How Much Does a Black Chain-Link Fence Cost?

Margaret Wack
Written by Margaret Wack
Updated May 27, 2021
Black Chain Link Fence
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The typical cost for a black chain-link fence is $1,700 to $7,500

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Want to make sure your kids and pets can frolic outside safely? Or maybe you just want to make your yard a little more private and secure. Whatever your reason, black chain-link fences are an efficient way to fence off a section of your yard. And (bonus!) they’re incredibly sturdy and resistant to rust. The average cost to install a black chain-link fence comes to about $2,300.

How Much Does a Black Chain-Link Fence Cost per Linear Foot?

A black vinyl-coated chain-link fence costs an average of $5 to $25 for materials. Labor costs an extra $10 to $20 per linear foot. 

The best fence type for your yard depends on what you need the fence for. You can’t beat a chain-link fence for simplicity and efficiency, and the black adds an extra oomph to your space—and is less likely to show rust!

Black Chain-Link Fence Cost Breakdown

Fence Length

The longer the fence, the more you’ll have to pay. An average black chain-link fence might run about 150 linear feet and cost $2,300 to install. If cost is an issue, consider fencing in only a portion of your yard.

Fence Height

Taller fences also cost more. For example, a 5-foot tall fence may cost $22 per linear foot for materials and labor. A 10-foot tall fence might cost closer to $36 per linear foot.

Fence Height Cost per Foot (With Labor)

Fence Quality

Lower-quality fencing will cost less. Extruded black chain-link fences with larger mesh holes and thinner gauge wire also tend to be less expensive. Depending on the fence’s purpose, a lower-quality fence might help you stretch your budget.


It’s more expensive to install a fence on difficult terrain. It could cost more if your yard is uneven, hilly, or full of obstacles such as rocks, bushes, and trees to work around. You may want to avoid installing a black chain-link fence in an area where there’s a steep incline. If you’re not sure whether your yard can accommodate a fence, you should contact a chain-link fence professional near you for a consultation.


Labor makes up the remaining half of a black vinyl chain-link fence’s cost, ranging from $10 to $20 per linear foot. But if your yard is on a crazy slope or has lots of little hills and bumps, labor may be more expensive.

Property Survey

If you’re installing a fence around the edge of your property, you may need to get it surveyed. The cost to survey a fence line is usually between $150 and $250.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Black Chain-Link Fence Yourself?

Rolling up your sleeves and installing a fence yourself can help you save on labor costs. The materials for the fence itself cost between $5 and $25per linear foot, so opting for DIY can save between $10 and $20per linear foot on labor, nearly halving the total cost.

That said, installing a chain-link fence isn’t exactly a no-hassle project. You can expect to spend around 20 hours to install 150 linear feet. If you’d rather save yourself a couple days of hard work, ask for a quote from a fence company near you to get started.

FAQs About Black Chain-Link Fences

Can I get a different color fence other than black?

Yes, you aren’t limited to a black chain-link fence if you’d prefer a different color. You can choose from brown, white, and green but you can also select a custom hue for an additional fee.

While picking a standard chain-link fence might be your first instinct, that silver can rust over time, making your space look not-so-great. Black chain-link fences are a simple and affordable way to fence in an area of your yard and are also less prone to showing rust than traditional galvanized steel chain-link fences.

Ask yourself where you want to install the fence and why. For example, if you’re adding a fence to keep your adventurous pup in your yard, you want to make sure it’s tall enough that he can’t jump over it in pursuit of a squirrel.

How much does it cost to repair a fence?

Fence repair costs run between $275 and $785, depending on the damage. If you just need to patch up a couple of holes, it may cost less. If you need a repair, you should get in touch with a fence repair company near you for a personalized quote.

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