Make Your Move Easier With These 8 Organization Tips

Lauren Murphy
Written by Lauren Murphy
Updated March 8, 2022
Couple in the living room packing their belongings
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Moving can be exciting, but it involves juggling a few plates…not to mention packing them, too. Between coordinating with movers, packing up everything you own just to unpack it a short while later, and carrying heavy boxes, it may not be everyone’s ideal Saturday activity. 

Luckily, you can make the experience run a lot more smoothly by organizing your move. These useful organization tips will make your move a breeze, so you can focus on all the exciting things that come with a new home.

1. Declutter

The less you have to lug into your new home, the better. Sort through the items in every room even before you begin to pack. Set aside items and divide them into what you’ll sell or take to the consignment shop, what you’ll donate, and what you’ll throw away. Get rid of anything that doesn’t work or doesn’t fit your lifestyle anymore—think broken electronics and outdated decor pieces.

Don’t forget to declutter your closet, too. There’s no sense in bringing all your old ill-fitting jeans with you. Once you’re settled in at your new place, start fresh.

2. Make a Moving Plan

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A few months before your move, sit down and create a thorough moving plan. Make sure you have the paperwork you need, like the contract with your moving company, your new lease, and any guidelines you need to follow for moving into your new place.

This is also a great time to make a comprehensive moving checklist and timeline to keep track of the things you need to do before, during, and after your big move. Refer back to this guide regularly throughout the process to stay focused on the goal.

3. Keep an Inventory List

A moving inventory list is a thorough list of all of the notable items in your home. List items that you want to keep track of to make sure they make it to your new abode safely, like family heirlooms and expensive furniture pieces. 

Write down an inventory for each room, take photos, and document their estimated value, if applicable. This important document will be helpful if you or your movers lose or damage something in transit.

4. Pack and Prep Early

For a smooth move, do as much prep work as you can early on. Once the ball gets rolling, packing and decluttering will only add to your stress load. Start preparing for moving day in phases—declutter thoroughly, then pack at your own pace. 

Avoid packing the items you need on a regular basis until just before your move. Pack things like storage items and knick-knacks first and save your dinner plates and bath towels for last. 

It’s also a good idea to pack some of your most important items, as well as things that would be helpful to have right away, in a specially labeled box or two. Having things like your toiletries, cleaning supplies, and a few sets of silverware handy on night one can help you relax more quickly.

5. Label Everything

Label, label, and we cannot stress this enough, label! Put your label maker to work (or go old school with a permanent marker) and label each moving box with what’s inside. Some moving boxes even have printed boxes for you to write in.

Accurate labels will help you when you’re unpacking in your new place. Because you indicated what’s inside each box, you’ll be able to place them exactly where they need to go instead of constantly backtracking. You should be sure to note which items are fragile at this stage too.

6. Pack by Room

Woman packing bedroom ornaments in a box
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One of the best ways to make your move easier is to pack by room. Start with storage spaces, like your basement. Pack everything in boxes and label it—you guessed it—“basement.” Then, move on to your guest room, bathroom, etc., until your whole house is packed up and ready to go.

7. Color-Code Boxes

If you’re a visual person, color-coding your moving boxes will make the moving process much easier. Labels are great, and you should label whether or not you decide to color-code your boxes, but color-coding takes your organization to a new level. 

Designate a color for each room and only pack them in moving boxes of that color. When it’s time to unload the truck, you’ll be able to see clearly which boxes belong where.

8. Hire Professionals

Whether you’re moving to a whole new country or just down the street, the process is made much easier thanks to experienced pros. Professional movers can literally do the heavy lifting for you, making your move a lot easier. Local moving companies can help you pack, transport your goods, and even store items if needed. 

You can even hire a moving organizer to help you pack, unpack, and organize your new space.

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