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Trim Your Trees & DIY Twig Projects

Updated December 17, 2019

Have you ever heard the rumor that trimming your hair makes it grow longer, fuller and healthier? It may not be a proven fact for hair, but it certainly works for trees!

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It may not be a proven fact for hair, but it certainly works for trees! Proper tree trimming is essential for developing a tall tree with a strong structure. If you don't start trimming your tree early on, it may require difficult “corrective pruning” later. Use these tree-trimming tricks to keep your yard in great shape, then save your twigs for a crafty DIY project.

1)   When trimming small tree branches, cut about ¼-inch away from the bud at a 45-degree angle.

2)   Don't trim a young or newly planted tree. It needs as many leaves as it can grow!

3)   Take a look at the tree you want to trim. Do any limbs look dead, diseased, or broken? Trimming these parts of your tree will help its health immensely.

4)   Trim any limbs that sag close to the ground and any branches that grow parallel with each other or rub up against each other. If left alone, they will grow into unhealthy limbs.

5)   Make sure you don't leave a stub of branch on the tree. This is similar to an open wound on a human, and will make your tree more susceptible to pest infestation.

To learn more about trimming trees and pruning bushes, contact a tree trimming company near you today.

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