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He's very reasonable. He was a plumber foreman for a well established east bay plumbing company. He had never gotten around to getting his license because he didn't need it. He's one of those guys who gets stuff done and he's master plumber. He's just a single guy, but he does good work and he can explain to you what's going on, what you should and shouldn't do.
- Jonathan K....
The Plumber
He was great. He was recommended to me by somebody else. He turned up right away and took care of my problem. He did exactly what he said he was going to do. He was very, very good. I had called several plumbers and was taking different estimates when a friend recommended James. He called me right away and set something up the next day. There was a problem with the equipment and he went out and got a different one and replaced it. And he actually gave us a better one for the same price, so he actually took a little bit of a loss on the water heater. I made him take it though.
- Shannon B....
vip plumbing
These plumbers were efficient and knew exactly what needed to be done. Very professional also a pleasure to work with ! we would definitely hire them in the future !
- Cortney B....
Advanced Plumbing Techniques
Excellent! Faucet works great. Other plumber could not get it to work. I will use this plumber (Advanced Plumbing) for all my plumbing needs.
- Julie W....
Rock Solid Drains
Dependable personable professional. Was very pleased and hope to keep them as our go to plumbers ! A+
- Linda S....
Discount Plumbing
They responded fast but they need a little bit more expertise. They actually put plumbers tape and plumbers pipe on a gas stove and you're not allowed to do that so it was leaking. I will use them again but with caution.
- Tom H....
I called this company to have them check our plumbing and to see if the other plumber that came out did his job or just robbed us. This plumber came out and I told him what had happened and he told my none of the bracing had been touched. The plumber did help me out as far I as I could see. I think he was more honest then the other plumber. I don't hold plumber's in high regard. I think that they are all scammers.
- Kenneth G....
Vivid Plumbing
Sean is a through professional and a competent plumber. I am likely using him every time I have a plumbing issue.
- S J....
F&A Plumbing & Rooter
Have known and done business with Firas, F and A Plumbing for many years. Always clean and professional.From routine drain cleaning to complex pipe systems, Firas is always the consulate professional. If you need a plumber, this is your guy.
- Dan M....
SJ Plumbing now is our "go-to" plumber--won't use anyone else. They always show up in the designated time, are courteous and professional. The plumbers appear honest and know what they are doing. Have interacted with other plumbing groups--they are by far the best!
- Irene I....
VRG Plumbing
I use VRG Plumbing for my home and rental. After referring a great plumber to my friends, they gave me great feedback after using VRG plumbing. It's nice to have a plumber who you can call and they response quickly and fix the problem big or small jobs.
- Vicki V....
George Salet Plumbing Inc
My tenant called on a Saturday to tell me water was streaming out of the building into the street. I called our regular plumber and he came and diagnosed the problem as one of our pipes rupturing but said he couldn't fix it until Monday. I didn't want to have water spewing out of my building until Monday so I went on Angie's list to find a plumber that would be willing to do the work on a Sunday. I was able to reach George Salet and they said they could do the work on Sunday. They sent a plumber over on Saturday to diagonse the problem before doing the work on Sunday. George Salet's plumber had a completely different conclusion. He said it was actually the neightbor's sewer pipe and not my problem at all. Of course this was good news. They saved me hundreds of dollars. My plumber was going to start digging up the sidewalk on Monday.
- Janet C....
Superior Plumbing & Drain Cleaning Services
They were able to come out within 3 hours of my call. The plumber was kind, professional, and explained everything fully.
- Karen M....
Ken Bertram Plumbing
The job went really well. He was a very knowledgeable plumber. The price was reasonable. He was very experienced. He's done a few different projects.
- Sf D....
Bayshore Plumbers
I used Bayshore Plumbing for a number of projects in my new home. They did a great job. I bought the earthquake shutoff valve deals and they handled the coordination, installation and follow up exceptionally well. I would recommend them to anyone.
- Barry T....
Bonney Plumbing, Heating, Air & Rooter Service
My complaint is that they are plumbers which means they use that blue glue and one of them got it on the flooring. There could have been better clean up which I told them about. They came 2 times in a pretty short period. I complained to one of the managing owners and they did do a better job the second time. As far as plumbers and prices go around here they are probably the best choice.
- Mary G....
Baswell Plumbing
All plumbers are pricey; they are about $120 an hour. We had a little problem with their quality of work. They do a good job on professionalism.
- Marcia C....
- Lida E....
Pelican Plumbers
The plumber who visited was knowledgeable, and did an excellent job. He kept me fully informed about what he was doing.
- James L....
Ace Plumbing & Rooter
Ace Plumbing arrived on time, sent very skilled and professional plumbers and far exceeded my expectations for service. There's a reason they are the ones I call whenever I have a plumbing need.
- Jennifer B....

Plumbers Near You

There are more than 420,000 plumbers in the United States - which one should you hire?

Plumbing systems are important components of any home or business. At some point in time, everyone will need a plumber to fix a clogged drain or a leaking toilet. How do you find a great company and get a competitive price?

Not all plumbers are the same. Here are some tips to find the best pro near you at a great price:

It's important to carefully select who you contact - ensure that every plumber has the following qualifications:

  • Licensed and insured: the plumber should be licensed by your local municipality and insured against 3rd party damage. Do your homework, and avoid many headaches of an unlicensed pro.
  • Experience: the plumber should be experienced in fixing plumbing issues that are similar to yours. They should have experts such as gas plumbers on staff or ready to be called.
  • Customer satisfaction: ensure the plumber is customer friendly and willing to help. You can ask neighbors and read reviews online. This list of plumbers near you offers some of the best services. There are also reviews from neighbors in your area - you can quickly contact the best.

Why hire a plumber?

The services of plumbers come in handy for many different situations, from tasks as simple as a clogged drain to more complex projects such as piping a home. Some of the most common functions that plumbers undertake include:

Unclogging blocked drains

Blocked drains are perhaps the most common cause for plumbing services. Various drains within homes and businesses can become clogged due to food debris, oil and foreign objects going down the drain. A blocked drain can be an inconvenience, with the potential of causing kitchen sinks, bathrooms and showers to become unusable until the blockage is addressed. A hand snake or machine auger can typically resolve this issue.

Pipe repair and replacement

In some cases plumbers are called out due to a broken or damaged pipe. Corrosion is common if two types of metal pipes connect to each other that have different material, such as copper pipes connecting to galvanized steel pipes. This leads to small leaks that turn into larger issues.

Fixing blocked toilets

Another popular service offered by plumbers is the unclogging of toilets. It's pretty obvious why someone would want this fixed.

Fixing running toilets

More common is a toilet that won't stop trickling water. An constantly-flowing toilet can eventually result in further damage to pipes and the sewage system, along with a higher water bill.

New York plumbers are the highest paid in the United States.

But how much does plumbing cost near you?

Here are some cost breakdowns to consider when hiring a plumber:

  • Average plumbing repair cost: $150
  • Average cost to hire a plumber: $45-$150 per hour
  • Leaking fixtures and toilets: $100-$200 (including fixtures in kitchens, bathrooms, and outdoor spaces)
  • Clogged drains: $100-$300 (including unclogging overflowing toilets, showers, or kitchen sinks)
  • Fixing slab leaks: $1,000-$3,000
  • Replacement of water heaters: $1,200-$4,000

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