DIY Moving? Don’t Forget These Supplies

Tom Lange
Written by Tom Lange
Updated February 15, 2016
Tape, tape measure, box cutter, markers and toolbox
Items typically found in a traditional toolbox can be a big help on moving day. (Photo by Eldon Lindsay)

Having the proper tools on hand will ensure moving day goes smoothly.

Before moving day arrives and you begin loading everything you own into a truck or trailer, be sure you have the right tools for the job.

Moving requires more than boxes and a way to transport them to your new house or apartment. You also need to think about how you’re going to get multiple, heavy, cumbersome boxes from your home to the truck.

And once everything is loaded, you’ll need a way to secure the items so they won’t shift.

Below is a list of tools and other items that can ensure moving day goes smoothly. You can find most of these items at local retail stores, or if you rent a truck, you may be able to rent or buy them as well.


Can you spend an entire day carrying 50-pound boxes to and from a moving truck? Sure. Do you want to? Probably not. Using a dolly will give your back a break and cut the number of trips to the truck.

The cost of a dolly can vary in quality and price from $30 to a few hundred, so if you don’t think you’ll reuse it consider renting or borrowing one.

Straps and bungee cords

Boxes sitting at the top of a pile and other items packed in your moving truck aren’t likely to stay put on their own, especially while driving 70 mph down the interstate.

Straps and bungee cords can keep those items tied down, which greatly reduces the chance of damage while en route to your new home.

Blankets and towels

Not everything that goes into the moving truck or trailer will be in a box – paintings, box springs and dining room tables, for example, are usually loaded unpacked and fully assembled.

Be sure to have old blankets, towels or other coverings that can protect your valuable items from scratches and dents.

Use gloves

A sturdy pair of work gloves will give you a better grip on what you’re carrying, especially as the day wears on. That means less of a chance of dropping something fragile.

They’ll also provide an extra layer of protection against cuts and scratches.

A fully stocked toolbox

There’s no telling when a screwdriver, hammer, level or set of pliers will suddenly come in handy.

Food and water

Moving day means hours of constant physical activity, so you’ll need to have food on hand, preferably granola bars or something similar that can be eaten quickly. Of course, don’t forget water.

If DIY moving isn't your thing, consider hiring a moving company.

This is an updated version of an article posted Aug. 7, 2015.