How Much Does a Privacy Fence Cost?

Justine Harrington
Updated June 14, 2022
a light wood privacy fence surrounds a private yard with plants, bushes, a bench, and gravel
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  • A privacy fence costs anywhere from $1,500 to $8,000.

  • Cost factors include labor, height, add-ons, and more.

  • Metal fences last longer, but they’re the most expensive to install.

  • Account for common add-ons in your budget such as gates, paints and stains, and light fixtures.

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Adding a privacy fence to your backyard means you can fire up the grill or add a new flower to your garden without interference from nosey neighbors. Not only that, a privacy fence can be the perfect solution if your home lacks character or curb appeal. Depending on the type of material, width, and height, privacy fence costs range from $1,500 to $8,000.

Privacy Fence Cost Factors

Between labor, height, and add-ons, the price of a privacy fence can vary quite a bit. You and your neighbor may both put up fences and end up with two drastically different prices.


To calculate how much fencing you’ll need to outline your property, measure this project in linear feet rather than square feet. The average privacy fence will run about 150 linear feet. But you’ll need to measure your property line to determine how far yours is. For a 150-linear-foot privacy fence, expect to pay around $35 per linear foot on average.


To install a privacy fence, expect to pay around $35 per hour on average. If the team you hire needs to prep the site, remove an old fence, or paint your fence, this will require more time and money.

It typically takes a fencing contractor 24 hours’ worth of labor time to tackle a 150-linear-foot privacy fence. So, prepare to have people in and out of your yard for several days.


Regardless of what fence you decide to build, there are a few key materials you’ll need. These include posts, concrete bases, and a gate to enter and exit.

Here’s a look at the common materials you’ll need for a privacy fence, and the cost of each:

  • Concrete post bases: $0.30 per pound

  • Top and bottom rails: $80

  • Panels: $270 per panel

  • Wood posts: $4 per post

  • Vinyl posts: $90 per post

  • Post caps: $30 per cap

  • Gate (manual open): $275

Height of Fence

The cost of any fence you install will rise or fall depending on height. For privacy fences, the two standard heights are 6-foot fences and 8-foot fences. Your HOA or city may have limitations on what size fence you’re allowed to have.

For a 150 linear foot privacy fence, expect to pay:

  • 6-foot: $4,700

  • 8-foot: $6,300


Yard terrain can make fencing installations more complex. Steep slopes and uneven terrain will likely cost you more than installing a fence on a flat surface. Leveling a yard might be your first step if the grade is substantial. Regrading or leveling your lawn costs $900 to $3,000.

Painting or Staining

Some fencing materials—like for a wood privacy fence—benefit from paint or stains to prevent rot, warping, and other natural wear and tear. The exact cost of painting or staining a fence will vary based on material, preparation requirements, and where you live. To be safe, budget an additional $750 to $4,250, or opt for vinyl and skip this step.

Gates and Other Add-Ons

A professional fence installer can recommend worthwhile add-ons to get the most out of your privacy fence. These can be an automatic gate opener, painting, or lighting fixture.

The costs of privacy fence add-ons are as follows:

  • Automatic gate opener: $2,700

  • Paint: $2,000

  • Light fixtures: $80 per light

Removing Old Fence

If you have an old privacy fence that needs removing, you’ll need to add on an extra $3 to $5 per linear foot. Keep in mind this won’t include extra labor costs.

Site Prep

Don’t forget to consider the cost of preparing your yard for the fence installation. You’ll need to use a post hole digger to make holes that accommodate the size of your fence posts and the gravel base. Then, you’ll need to add a layer of gravel and concrete to each hole to ensure that the post stays in place. The average cost of concrete is about $130 per cubic yard, and gravel typically costs $1 per square foot.

Additional Landscaping

In cases where your new fence line intersects with your landscaping, you’ll need to hire a pro to remove it. According to HomeAdvisor, the cost to hire a landscaper to remove trees ranges from $400 to $900. If you want to plant new shrubs add another $25 to $50 per plant to soften up your landscape.

How Much Does a Privacy Fence Cost by Material?

A privacy fence isn’t just for privacy. Choose a fencing style to match your yard’s style. Wood privacy fences offer a relaxing ambiance by blending in with surrounding trees, while metal fences complement a chic, modern vibe.

3 types of privacy fencing materials compared by costs, with wood averaging $2,700


The cost to install a wood fence is around $2,700 on average. Wood privacy fences often cost a little less because the materials aren’t as sturdy as vinyl and metal. To reinforce wood, fencing companies may combine metal and wood, which will raise the price quite a bit.


Vinyl fencing costs around $3,700 on average. The classic white picket fence was almost always wood, but many opt for vinyl these days because they require little maintenance and help keep the small ones in a safe space (as long as your small ones don’t have paws and try to dig underneath).


Metal fences tend to be the highest-priced option because they’re the sturdiest—t. Though you’d never know these fences are made out of aluminum by simply looking at them. They look like a variation of vinyl fencing but with a wood stain over them. Aluminum privacy fences will run you around $4,600.

How Much Does a Privacy Fence Cost Near You?

a wooden privacy fence running along grass and sidewalk on a suburban street
Photo: Татьяна Антоненко / Adobe Stock

How much you pay for your privacy fence will depend on the cost of living in your area. For example, you might need to pay a premium in areas such as Washington and Rhode Island because properties are normally priced higher than those found in rural Utah and Georgia.

Check out the average cost of a 150-linear-foot privacy fence in the following states:

  • Washington: $3,900

  • Utah: $3,000

  • New Mexico: $2,600

  • Georgia: $2,200

  • Michigan: $2,100

  • Iowa: $2,200

  • Delaware: $3,100

  • Rhode Island: $3,300

How Much Does a Privacy Fence Cost to Build Yourself?

To build a fence as a DIY project, there are a few items you’ll need to rent or already own to accomplish the task. You may need to allocate more time to the project as well.

Items you’ll need include:

  • Shovel: $10 to $20

  • Posthole digger: $50 to $100

  • Drill: $100 to $250

  • Circular saw: $100 to $250

  • Sealant: $75 to $100

However, installing a fence is best left to the professionals. Any mistakes you make, such as not digging the fence bases deep enough or not accounting for slopes, will cost more money in the long run. Fencing companies often offer warranties to help correct these mistakes.

So even if you save around $10 per linear foot initially, you might lose this money on mistakes and maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you hire a fence installer for the project, expect them to take around 20 to 30 hours to complete the project. Tackling the project yourself will take around 40 to 50 hours.

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