8 Home Services to Gift for Valentine’s Day

Kaitlyn Pacheco
Written by Kaitlyn Pacheco
Updated January 17, 2022
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  • Tap into your loved one’s home needs and find a home service to match.

  • Consider surprising them with a home upgrade, such as new light fixtures.

  • Give the gift of free time by hiring a professional service to tackle their household chores or repairs.

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Although it’s sweet to receive flowers or chocolates on Valentine’s Day, for many, the most romantic gift is one that makes our everyday lives better, including the gift of a home service to enjoy for years to come.

Instead of giving your loved one a bouquet of roses that will (unfortunately) wilt within a week, treat them to a home repair or addition that will make a lasting impact on their home. Check out our guide to some of the sweetest home services to gift your valentine.

1. Hire a Cleaning Service

If your loved one has trouble sticking to a cleaning schedule or procrastinates vacuuming, give them the gift of a professional house cleaning service. You can schedule a one-time deep clean or hire a housekeeper to assist them regularly. 

By hiring a trusted cleaning service to take care of everything from cleaning the bathroom to mopping the floors, you’ll also give your significant other the peace of mind that their house will stay clean while they enjoy extra free time. 

2. Install Radiant Floor Heating

Does your significant other have a pet peeve of stepping on the cold tile after getting out of the shower? If so, a romantic gesture may be to install the heated floors of their dreams. Plus, if you live together, you can consider it a gift for yourself, too.

Not only does radiant floor heating keep your toes warm on cold mornings, but it also boosts your home value and appeals to potential buyers. There are several types of radiant floor heating to choose from, including propane underfloor, solar radiant heating, geothermal in-floor heating, and electric radiant floor heat. If you’re interested in installing radiant floor heating, hire a local flooring contractor to surprise your special someone on Valentine’s Day.

3. Create a Home Gym

A home garage gym
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Nothing compares to being able to smash out a workout or a relaxing yoga session in the comfort of your own home. In fact, 10% of Americans chose a home gym as the luxury home feature they value the most, according to our recent home features survey.

This Valentine’s Day, you can take “create a home gym” off your significant other’s to-do list by hiring a team of professionals to help bring the idea to life. Start by identifying what type of exercise your valentine enjoys doing at home. Then, hire a local handyperson to complete tough tasks, such as building new exercise equipment, installing padded floors, or creating home gym storage solutions.

4. Make Their Lives Easier with Smart Home Technology

If you’re having trouble deciding what to give your loved one for Valentine’s Day, consider what kinds of common problems they have with their house. Do they often forget to close their garage door? Have they complained about forgetting to lower the thermostat before leaving the house? Whatever the issue, you can solve it with the help of smart home technology.

There’s a whole host of trending home automations that make household tasks much easier. Consider purchasing a smart home security system or smartphone-controlled lights, and then hire a handyperson to set it up for you. That way, your loved one can walk into a “smarter” house on Valentine’s Day.

5. Add Sparkle to Their Light Fixtures

Sometimes, it’s the small, thoughtful gifts that people remember as their “best present ever.” If their favorite reading nook is too dark or you’ve seen them struggle to see the recipes in their cookbook, give them the gift of better lighting to make everyday tasks easier.

This Valentine’s Day, upgrade your loved one’s light fixtures to solidify their decor aesthetic and add extra sparkle to the room. For a small-scale project, consider updating light fixtures such as lamps, pendant lights, or cabinet lighting. If you want to wow them with a more extensive project, consider hiring an interior designer to help your valentine create a plan to install a new chandelier or add high-tech features to their kitchen lighting.

6. Install a Luxurious Tub

There’s nothing quite like soaking in a large, luxurious bathtub after a long day. If your partner has always dreamed of creating their own spa-like bathroom, help them get one step closer by installing a soaking tub.

You can choose from a wide variety of tubs, including clawfoot tubs and jetted tubs. While it’s possible to install the tub yourself, save your significant other the headache of a DIY mistake and hire a professional plumber to tackle the job for you. 

7. Upgrade Their Outdoor Living Space

A terrace house with plants and wooden wall and table
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Spring is right around the corner, which means that Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to take your significant other’s outdoor space to the next level. 

Start by identifying what your loved one needs or wants to add to their outdoor area. Are they interested in creating an outdoor living room complete with comfy furniture and a fire pit? Or would they rather plant a backyard vegetable garden? Once you have a plan, contact a local pro to help you make their outdoor living dreams come true. 

8. Hire a Snow Removal Service

When you’re a kid, waking up to a snow day means a day full of sledding and snowball fights. But when you’re a homeowner, waking up to a snow day means spending hours shoveling your driveway in the cold weather. If your loved one dreads having to shovel snow, hire a snow removal service to take the task off their plate. 

Pro tip: This is a thoughtful present for people in long-distance relationships who can’t take turns shoveling the driveway during the winter months.

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