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The Best Season to Landscape Lakefront Property

Joe Palumbo
Written by Joe Palumbo
Updated September 2, 2016
shoreline landscaping of lakefront property
Lakefront landscaping is best in early autumn, after you're done using the shore heavily during the warmer months but before winter's chill. (Photo courtesy of Lakefront Guys)

When is the best time of year to schedule shoreline landscaping for your waterfront property?

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September through October is usually the best time of year to landscape a shoreline. Competent shoreline-restoration specialists certainly can do it in the spring or summer, though not in the winter. Autumn, especially early autumn, just happens to be prime time. There are a few reasons for that:

1. The right water level for lakeshore landscaping

You really want the water to be low. It’s possible to do the job when water levels are high, and sometimes there’s just no way around it. But a wet yard is a soft yard, which means the shoreline experts will likely rip it up with their equipment.

Good shoreline landscapers try to avoid damaging your yard by using rubber treads on their rock-haulers and other methods. However, that won’t help much if the ground is already mush.

2. Seeding the yard after shoreline restoration

Seeds have a hard time surviving turf-damage repairs or the incorporation of new plants in your shoreline. Planting them in the wrong season can be disastrous. Many customers assume spring is the best time for shoreline landscaping, but spring is almost always wet, due to the melting snow and cooler temperatures.

However, seeds do very well in the fall, especially in early September. It’s still warm enough to allow the sun to work its magic on the seed, but it’s not so hot that the seed cooks itself. Also, you’re less likely to care about seeding in autumn.

shoreline landscaping of lakefront property
Landscape your shorefront property in the fall when the water level is lower. (Photo courtesy of Lakeshore Guys)

3. Shoreline landscaping won’t stop the party

The timing is more likely to align with your schedule. Most people want to use their shorelines during the summer months. It’s a time to swim, play and kick back with a cold beer. During the summer, the shoreline is probably the area of your property you want to use the most.

In the fall, everyone’s busy again, and the weather has grown chilly. You probably won’t ruin anyone’s fun by tying up the shoreline with landscaping efforts.

Landscape your lakeshore property before winter

Scheduling your shoreline landscaping for soon after Labor Day is nearly perfect in terms of temperature, ground conditions and lake conditions. If you can’t do that, try for some time a little later in the fall — but not too late! By November, the first snows may fall, at which point it may be too late to get started until the next year.

Does your shoreline look worse for wear after summer and require landscaping? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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