Cheers to These 15 Basement Bar Ideas

Caroline Gilbert
Written by Caroline Gilbert
Updated November 3, 2021
Group of friends clinking beer glasses in a basement bar
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While going out to a bar has its perks, staying in can be even better. Whether you’re looking for a place to unwind at the end of the day or want to impress friends and family with your mixology skills, building a basement bar is a great way to add value to your home. So avoid the hassle of finding a ride and leave overpriced drinks at the door with the help of these basement bar ideas.

1. Rustic Charm

Rustic basement bar with shiplap walls, Edison bulbs, and vintage wine bottles on open shelves
DC Studio –

Embrace the dim lighting in your basement by creating a rustic atmosphere. Make the bar a focal point with dangling Edison bulbs and a natural-wood shiplap wall featuring open shelves decorated with vintage bottles. Add to the rugged, yet cozy pub feel with a matching wood bar. And don’t forget the coffee maker for Irish coffees on chilly days.  

2. Swanky Modern Luxury

Modern basement bar and game room
iSci /iStock /Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

Rustic style not your thing? Create a swanky, ultra modern basement bar complete with metallic wallpaper and a brushed aluminum bar top to bring an element of drama into the space. Illuminate the space with jaw-dropping lighting, such as neon accents lining a coffered ceiling and theatrical uplighting to spotlight your favorite bottles of liquor. 

3. Timeless Traditional

Wet bar with wood cabinetry
Javani LLC -

A classic wet bar can withstand the test of time. Traditional built-in wood cabinets with granite countertops bring warmth into the space. And a tile or vinyl floor makes cleaning up spills a breeze. This bar follows the classic L-shaped kitchen layout to conserve space, proving you don’t need a lot of room to make a basement bar. 

4. Space-Saving Wall Bar

Basement rec room with mini fridge unit in wall and a projector screen
Onfokus /E+ via Getty Images

Another way to save space in a small basement? Install wall cubbies so that you can have a bar without using up valuable floor space. One cubby can hold a mini fridge for your lagers and pinot grigios, and another can hold shelf-stable liquors and supplies. Hang a wooden ledge underneath your DIY mini bar and add leather bar stools for a space-saving hangout spot.

5. Understated Minimalism

Modern bar in basement with red accent wall
Lena -

Keep your space clutter-free, and opt for a minimalist look that highlights the clean architectural lines in your basement. Add a white lacquer bar with a matching table and stools. Then, paint a bright accent wall for a pop of color. Use a mini fridge to keep your drinks perfectly chilled, and store your supplies in the bar’s cabinetry so only a few chosen elements are showcased.

6. Tranquil Views

Aquarium installed above basement bar
Iriana Shiyan -

Basements notoriously lack windows and natural light. Counteract this by installing a serene aquarium into the wall. This not only creates visual depth and appeal but also provides a calming effect while you sip a cold one.

7. Themed Sports Motif

Beer and chips in front of TV with a soccer match on
Dmytro Flisak -

Design your basement bar with your favorite team in mind, so you have a dedicated room to enjoy the next big game in. Incorporate furniture and paint schemes that mix your team’s colors, and hang jerseys or trading cards as artwork. Keep the bar area close to the TV, and even install a kegerator to mimic a proper sports bar. 

8. Moody Industrial

Industrial-styled bar
nedashkivskaphoto -

Basement not fully finished? Incorporate exposed beams in your basement bar design. Paint them matte black and add a freestanding island made from dark wood to mimic a workbench. Use Edison bulbs and dropped pendant lights against faux brick wall panels to play into the industrial feel while enjoying a Moscow mule (or two).

9. Illuminated Shelves

Basement bar with lit up shelves
JRstock -

Highlight your liquor collection by installing mini recessed lighting fixtures inside built-in shelves to incorporate your bottles into the decor. Hanging pendant lights enhance the soft, cozy glow. 

10. Game Room Bar

Pool table and bar in basement
Iriana Shiyan -

Turn your basement into a game room coupled with a wet bar to keep your company entertained. Adding recreational activities like a pool table, dartboard, or poker table to your bar can encourage you to spend more time in the area after mixing up a few drinks.  

11. Light and Bright

White built-in bar cabinetry
Iriana Shiyan -

Make your basement bar feel bigger by sticking to a light color scheme complete with greige walls, bright white built-in cabinetry, and tan granite countertops. Try a dusty blue subway tile backsplash for a hint of color and don’t forget the mini-fridge and microwave so you can easily have snacks with your perfectly chilled adult beverages.

12. Luxurious Wine Vault

Wine cellar with table and chairs
Rodenberg -

If you prefer a glass of red or white to a mixed drink or a full-bodied ale, set up the room to better accommodate your tastes. If the space permits, create an entire room dedicated to your wine collection. Store your bottles in geometric patterned wine racks and add chairs and a circular table to rival your local moody wine lounge. 

13. Playful Arcade

Friends playing video games together
Kosamtu /E+ via Getty Images

When thinking of basement bar ideas, consider your inner child—or actual child. Add a wall mounted TV and video game consoles to the bar area to create a multi-purpose rec room. And sneak in a vintage pinball machine for nostalgic fun.

14. Modern Speakeasy

Cocktail glasses and drinks on bar counter
fesenko -

Theme your basement bar design around the art déco era for an instant dose of glamour. Corral any vintage treasures you own in one place, or hit up antique shops in search of cut-glass or etched barware that could have been found in a speakeasy. Hide the bar behind a sliding door for an authentic atmosphere to (legally) enjoy a few drinks in. 

15. Expansive Open-Concept

Bar and pool table in open concept rec room
Iriana Shiyan -

An open-concept layout is a popular interior design choice for main floors in a home, but also works well in basements. Use retro black and white tiled floors with red and chrome accents, and continue this design throughout your entire basement. Easily transition from your couch to the bar to the pool table, and take out any walls so you can interact with company who may be in another section of the room.

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