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asphalt shingle roof and plumbing vent

How to Check for Roof Damage after a Storm

Wind, hail and tree branches contribute to roof damage following a storm. Roofing contractors recommend inspecting your roof after a storm for signs of damage.
Open air duct

Air Duct Pest Debris Can Aggravate Allergies

When people think of indoor allergy triggers, they often think of plant pollens, dust and pet dander, but pests can also trigger allergy attacks.
Water in sink

5 Tips to Winterize Plumbing and Pipes

A burst or frozen pipe can cause considerable water damage. Follow these steps to winterize your home plumbing and avoid an expensive holiday disaster.
Water softener

How Hard Water Affects Plumbing Costs

Hard water isn’t just making your drinking water taste bad. It is also clogging your pipes. Here are a few solutions for minimizing the effects of hard water.
asphalt shingles on house roof

Roofing Scam: The Disappearing Down Payment

There are ways to spot a roofing scam. Highly rated roofing contractors explain why it's risky to make a down payment to a roofing company before work begins.
fireplace in living room opening up to a desert scene

Designing a Room Around Your Fireplace

Your fireplace presents a unique focal point to a living room. So you'll want to consider how to design your mantel, arrange your furniture and place your TV.
stained glass window with beveled glass

Why Craftsmanship is Crucial for Stained Glass

When shopping for beveled or stained glass windows, learn which characteristics ensure quality artwork that will last in your home for years.