Summer Home Maintenance Checklist: Essential Seasonal Tasks and Tips

Mariel Loveland
Written by Mariel Loveland
Updated August 22, 2022
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As the seasons change, so should your home maintenance tasks

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Nothing says summer like warm weather, pool parties, and barbecues. But if you’re not sure what should be on your summer home maintenance checklist, we have you covered. From opening up your pool to checking your AC filters, we’ve included all the essentials. 

This comprehensive summer home maintenance checklist will show you everything you need to do for the season, whether it’s in your backyard or inside your bedroom.

Summer Home Interior Maintenance Checklist 

There’s not a whole lot you need to do to prepare the inside of your home for summer beyond your regular home maintenance. Additional maintenance tasks involve cooling down your home and managing warmer temperatures. 

Your summer home maintenance checklist should include the following:

  • Change your air conditioning filter: Change the filter at least every 90 days. If you have allergies, you may even want to change the filter once a month.

  • Clean vents, air ducts, and exhaust fans: Since air quality degrades during the summer, make sure you start off with clean vents and ducts. Clean ducts also help reduce wear and tear on your AC (including prematurely clogged filters).

  • Reverse your ceiling fans to move counterclockwise: This creates a downdraft that can make your room feel up to 4 degrees Fahrenheit cooler, according to Consumer Reports.

  • Swap out winter bedding for lighter linens: No need to sweat in winter flannel. Reach for breathable fabrics like linen or cotton.

  • Inspect your window treatments to ensure they adequately block out sun: According to, you can reduce heat gains by 33% by choosing medium-colored drapes with white plastic backing.

  • Check the dishwasher, faucets, toilets, and showerheads for leaks: Frozen winter conditions can cause leaks and make it difficult to work on plumbing. Now’s the time to get them fixed.

  • Clean your refrigerator and freezer coils: Don’t stress your refrigerator in the season of energy-driven power outages. Clean the freezer coils—and the rest of your fridge while you’re at it.

Summer Home Exterior Maintenance Checklist

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Now that winter and spring are through, you can tackle exterior maintenance projects you couldn’t do during wet or frozen weather. 

Yes, the sunshine isn’t just good for the soul—it’s good for home maintenance, too. Take your summer clothes out of storage, put on some sunscreen, and get to it.

Follow this exterior home maintenance checklist and tips for summer:

  • Inspect your home’s siding: Look for rotting, loose, or damaged siding and hire a siding contractor to make repairs if necessary.

  • Power wash your siding: Clean any dirt or debris that built up over the previous seasons.

  • Touch up your home’s exterior paint: Summer is the ideal season to touch up your home’s exterior paint. Just make sure rain isn’t in the forecast.

  • Wash your windows: Clean your windows inside and out, and recaulk or fix the weather-proofing if necessary. This will help increase your energy efficiency. 

  • Clean your gutters: It’s time to remove the debris that collected in your gutters during the rainiest season.

  • Inspect your foundation for cracks and leaks: Foundation cracks can lead to flooding, pest infestations, and even higher levels of radon gas.

  • Inspect and service your AC unit: Call a professional to manage your HVAC system when the season changes.

  • Clean outdoor furniture: A good scrub-down can make outdoor furniture ready for summer relaxing.

  • Clean and reseal your patio or deck: If your patio or deck needs resealing, do it while the temperatures are warm and dry.

  • Refill cracks in walkways and your driveway: You may need to patch, resurface, or replace a driveway that was damaged during the icy winter.

  • Inspect your fencing: Search for any damage and make the necessary repairs.

  • Make other exterior repairs: You can hire a local handyperson to make minor exterior repairs, like patching damaged gutters or replacing a rusted screen door.

Summer Landscaping Home Maintenance Checklist

Once the ground has thawed and you’ve done your spring planting, it’s time to maintain your garden. 

Flowers and shrubbery sprout rapidly during the growing season, so take out your pruners and follow this summer landscaping maintenance checklist full of handy tips:

  • Inspect plants for winter damage: Perennial plants can sustain damage during the winter. Prune damaged leaves and remove plants that didn’t make it through the season.

  • Clean debris from your lawn: Clear away any twigs, leaves, and debris that collected on your lawn during April showers.

  • Mow and edge the lawn: Make sure to set your mower on the highest setting so you don’t cut the grass too short.

  • Water your plants: Plants will need more water in the heat of summer than in the early spring. You can typically water your plants every three to four days, but you may need to water more frequently during a heat wave.

  • Adjust your sprinkler system for a summer schedule: Your lawn needs 1–1.5 inches of water per week during the summer. It’s best to water at dawn when temperatures are cooler and your lawn has time to absorb the water before it evaporates.

  • Prune overgrown plants and hedge shrubs: Pruning helps you grow thicker, more voluminous plants.

  • Weed your garden beds: Apply an herbicide if necessary.

  • Deadhead flowers: If you have flowering perennials, pinch off the dead flowers to promote new growth.

  • Inspect for pests and hire an exterminator: Summer is the season where pest infestations take hold, whether it’s ants or carpenter bees. If you notice evidence of pests, hire a pest control company.

Summer Pool Maintenance Checklist

A man cleaning the pool
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If you have a pool, you’ll want to open it as soon as the outside temperature is consistently above 70 degrees Fahrenheit during the day. Pools require a lot of maintenance, particularly at the start of summer when you need to get it ready for swimming. You can make things easy by hiring a pool care service near you

Otherwise, add these items to your home maintenance checklist for summer:

  • Clean and remove your pool cover: Remove any sticks, leaves, water puddles, and debris that collected on your pool cover. Remove the cover, clean it, let it dry, then store it in a safe place.

  • Clean the pool deck: Clear the area of debris and scrub the pool deck with a hard-bristle brush.

  • De-winterize your pool: Remove winter guards and plugs.

  • Clean and clear debris from your pool equipment: This includes cleaning your filter, skimmer, pumps, drains, and anything else that may have gotten grimy during the off-season. 

  • Reinstall pool accessories: Reinstall any accessories like pool lighting, ladders, and sports equipment that you uninstalled at the end of the season.

  • Fill your pool with water: The water level should be to the middle of the pool skimmer.

  • Prepare your pump, filter, and heater: This step could include priming your pump, reattaching your filter’s drain plug and pressure gauge, and making sure your heater has power.

  • Turn on your pump: You may need to backwash the system if the gauge shows high pressure.

  • Clean your pool: Use a leaf skimmer to get rid of debris that’s floating in your pool. You can also vacuum the pool floor and scrub the sides of the pool.

  • Add the pool chemicals: Clean your pool using pool-opening chemicals, pool shock, and a pool water testing kit. Balance the water to the proper pH, alkalinity, calcium hardness, cyanuric acid, and chlorine levels.

  • Let your pool run for 24 hours: After 24 hours, retest your pool and add more chemicals if needed. From here, all that’s left to do is jump in.

From colorful flowers to a clean pool, following this checklist will get your home ready for a summer to remember.

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