What Rates Do Professional Organizers Charge—and Is It Worth the Cost?

Leah Lopez Cardenas
Updated January 11, 2022
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The typical price range for professional home organizer rates is between $200 to $750

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Need help decluttering your home? Hiring a professional organizer is a great way to help take the stress out of home organization and get your space feeling functional again. Depending on the company and where you live, professional home organizer rates typically run between $55 to $100 per hour, and per-project rates cost $480 on average. Professional home organization jobs typically take between two and 10 hours to complete.

What Are Professional Home Organizer Rates Near You?

Based on where you live, professional organizers may charge different prices. Below is the average range for a home organizer near you, depending on which region of the country you live in.

These are the average professional home organizer rates by city:

LocationAverage Rate
Portland, OR$616
San Francisco, CA$586
Salt Lake City, UT$479
El Paso, TX$596
Minneapolis, MN$446
Columbus, OH$300
Memphis, TN$643
Boston, MA$458
Charlotte, NC$786
Tampa, FL$310

How Much of My House Can I Have Professionally Organized on My Budget?

Because professional organizers usually charge $55 to $100 per hour, you can likely afford to cut clutter and get a cleaner house on almost any budget.


You can expect to be able to organize one area of your home for this budget, such as a large closet, kitchen pantry, or small bedroom. Hiring a part-time home organizer, someone in college, or someone new to the industry may get you a more affordable rate than an experienced home organization consultant or firm.

$200 to $700

With the average rate nationwide sitting at around $450, you’ll get good service from an experienced professional within this budget range. From your kids’ playroom to your home office, you can likely get several rooms decluttered for this amount.


Splurging on the high end can potentially get you a team of organization experts who will tackle bigger, more complex projects. Expect to pay as much as $1,500 to $5,000 for major home organization projects, such as unpacking and organizing an entire home after a move, or tackling multiple rooms including the living room, bedrooms, dining room, kitchen, basement, and garage. To help you save a bit of money, some organization consultants will offer a discount if you purchase a certain number of hours of their services or commit to a project package.

How Much Does It Cost to Organize Your Home Yourself?

Besides the mental and emotional cost involved with organizing your home yourself (trust us—we’ve been there, too), there are still some miscellaneous expenses you’ll have to pay for even if you decide to forgo help from a pro.

First off, you’ll need to purchase storage solutions to make sure all of your belongings have a place to go.

Materials and products needed to complete a DIY home organization project may include:

Clear plastic tubs$10 each
Drawer organizers$10 – $100
Baskets$5 – $60
Hangers$5 – $40
Pegboards and hooks$20 - $150
Desk organizers$50
A label maker or stickers$5 – $100
Closet organizers$150 – $1,000+
New storage furniture$100+
Materials to build your own shelving, file cabinets, and more$50+

If you’re purging a lot of clutter, you may also need to pay for a service to haul away your unwanted items after you’ve finished organizing. The cost for junk removal is between $130 to $360, though the price fluctuates based on the type of items you’re hauling away and how much. A full truckload may cost as much as $800.

The other major cost associated with DIY home organization is time. Busy families often don’t have the hours to dedicate to a project like this, and some people are just overwhelmed by their current space and don’t know where to begin. Consider how much extra time it may take to organize on your own versus a professional’s help as you start planning your project.

What Factors Influence Typical Professional Home Organizer Rates?

Most professional organizers charge hourly rates to declutter your house. How much you’ll pay will depend on the size of the project, how much time the organizer spends helping you declutter, who you hire to do the job, and if any additional services are needed beyond basic decluttering.

Time Spent Organizing

If you’re looking to reorganize your entire home room-by-room, the cost will increase with more time spent on the project. Most projects take between four and five hours, while larger jobs such as a multi-room project or whole-house organization can take anywhere from eight hours to several days.

Finding the Right Organizer for Your Project

Calling a professional organizer can be a bit daunting, but don’t be afraid to ask for help! An organizer’s job is to help you reset your space so your family can feel more relaxed at home. Finding someone you can team up with to get things in order will help you design organization solutions that fit your individual lifestyle.

When you’re getting quotes from professional home organizers to help with your project, asking how their individual rate system works is a good idea so you are on the same page from the get-go.

Suppose you have a particularly complex or time-consuming project that will require the help of other home improvement pros. In that case, a professional home organizer may charge more for their hourly rate to account for the extra planning time and coordination.

Additional Services

Sometimes, professional home organization companies will also provide cleaning services or education and planning tips for staying organized long-term. These additional services will likely cost extra and are things you should discuss prior to the start of your project. The typical cost of house cleaning services is $50 to $90 per hour, but you may get a deal for bundling with your professional home organizer’s rates.

Additional home organizer services that may be available include:

FAQs About Hiring a Professional Home Organizer

What do professional organizers do exactly?

A professional home organizer helps people organize their space so they can live in a neater, more stress-free environment. They help with planning, coaching, and storage solution ideas to get your home in order—and keep it that way long-term.

Is the cost of hiring a professional organizer worth it?

The time you’ll save and the stress relief you’ll feel may be worth the cost to hire a pro. Especially if you’re moving, getting your house ready for a new baby or other family member, or you just have a busy lifestyle and want to feel more relaxed when you are home.

What other projects should I do at the same time?

Since you’ll likely be sorting through and getting rid of unwanted items anyway, this may be the perfect time to also plan for a garage sale. This way, you can think through how you want to price your items and group them for sale as you’re purging them from your home. You may also save on having to hire a service to haul away your items, and you’ll make money selling your items instead! Worst case, you can always drop off whatever you don’t sell at your nearest consignment store or donate to a charitable organization.

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