How Much Will It Cost to Install a Chain-Link Fence in My Yard?

Paige Bennett
Written by Paige Bennett
Updated November 29, 2021
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This style of fence costs an average of $2,100 to install

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Whether you’ve decided to enclose your backyard swing set or secure the area so your pup can run freely outside of the house, chain-link fencing allows you to enclose a space without blocking views of the neighborhood. It’s a popular choice for many homeowners and a less expensive fence option that costs $1,200 to $3,100 on average for materials and installation.

How Much Does a Chain-Link Fence Cost per Foot?

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The materials for a chain-link fence cost $10 to $20 per linear foot, although taller fences up to 10 feet in height may cost $40 per foot. Including installation, the average cost for a chain-link fence is $15 to $40 per foot. Chain-link fences are popular because they are less expensive than the cost of corrugated metal fencing or wood fencing.

How Much Does a Chain-Link Fence Cost by Type?

Chain-link fences vary by gauges, ranging from $1.50 to $20 per foot. The gauge determines the thickness of the metal strands. Thicker strands amount to better security and durability. Most residential properties will use a 5- or 9-gauge fence, while 6-gauge mesh is more common for commercial properties.

5-gauge$1.50 – $7 per linear foot
6-gauge$4 – $20 per linear foot
9-gauge$2 – $10 per linear foot

How Much Does a Chain-Link Fence Cost by Style?

Different styles of chain-link fencing cost $5 to $40 per linear foot. Although chain-link fences come in different varieties, they are all very similar. If you’re adding a fence to your beach house, you may want to consider certain styles of fencing that are more suitable for salty sea breezes.


Galvanized chain-link fence is the standard and costs $5 to $15 per foot. Most styles of chain-link fences are galvanized mesh with steel or wood posts. Other styles, which may be more expensive, are similar but have a coating better suited for coastal environments.


Hurricane or cyclone chain-link fences cost $8 to $40 per linear foot. They are almost identical to galvanized chain-link fences, but they have sturdier posts designed to withstand strong winds in the event of a hurricane.


For marine environments, a vinyl-covered chain-link fence, which costs $15 to $40 per foot, is the best option to withstand corrosion. This style of fence has PVC vinyl that coats and protects the metal. It comes in a variety of colors, although black and green are commonly used to blend in with the surroundings.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Chain-Link Fence Yourself?

If you want to go it alone, you can install a chain-link fence for $10 to $20 per foot. It will cost about $1,500 for all of the materials. You will likely need to rent equipment to mix and pour the concrete. Expect to spend an additional $25 to $150 per day for tool rentals. Doing the job yourself will take two to four days while hiring a local fence installer can speed up the process to just one or two days.

Installing a chain-link fence is a pretty DIY-friendly project. However, you can easily incur unexpected fencing installation costs if you aren’t sure how or where to safely and properly install the fence posts.

Chain-Link Fence Cost Breakdown

The total cost for a chain-link fence averages around $2,150 for parts and labor.


For a chain-link fence, all the materials required cost $10 to $40 per foot. There are multiple materials and parts you need for the fence to be functional and sturdy.

Mesh$2 – $15 per foot
Posts$15 – $25 each
Post caps$1 – $5 each


Hiring a fence installation company costs $10 to $20 per foot, $25 to $50 per hour, or about $1,000 to $3,000 total.

What Factors Influence the Cost to Install a Chain-Link Fence?

You may want to install a chain-link fence to section off an area for your garbage bins or make your yard safer for kids and pets to run loose. Either way, your specific project may require additional services that impact the final cost.


Gates make the fenced area easily accessible; adding a gate costs $50 to $200 each


The cost of your chain-link fence can vary from $8 to $40 per foot, depending on how tall it is. For residential properties, a 4-foot-tall fence is common for the front yard, and a 6-foot-tall fence is often installed in the backyard. A 10-foot-tall fence can provide more security, although this option is more commonly found on commercial properties. Taller chain-link fences are popular for commercial settings because they can be effective but less expensive than the cost of barbed wire fences.

4 feet tall$8 – $20 per foot
6 feet tall$10 – $30 per foot
10 feet tall$20 – $40 per foot

Privacy Slats

Increase your yard’s security by adding privacy slats to the fencing for an additional $3 to $10 per foot. These wood or vinyl slats help fill in the gaps in the chain-link fence to partially or entirely obstruct views.


Your city may require a building permit for an added $25 to $500. Check with your municipality on regulations for building a fence on or around your property.

Removal of Old Fencing

You can replace old fencing for $10 to $25 per foot. Removing sections of old mesh may cost $3 to $5 per foot. You can recoup some of the costs of the old fence by scrapping it or reselling it for up to $6 per linear foot if it is in decent condition.


If you just want to repair an existing chain-link fence, you’ll spend a total of $300 to $700, including materials and labor.


Chain-link fences offer some security and help keep kids and pets safe in the yard. Still, they don’t have as high of an ROI as other fences, such as wrought iron or wood.

Chain-link fences don’t have to look worn and rusty. A little upkeep can make your fence look good for years to come.

  • Apply rust protectant: Spray a rust-resistant coating on your chain-link fence about once per year to keep the metal from rusting.

  • Keep it clean: You can keep your fence clean by spraying it with your garden hose to remove dirt and debris.

  • Don’t climb it: Hopping over the fence can put pressure on the support posts and cause them to bend.

Repairing a chain-link fence costs $275 to $700. Most repairs tend to address rusting or sagging fencing, which you can prevent with regular maintenance. Taking care of your fence and having it repaired as needed will help it last around 30 years.

Professional fence companies may be able to install your chain-link fence in one day. More commonly, expect the process to take two or three days. You’ll need one day for the posts to fully set in the concrete and another day to install the fence.

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