What Does an Annual Snow Removal Contract Cost?

Margaret Wack
Written by Margaret Wack
Updated January 24, 2022
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The typical cost of an annual snow removal contract is $350 to $450

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A snow-covered winter wonderland may look beautiful … until you have to leave your warm house and deal with shoveling your driveway or walkway. But having a contract for snow removal can let you skip lacing up your snow boots. 

Snow removal contracts let you pay one low price for guaranteed service no matter how many times it snows. On average, annual snow removal contracts cost anywhere from $200 to $600 per season.

How Much Does an Annual Snow Removal Contract Cost Near You?

Unsurprisingly, annual snow removal contracts cost more in areas that receive more snowfall. If you’re in a climate likely to get a lot of snow (looking at you, Wisconsinites), you can expect to pay more annually. But you can also expect to lock in a reasonable per-clearing rate because there’s more work each season.

Areas that receive heavy snowfall (more than 6 inches) also result in higher costs. This is because heavy snowfall may require more time and equipment to remove. Snow removal contractors base the cost of an annual contract partly on average snowfall for your area.

Costs are typically less in areas that receive less white stuff, but you may end up paying more per snowfall. For example, if it only snows a few times a year where you live, it may be cheaper to hire snow removal contractors on a case-by-case basis.

How Much Does It Cost to Remove Snow Yourself?

If you’re on a budget, snow removal doesn’t have to cost you any more than the price of a good shovel. Shoveling is practically free and can be great exercise. You can also tackle a big shoveling project together with family members or friends.

Homeowners with larger properties or who want to save time may also consider purchasing or renting a snowblower. Snowblowers take less time than shoveling but don’t work well in tight areas. Snowblowers cost an average of $100 to $2,300 to purchase or $75 per day to rent.

If you need to remove snow from a huge area, such as a parking lot, you can also rent a plow to do the job. It costs an average of $100 per day to rent a truck plow you attach to your truck. If you want to rent a utility vehicle plow for your ATV or UTV, it costs about $20 per day.

That said, taking a DIY approach to snow removal isn’t always the best option. In some cases, it makes sense to hire a snow removal professional near you. You may want to consider purchasing an annual snow removal contract if:

  • You want to protect your health: While shoveling snow is good exercise, it can also come with some health risks. This is especially true for older adults and people with mobility concerns. The last thing you want to do is injure yourself while shoveling!

  • You have a large property: If you have a large, winding drive or an extensive area that needs shoveling or plowing, it makes sense to hire a professional.

  • You want to save time: While taking a DIY approach to snow removal is inexpensive, it can also take a significant amount of time. If you’d rather spend your snow day curled up by the fire with a warm drink and a good book, consider hiring someone to remove snow for you.

Snow Removal Cost Breakdown

The cost of professional snow removal depends on the equipment used and how much labor is necessary.


The type of equipment your professional uses affects the contract price. Make sure your contractor understands the specifics of your situation and knows what equipment to bring, whether you have a long drive that needs plowing or walkways that need snow blowing or shoveling.


Labor is the other main factor that affects the cost of annual snow removal. Depending on the company you work with, different contractors may offer different levels of service. While professional snow removal companies don't need a license in most states, it's important to find a reliable snow removal contractor that you trust.

What Factors Influence the Cost of an Annual Snow Removal Contract?

There are several different factors that influence the cost of a seasonal contract. These include the size of your property, where you live, and whether you need any extra services.

Property Size

If you have an especially long, winding driveway, expect to pay more. Professionals may also charge more for dirt or gravel driveways, as they take longer to clear and de-ice than concrete. If your drive slopes sharply down or is very curvy, you may have to pay for the extra time spent clearing the path.

Commercial vs. Residential

Snow removal in a commercial area will cost more than snow removal in a residential area. This is because annual commercial snow removal contracts are often for larger areas, including shopping center parking lots. If you need to remove snow from a commercial area, get a personalized quote from a commercial snow removal company near you.


Snow removal costs also vary based on where you live. If you’re in a climate likely to get a lot of snow, you can expect to pay more annually. However, you may also be able to lock in a reasonable per-clearing rate because there’s more work each season.

Response Time

How long it takes a company to respond also affects the price of an annual contract. You may pay more for a company with a fast response time vs. paying less for a longer wait time.


Removing snow from surfaces such as sidewalks or walkways may cost extra. Before you choose a contractor for an annual snow removal contract, be sure to ask what services come with the price.

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Frequently Asked Questions

DIY snow removal if free, minus the cost of a shovel. That said, it may not always be the best option, as it’s strenuous work and can take a long time.

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