21 Attractive Front Yard Fence Ideas

Paul Pogue
Written by Paul Pogue
Updated June 7, 2022
A smiling couple leans against a white picket fence
Photo: kali9 / Getty Images

Let your front yard fence beckon you home

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Whether your home sits on an abundance of acres or it’s a stone’s throw from neighbors on either side, a fence can add an element of privacy and safety, while simultaneously increasing the property’s curb appeal. Luckily for those looking to incorporate a fence into their front yard, there are a plethora of options to choose from when shopping for the perfect fit.

From natural wood to modern metal, there are some fences that block out the world and others that are simply decorative. To help you find the one most suitable for your home and needs, check out this compilation of front yard fence ideas just in time for summer—when outdoor play is at its peak. Before you start solidifying your fence plans, be sure to thoroughly research potential restrictions in your area for either DIY or professional fence installation

21 Fence Options to Welcome You Home

Once you determine what you want to get out of a front yard fence—be it privacy, an extra level of safety, or just an added aesthetic—you can shift your focus to deciding the best fence type for your yard. 

1. Classic Picket

A bright white picket fence surrounded by flowers and plants
Photo: Dana Hoff / Getty Images

Timeless and traditional, there may be nothing more all-American than a white picket fence. This fence type has been successfully enclosing front yards across the country for decades and adding extra charm to the homes within them.  

2. Vertical Batten 

A closeup image of a vertical batten fence
Photo: Catherine Falls Commercial / Getty Images

If privacy is your No. 1 objective, you can rest assured with a standard vertical batten fence. Tall and sturdy, this wooden fence will ensure that your pets and children remain safely within the perimeters of your front yard. 

3. Split-Rail

Closeup image of a split-rail fence with a farm in the background
Photo: Marcia Straub / Getty Images

Maybe you’re not trying to keep anything in—or out—of your yard, and if that’s the case, consider a split-rail fence. This fence option may look familiar if you live in a farming area, as they often enclose large fields. Though they’re easy to get through and over, split-rail fences offer a rustic aesthetic to any front yard. 

4. Trellis

A front facing photo of a home with a trellis fence and archway in front
Photo: contrastaddict / Getty Images

A trellis fence can be used in a front or back yard, and are often used as part of a garden fence. Built with beautiful lattice features, these fences are ideal for growing flowers around, and they won’t block out a summer breeze.

5. Horizontal Slat

A modern looking home with a wooden horizontal slat fence in the front yard
Photo: RomanBabakin / Getty Images

Much like vertical batten fences, horizontal slat fences are equally as impenetrable and offer maximum privacy. If you’re not keen on nosy neighbors peeking their heads into your yard, this type of fence is certain to help get your point across.

6. Wood and Wire

A close up image of a light wood colored wood and wire fence
Photo: davelogan / Getty Images

Wood and wire fences have historically worked wonders around chicken coops, and for good reason. This fence structure is exceptional at keeping unwanted critters out while allowing for visibility, unlike those with solid wood fence panels. If you want to achieve the ultimate farmhouse vibe, a wood and wire fence may be the finishing touch you need. 

7. Varying Wood Panel Height

A tall natural wood fence with varying heights
Photo: Candyspics / Getty Images

Tall wooden fences are fabulous for privacy, but subsequently are often standard in size and shape. If the one-size-fits-all look isn’t quite for you, opt for a wooden fence with varying heights to mix it up and stray from the wood fence norm. 

8. Wavy Top Wood Panel

A tall fence with a curved, wavy top in the sunlight
Photo: davelogan/ Getty Images

If varying panel height isn’t enough customization for you and your wooden fence, you can always get even more creative with a wavy top. You’ll get to showcase your flair and boast the funkiest fence in the neighborhood. 

9. Wrought Iron

 A house brightly lit at dusk with a wrought iron fence out front
Photo: Ivan Hunter / Getty Images

Wrought iron fences offer a clean and a classic look. Extend yours out from the front yard by adding a driveway gate for the full, classy home exterior package. 

A yard full of greenery with a black chain link fence and open gate
Photo: Perry Mastrovito / Getty Images

Chain link fencing is a tried-and-true option for yards of all kinds, but if the standard metal version doesn’t appeal to you visually, black chain link is a sleek upgrade that will get the job done while looking fresh and modern. 

11. Metal Fencing

A close-up image of a steel fence with decorative bars
Photo: Vitaliy Halenov / Getty Images

A metal fence may not sound very posh, but there’s an unexpected elegance to these types of fences, especially when ornately decorated.

12. Brick

A tall brick fence with columns throughout
Photo: Foto-Video-Studio / Getty Images

Brick is a sophisticated and durable material to use if you want your fence to stand strong for years to come. Plus, it’s an easy choice to make if your home is also built of bricks.  

13. Stone

A stone fence with vibrant flowers growing in front of it
Photo: Christos Christoforou / Getty Images

Whether it’s short and stout or looming, a fence built of stone is the epitome of rustic charm. 

14. Iron and Stone Columns

A fence composed of stone columns connected with iron bars
Photo: by Alfian Widiantono / Getty Images

Get the best of both worlds by combining two materials, such as iron and stone, for an ideal front yard fence style. Since they’re both such strong elements, you’ll have double the durability—and the combination of the two make for an almost enchanted look. 

15. Concrete Precast

 A close-up image of a concrete precast fence
Photo: beekeepx / Getty Images

Concrete precast fences can have a fortress-like appearance, which makes them excellent for homeowners who prioritize privacy. Using concrete as a fence material is also a safe bet for longevity and the ability to successfully combat the elements. 

16. Modern Metal

A very modern fence made primarily of metal
Photo: EyeWolf / Getty Images

Are you searching for the missing element to your modern landscape design? Take an alternative approach by browsing through metal fences. Sturdy? Check. Allows for privacy? Check. Plus, they’ll withstand the elements if you live in an area prone to flooding or snow. 

17. Wood and Metal Combo

A modern fence made of wooden slats and iron bars
Photo: in4mal / Getty Images

Another modern fence option is a combined wood and metal composition for your front yard fence. Using both elements adds extra structural support while achieving a contemporary style.

18. Stucco Concrete

A thick stucco concrete fence with a wooden gate and fresh flowers growing in front of it
Photo: silkfactory / Getty Images

If you’re leaning toward a concrete front yard fence but aren’t sure which style is right for your home exterior, stucco-style concrete is a beautiful secondary option— especially if you’re not sold on concrete precast. 

19.  Privacy Screen

A corner shot of a privacy fence around a yard
Photo: nobtis / Getty Images

While you’re shopping for fencing designs, you’ll likely come across privacy screens. Privacy screens can be easily attached to chain link fences for an added layer of—you guessed it—privacy. From dark green mesh to faux leaves, they come in many different varieties. The best part is, you can remove the screens on days when you want a little less seclusion. 

20. Hedges

A lovely brick home with a hedge fence in the front yard
Photo: Mint Images / Getty Images

Calling all nature lovers! This fence type is perfect for homeowners with a green thumb. Whether you prefer them short in height or tall and mighty, the density of a hedge works successfully as a privacy barrier and is lovely to gaze at as well. Keep in mind, however, that having one around your front yard might call for some additional yard work and landscaping. 

21. Vinyl

A gray home with a white vinyl fence in front of it
Photo: ghornephoto / Getty Images

Vinyl fences (also referred to as PVC fences) are a popular choice because they’re affordable and they get the job done. This material works wonderfully for front or backyard fences because it’s easy to clean, generally long-lasting, and fences built from it are typically tall enough to keep unwanted animals out.

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