20 Beautiful Garden Fence Ideas for Any Outdoor Space

Caroline Gilbert
Written by Caroline Gilbert
Updated October 18, 2021
Toddler girl walking in front of orange flowers and white fence
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Whether you already have a green thumb or are a budding gardener, adding a fence can elevate your gardening needs. Fencing can be used for various purposes in a garden ranging from strictly utilitarian to decorative, or a mix of both. Determine your specific needs and browse through some garden fence ideas to elevate the landscape design in your yard.

1. Classic White Picket Fence

White picket fence surrounded by garden flowers
littleny - stock.adobe.com

A white picket fence is a visually appealing border that can enclose your entire yard or section off a separate garden area. Use a white picket fence to increase curb appeal for various styles of homes ranging from colonial to cape cods to tudors. White picket fences can be made from vinyl or wood and provide a crisp, clean look when used as part of your fence design. 

This fence works best to enclose heartier plants and bushes that animals aren’t attracted to. Consider planting climbing roses or brightly-colored hydrangeas to provide a beautiful contrast, or add non-flowering hedges to provide visual depth and a second layer of protection.

2. Functional Netting and Post Fence

Girl in raincoat next to chicken coop and flowering bush in yard
Cavan Images /Cavan via Getty Images

If you’re looking for vegetable garden fence ideas, you most likely are trying to keep out unwanted wildlife. Section off your yard using plastic netting and metal posts to give separate areas of your yard designated uses. This type of fence can easily be installed in a few days and is a cost-effective option. Using plastic netting and posts can keep small critters at bay, protecting your vegetable patch from nibbling.

3. Use Chicken Wire

Compost bin using wood and chicken wire fence
jbphotographylt - stock.adobe.com

Wrap chicken wire around wooden posts for a simple way to fence in a standalone garden, like this compost bin full of lawn clippings and kitchen scraps for the creation of rich soil. You can also use chicken wire to separate standalone vegetable patches, flower beds, or herb gardens to protect your plants from wildlife.

4. Farmhouse Split-Rail Fence

Wooden split-rail fence
lcountryphoto - stock.adobe.com

Use wooden split-rail fencing to add a rustic feel to your yard while also creating a designated border. Split-rail fencing works well in wide open spaces to delineate your property line. Plant wildflowers along the edge to accent the fence.

5. Modern Slat Fence

Woman watering flowers against black slatted fence
Cavan Images - stock.adobe.com

Horizontal slat fencing can bring a modern look to your garden while adding an element of privacy. Choose a darker wood and add string lights to use in small gardens, townhomes, patios, or contemporary-styled homes. Tall slat fences can create more shade along the edges so they work best for plants that don’t require as much sun like begonias, Burning Hearts, and certain dogwood varieties.

6. Colorful Wooden Fence

Colorful painted wood fence
Rowena Naylor /Stocksy - stock.adobe.com

Bring color into your landscape design by painting over a natural wood fence. If you have an existing wooden fence that is fading, you can either stain it or paint it using colors of your choice. Use a vibrant paint scheme against lush shrubs and greenery to add contrast to your yard or plant brightly colorful flowers next to the fence to provide more vibrance.

7. Natural Wooden Fence

Vertical wooden fence
dean - stock.adobe.com

Natural wooden fencing is a tried-and-true way to section off your garden. Use a tall wood fence with vertical slats for a more traditional look that can give you more privacy. Plant flowers and shrubs next to the fence and contain them with edging for a defined border.

8. Recycled Tire Fence

Recycled tire fence
Elizabeth Fernandez /Moment via Getty Images

Get creative when thinking of garden fence ideas and repurpose materials you may already have for a cost-effective option. While not a traditional type of fence, using old tires can be a way to border your garden while also integrating plants into the fence design. Stack up tires and then plant shrubs inside the tires to add greenery and color. 

9. Contained Edging

Log edging border in garden
dean - stock.adobe.com

Create a border for your flower beds using a natural log edging. Opt for a flexible type of edging that allows you to curve the border to fit your spatial needs. Fill in the garden bed with contrasting mulch to make shrubs and flowers pop within your garden. 

10. Rustic Wattle Fence

Historic farmhouse garden with bench
Andreas von Einsiedel /Corbis Documentary via Getty Images

A wattle fence is one of the oldest types of fencing, using limbs and branches woven together around horizontal posts. This style of fencing is historic and looks authentic in countryside or farmhouse settings.

11. Gated Wood and Wire Fence

Brother and sister picking plants from garden enclosed in wood and wire fencing
Cavan images - stock.adobe.com

Create a standalone garden using a wood and wire fence with a gate attached for easy access. Build up the fence to keep out small animals and consider enclosing the top to keep out larger animals that jump or climb. Stain natural wood and add iron hardware for a more decorative look.

12. Sturdy Wrought Iron Fence

Wrought iron fence in garden
Jon Lovette /Stone via Getty Images

Wrought iron fencing makes an elegant statement when used in a garden. Because of its high cost, it may not be feasible to use for your entire yard but a good small garden fence idea. If it's within your budget, wrought iron metal fencing is durable and low maintenance. Connect it to a gate to create a sophisticated entryway.

13. Linear Aluminum Fence

Black linear aluminum fence in yard
genotar1 - stock.adobe.com

If you like the look of wrought iron but not the price tag, consider an aluminum fence. Aluminum fencing has varied styles and still provides durability and longevity. Choose a black, linear aluminium fence for larger spaces in your yard and garden for a crisp and clean look.

14. Repurposed Pallet Fence

Wood pallet fence with potted plants
NB Teddleton / iStock / Getty Images Plus via Getty Images

Another small garden fence idea is to use wood pallets to create a fence. Wood pallets are easy to come by (sometimes you can even get them for free) and can be used for multiple purposes in your backyard. You can sand them down and restrain the wood, then attach them together so the slats are horizontal. Hang potted plants from the slats to add a pop of color to your fence design.

15. Eye-Catching Arbor

Woman hugging children under white garden arbor
Annika Erikson via Getty Images

An arbor is an upright structure used in a garden to provide shade, privacy, and add a decorative touch. Use this vertical overhang to break up certain areas of your garden or as a visually appealing entryway. Plant climbing roses or even grapes on it and add a gate or bench underneath to provide a designated area to enjoy your garden.

16. Add a Pergola

Outdoor dining set under pergola in backyard
Johner Images via Getty Images

Like an arbor, a pergola adds shade and privacy to your garden. However, they’re made with four posts compared to two and are usually a more permanent structure. Connect a pergola to your garden fence or leave as a standalone structure and plant climbing flowers up the side and on top. Hang lanterns from the top beams and add a dining set underneath to host memorable garden parties and get-togethers.

17. Solid Stone Wall

Stone wall in patio garden
Mint Images /Mint Images RF via Getty Images

Stone can section off areas of your garden and create a cohesive look when built next to or on an existing stone patio. Plant hedges and greenery and add decorative stone statues for a more ornate look. Remember, this may require masonry work and can be difficult to disassemble, so be sure you’re ready to commit to building this type of border. 

18. Timeless Brick Wall

Brick wall and edging in garden
Arunee - stock.adobe.com

Brick is a classic material that can withstand the test of time. Like stone, masonry work is most likely required to install but consider using a short brick wall for edging if you don’t want to build an entire wall. Brick can give your outdoor space a neat and well-maintained appearance and looks beautiful with cool colored flowers and shrubbery to contrast the warm tone of the material.

19. Short Hedge Border

Hedges bordering garden
fotolinchen /E+ via Getty Images

Using living plants to create a border in your garden is a beautiful way to integrate greenery into your landscape design. Plant short hedges or ornamental flowering bushes to create a path leading to other areas of your yard. Using shorter hedges that run parallel with your flower beds creates defined edging. 

20. Tall Hedge Barrier

Tall hedges next to bench in garden
Design Pics /John Short via Getty Images

Planting taller hedges works well in larger yards and adds privacy while also deterring critters. Use tall hedges next to shorter green bushes for a monochromatic look. Create nooks in the layout of your hedge design and add a bench in a secluded space to relax and unwind.

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