platforms like Instagram since those are best for people in planning mode until spring.

Put the emphasis on generating leads for people who need time-sensitive work done. These people don't have time to spare because they are eager to book jobs before it gets any colder.

Before You Advertise

Don't put the cart before the horse when it comes to lawn care marketing efforts. Take a look at the "backstage" work that needs to be done before pressing the switch on your marketing campaign.

Create or Update Your Website

If you're doing digital advertising through social media, make sure you have a website to link to where customers can book directly. Your website should also feature on all print ads, business cards, or business listings you create.

Do a Headcount

If you're choosing a lead generation service, make sure you have the staff and time set up for the big surge in bookings you’ll hopefully see. 

Hillside landscaping with retaining wall
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If you already have clients, start asking if you can take photos of your finished jobs to build up your marketing toolkit. These photos can be used on your website, mailers, organic social media posts, and paid social media posts.

Start Accumulating Positive Reviews

Ask customers to leave reviews. Once you begin your marketing efforts, those reviews will be some of the first things people see when interacting with your ads or looking you up online.

Start Attracting Potential Customers for Your Lawn Care Business

Think of marketing as introducing your company to potential landscaping customers. You want to inspire confidence with a professional website, useful and engaging content, and positive reviews. Use any of the landscaping marketing ideas above to get new lawn care jobs year-round. 

Start booking more lawn care jobs through all four seasons when you sign up for Angi pro today.

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