How Much Does It Cost to Build a Roof Over My Deck?

Bry'Ana Arvie
Written by Bry'Ana Arvie
Reviewed by Ami Feller
Updated July 22, 2022
A modern deck with a roof
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  • Building a deck or patio roof has a wide range—between $3,000 and $10,000.

  • Factors like roofing type and material impact your final cost.

  • The total price depends on labor, material, and permit costs.

  • With good carpenter skills, you can DIY this project.

  • You can save money by knowing when to cut back on material specs.

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When you built your dream deck or patio, you likely imagined relaxing afternoons and lively outdoor gatherings. But rain, direct sunlight, and wind have a way of putting a damper on your plans. You can one-up Mother Nature by building a roof over your existing deck or patio space for about $6,500 on average. Let’s take a closer look at the costs.

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Deck or Patio Roof?

The cost to build a deck or patio roof ranges between $3,000 and $10,000 on average. However, it can cost as little as $200 and as much as $24,000 depending on your deck roof’s type, material, and size. 

Cost to Build Deck or Patio Roof by Type

A patio with woven chairs and a roof
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Each roofing type has little quirks and price ranges that impact a homeowner’s final decision. Below, let’s look at some deck or patio roof types. 

Gable Roof

Gable roofs have two sloped sides typically attached to your roof or wall. You can expect to pay $2,200 to $13,500 to build this roof type for your deck or patio. Factors like its height, material, and square footage impact its cost. 


A pergola roof type can be attached to your home or left standing independently. These roofs provide shade but don’t offer protection from rain or wind. If that’s a feature you’re interested in, you can discuss a customizable solution with your local patio company. Pergolas come in various materials, colors, and styles, and range between $2,500 and $8,000.


A louvered roof can be a beautiful addition to your deck or patio that focuses on combining function and aesthetics. These roofs fit your home’s design while also allowing you to control how much sunlight or shade you want with slates that open and close. These roofs cost $4,300 to $21,000.  

Lean-To Roof

Lean-to roofs are attached to a home where it’ll lean against it with a downward slope. On average, to build this simple roof, expect to pay $1,400.

Cost to Build a Deck or Patio Roof by Material

Wood$4,500 – $14,000
Aluminum$200 – $8,000
Vinyl $800 – $6,300

You can choose from various materials for your deck or patio’s new roof. Let’s look at what makes them unique and what prices you can expect for each.


Wood deck or patio roofs are a traditional material option that can cost $4,500 to $14,000. They can come in lattice, pergola, panel, or solid roofing. Besides roofing type, their cost depends on the wood you choose—redwood, cedar, pine, etc.—and if you treat, paint, and stain it. Wood roofs are beautiful, easy to work with, and can be built to match your existing deck or patio. 


Homeowners typically spend $200 to $8,000 on an aluminum roof for their deck or patio. You can get aluminum in a few roofing styles: insulated, uninsulated, lattice, louvered, and pergola. Aluminum is a popular roofing material because it’s versatile, affordable, resistant to rot, termites, and corrosion, and lightweight. 

However, “if you install a metal roof, make sure it has at least some slope so it can shed water,” says Ami Feller, Angi Expert Review Board member and owner of Roofer Chicks in New Braunfels, TX. “If it’s perfectly flat, water will pond on the roof, which will oxidize the materials and also rot out the gaskets on the fasteners.”


The cost to build a vinyl deck or patio roof is $800 to $6,300. Vinyl roofs come in lattice, full-covered, and solid, among other roof styles. They’re lightweight, don’t warp or rot, come in various colors, are inexpensive, and are moderately low-maintenance.  

Building a Deck or Patio Roof Cost Factors

The money you’ll spend to build your roof goes to labor, material, and permit costs. We’ll cover the ranges you’re looking at below. 


One of the most significant components of building a deck or patio roof is labor. Labor fees are dependent on your location, type of roof, etc., but typically average $25 to $40 per square foot


The material you choose, such as beams, rafters, fasteners, and the type of roofing material, will also factor into your total cost. The material costs range from $200 to $21,000.


Adding a roof to your deck or patio is a major project that’ll require you to potentially add the framing, attach it to your home’s structure, and possibly get a permit. You’ll have to ask your contractor if you’ll need a building permit for this project. And the cost to get one is $350 to $1,800

Cost to Build a Deck or Patio Roof Yourself

You can build your deck or patio roof yourself to save on labor costs. The average cost to DIY a simple roof is $1,250 to $1,350. Another DIY option if you’re not interested in building one from scratch is to buy a pre-built patio kit. 

The most popular patio kit is for a pergola roof, and they’re typically pre-cut and already come styled and colored. The average cost of a 10-by-10 pergola kit is $3,500. The actual price is based on the color, material, types of rafters, number of beams, and accessories like electrical packs and fans. 

How Can You Save Money While Building a Deck or Patio Roof?

A wooden deck with a roof overlooking the backyard of a house
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Building a deck or patio roof comes with a few options. While labor will impact your final cost, most of your budget will go towards the material you pick. 

You can save money by opting for functionality over beauty and extras. To help you cut corners without sacrificing quality, consider the following questions:

  • What do I need from my deck roof: shade, weather protection, or both?

  • Do I need it to cover my entire deck or extend over the essential sections?

  • Should it be freestanding, or connected to my roof, eave, or wall?

  • What material should I choose? One that’ll let me save money now or has a good ROI?

  • Do I need extra posts, and how do I want them spaced?

  • What type of accessories do I need now, and what can wait?


Will my deck or patio roof impact my home’s resale value?

Yes, building a roof for your deck or patio will help increase your home’s resale value. While the material and type will be some deciding factors, having a deck roof is generally attractive to potential buyers. 

Can my deck support a roof?

If your deck didn’t come with a roof, it may not be able to handle the weight. However, you can add support in order to add a roof to an existing deck safely. 

How much will I have to maintain my roof?

The material you choose will determine how much maintenance you’ll need to do. For example, an aluminum roof will need a good spray with a hose to look good as new, while certain wood roofs will need periodic treating, staining, and painting. 

Will my roof make noise when it rains?

Aluminum patio covers can make noise during rainstorms. Though how much noise depends on how heavy it’s raining. Light rain falling on your roof might sound soothing. But heavy rainfall might be more noticeable.

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