8 Ways to Enhance Your Landscape With a Home Address Rock Sign

Katy Willis
Written by Katy Willis
Updated March 4, 2022
A metallic house number on rock
Photo: Don Ferber / EyeEm / EyeEm / Getty Images

Rock on with these crafty home address signs

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Tiny house numbers stuck next to your front door don't do much to boost curb appeal, plus it's more challenging for visitors and delivery people to find your property. But a prominent, bold address made of rock sitting in your front yard or at the end of your driveway? That can make your property stand out and easy to find. An address boulder can add real character, too. 

We've curated some of the best address rock signs from some incredibly talented creators to transform your boring house number. Whether you want sleek and modern, bold and colorful, or charmingly whimsical, you can make or purchase a custom address sign that matches your family's personality.

1. Hand-Painted Sunflower Address Rock

A hand-painted sunflower address rock
Photo: Courtesy of Hilary Lauren

Hilary Lauren created this beautifully unique hand-painted address rock adorned with big, bold sunflowers. This one definitely requires plenty of artistic skill, but if you lack the skill to create something super-realistic like this, go for something a little more abstract or geometric shapes.

For this piece, Hilary used a clear multisurface primer base to prepare the surface, then painted the design with high-quality acrylic paint. She then sealed it with multiple layers of UV archival glass varnish. 

Hilary shared these top tips for painting your own address rock. 

  1. Avoid painting in weather that's too humid or too cold.

  2. Don't skip the priming or sealing stages. They're both essential.

  3. Be sure to sand and clean because prepping your surface is the key to success.

  4. Add a white base layer to help your colored pigment stand out.

2. Stylish and Contemporary Address Rock

A contemporary address rock
Photo: Courtesy of Vinnie Pecht

Simple and strong, this upright address boulder from Vinnie Pecht of Industrial Custom Creations highlights the house number perfectly without being fussy or overly adorned. Its wow factor is in its size and simplicity. The ruggedness of the boulder complements the super-contemporary clean lines of the numerals.

For a pop of eye-catching color, you could place this address boulder in a flower bed and surround it with bright, low-growing flowering plants or even let one that trails climb up the side. 

3. Modern and Elegant Address Rock

An elegant address rock
Photo: Courtesy of Scutt Signs

This high-end modern address boulder from Scutt Signs is elevated with the addition of the stylized representation of the Guelph bridge (one of the last covered bridges in Ontario, Canada). The friendly folks at Scutt Signs worked closely with the client to agree on the size, style, and design of this piece. 

4. Hand-Carved Address Rock With Floral Relief

An address rock with floral relief
Photo: Courtesy of Karl Dickinson

Want something up-market and a bit more traditional? This beautiful hand-carved piece by self-taught artisan Karl Dickinson definitely fits the bill. 

Taking two days to complete the piece, Karl started with the rose to make it stand out and get the piece to really shine. Next, he smoothed and polished the remainder of the surface before carving in the address. 

His number one piece of advice for those who want to try their hands at carving? Take it slow and steady. Also, remember this key point: Whatever comes off can’t go back on.

5. Fun and Colorful Rainbow Address Rock

A colorful rainbow address rock
Photo: Courtesy of Mary Bethel

Flaunting its beautiful rainbow style, this amazing DIY sign by Mary Bethel will definitely make your home stand out. You can see the brush strokes and how the colors merge, one stripe into the next. 

Plus, the colors are bright enough to draw the eye and make you smile but light enough not to overshadow the house number. 

6. Rocks, Rocks, and More Rocks!

A decorative house number
Photo: Bob / Adobe Stock

This one's a little different, but there's no denying this is a rock address sign. It's made entirely of rocks. The contrasting colors and unique marbling on the blue stones really make this sign pop. If you go with a clever twist on an address rock, your home will definitely stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Just be sure to use high-quality acrylic paint and apply at least three layers of UV- and water-resistant sealant. 

Pro tip: Only apply thin layers and ensure the previous layer is completely dry before adding the next.

7. Express Your Familial Personality With an Address Rock

A custom address rock
Photo: Courtesy of Industrial Custom Creations

This sign from Industrial Custom Creations is a great example of how you can use your address rock to go beyond telling people your house number. In this example, the folks who ordered this stone wanted the custom Montana Grizzlies logo added as they were alumni. What an awesome way to show off your college pride!

There's no limit to the graphics, fonts, or wording you can use on an address rock. Love wildlife? Have a big ol' bear or a moose carved in. Love wildlife and America? How about a wonderfully patriotic eagle? If you're a fan of a particular sports team, have their logo added. There are just so many options.

8. Timeless Iron Mounted on Rock

A stylish address rock
Photo: Courtesy of The Tile and Iron Studio

Clean, simple lines from The Tile and Iron Studio give this iron address number a timeless quality that works for any property. And it can be mounted on any boulder that's big enough to accommodate it. There's no unnecessary adornment here, but that works well for many people. And the jet black finish stands out from the natural hue of the rock where it's mounted. 

You could choose to liven up the yard scape by adding tri-colored, low-growing foliage or colorful bedding plants like pansies, or go for a trailing plant like lobelia that adds a riot of color but creeps across the ground and won't obscure the house number.

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