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Furnaces & Home Heating SystemsHVAC Maintenance
Heat pump prices range between $4,105 and $7,240 depending on the model, installation costs, and unique design of your home. The average cost of a heat pump is $5,673 depending on prices in your area, your current HVAC system, and brand.
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Landscaper and Landscape Designs
We dug deep to see whether these popular claims have any merit.
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Kitchen IslandsRemodel Kitchens
Some homeowners spend $50 per square foot and others spend $100 per square foot or more. The cost will depend on the use of slab or tile, the design and the scope of the project.
If you want to invest more into your landscaping, hardscaping is a good investment and creates another area of your home to enjoy. (Photo courtesy of Angie's List member Hal S. of Los Angeles)

Rejuvenating your landscaping by pruning trees and shrubs, cleaning up plant beds and mulching is a simple and effective way to boost your home’s curb appeal.

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Kitchen Sinks
Learn why an undermount kitchen sink may be right for you.