12 Small Front Yard Landscaping Ideas With Big Impact

Gemma Johnstone
Written by Gemma Johnstone
Updated February 7, 2022
A shady front yard with a leafy ground
Photo: Courtesy of heatherhereshegrows

Limited space shouldn't limit the potential of your home’s first impression

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A compact front yard doesn’t have to curtail your home’s curb appeal. There are lots of creative ways to landscape small spaces. How you decorate depends on personal tastes, budget, hardiness zones, and ongoing maintenance requirements. 

Hiring a local landscape designer can help you maximize the space. If you’re struggling for inspiration, check out these creative landscaping ideas for small front yards. 

1. Modern Minimalism

A front yard of a house with timber decking steps
Photo: Courtesy of houseofogden

Sometimes simplicity and clean lines make the biggest impact. The focal point of houseofogden’s modern, new build home is the Merbau hardwood timber decking steps and striking facade. 

The high-quality turf and mulched beddings on either side are the perfect minimalist edgings to help draw your eyes to this stunning entryway. And the extra bonus is that this type of landscape is easy to care for.

2. Personalized Porch

A front yard of a house with timber decking steps
Photo: Courtesy of sweetiedeervintage

It’s possible to pack a punch when it comes to personality, even on the smallest of front porches. Tracy (sweetie deer vintage) combines her love of vintage pieces and plants perfectly, and utilizing container planting means you can bring the tropical plants in to overwinter indoors. 

The wicker planters and chairs are on-trend. Although this material isn’t designed to be left outside permanently exposed to the elements, it works well on a covered porch.

3. You Can’t Beat Boxwoods

A front yard with boxwoods of evergreen shrubs
Photo: Courtesy of southerncrosslawnsandgardens

Craig Ratcliffe (Southerncross lawns and gardens) specializes in topiary and hedging, and he puts that expertise to good use in this compact front yard full of bold edges. Boxwoods are popular, resilient, and slow-growing evergreen shrubs that are perfect for adding form and symmetry to a space.

4. Modern Farmhouse Style

A modern porch with amazing flooring
Photo: Courtesy of fauxfarmhouseranch

Cheryl (fauxfarmhouseranch) has been updating her 70s ranch-style home. She used a flagstone decorative concrete stencil kit for her porch area and kept the rest of the finishings relatively simple. The flooring might have taken a few days to complete, but it’s certainly a showstopper.

5. Gorgeous Ground Covers

A low maintenance front yard landscaping helping to conserve water
Photo: Courtesy of heatherhereshegrows

Heather Blackmore incorporates a variety of colors and textures into the leafy ground cover in her shady front yard. This low-maintenance front yard landscaping option suppresses weeds and helps to conserve water. 

The rain chain hanging at the side of the front porch is a lovely addition, and the sound they make when there is a downpour is very relaxing.

6. Cinder Block Seating Area

A private seating area made of cinder blocks
Photo: Courtesy of 938239833e

What a clever use of space and DIY skills in this small front yard project. Anna-Marie Cooper and Chad Evans have created a cozy, private seating area using cinder blocks covered in a powder-dye stucco. The seats and fencing are cedar, the stove was found on Craiglist, and they have planted various trees and shrubs in the raised bedding that will add additional privacy over time.

7. Colorful Containers

A colorful entryway containers with a variety of plants
Photo: Courtesy of secondnaturedesignsmv

Landscape designer Renee Clermont proves you don’t need a big space to make a dramatic statement. These large entryway containers have been planted up with Dragon wing Begonia, variegated spider plants, mother ferns, and vinca to stunning effect. They frame the front door perfectly.

8. Drought-Tolerant Landscaping

A front yard with drought tolerant succulents
Photo: Courtesy of allpowerfulmomma

Rebecca Schinowsky, an avid succulent fan, brought her drought-tolerant, xeriscape front yard to life in conjunction with landscape designer Traci Siejak. There are a variety of colors, textures, and heights that add lots of interest, and they’re perfect for arid locations, like Rebecca’s zone 10a region.

9. Edible Front Yard

Elevated garden beds with growing vegetables
Photo: Courtesy of the_happy_herban

Jenny Saling (the_happy_herban) is making the most of her urban front yard and has created multiple raised garden beds for growing and rotating veggies, herbs, and flowers. It’s a practical use of space that’s sure to generate plenty of conversation with the neighbors.

10. Coastal Chic

A black facade house with privacy hedges
Photo: Courtesy of raili_ca_design

Interior designer Raili Clasen gave this cute vintage beach cottage a makeover. The outside looks just as good as the inside. The black facade adds drama and depth and is the perfect foil for the simple but effective green privacy hedges and planters, manicured lawn, and brick entry path.

11. Blooming Walkway

A house’s welcoming walkway filled with flowers
Photo: Courtesy of blushvintage

Beautiful, bright perennials border Jeanne Pope’s (Blush Vintage Designs) welcoming walkway. Unlike annuals, these will bloom year after year with the right care. It’s the perfect look if you want a cottage-feel garden. Using window boxes and planters is also ideal if you have limited front yard space.

12. Front Yard Ferns

 A porch with decorative finds and ferns
Photo: Courtesy of idratherbejunkin

Pam (idratherbejunkin) is a fan of sustainable thrifting, and she puts that passion to good use on her front porch, combining some decorative finds with plenty of leafy foliage and low-maintenance ferns. And boho-style design has been making a big comeback in recent years.

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