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Lambert & Barr LLC

Founded 1971 • With Angi since December 2008


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10 Whittlesey Ave



Lambert and Barr LLC provides residential and commercial remodeling for New Milford and surrounding locations. Our restoration and remodeling services restore the integrity and value of your current space without compromising the frame. Whether you require bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling,

Verified Reviews

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Mary Lou S.

We have an old home and we were having difficulty locating contractors that were even interested in looking at the project. We contacted three contractors. One bid was far to extensive and expensive. The second bid was what we expected but there were some issues with their not getting back to us. The third bid was from Lambert and Barr. We are very glad that we decided to go with them. 1. Lambert and Barr were responsive to our requests, friendly from the first call. They did so much work preparing the estimate and checking to see what needed to be done. They came back two or three times to check on things before submitting the bid. Remember this is an old home and it needed complicated work. 2. They let us know it would be a little longer to provide the estimate because they were recalculating and making sure of the needs and materials. 3. They presented us with a contract that was very specific as to start date, finish date of course because we live in New England subject to weather conditions, payment schedule, materials, and explanations if further unexpected damage was found "material cost" per board. The quote was well written and payment plan was reasonable. 4. The project was started on time as stated. They cleaned up nightly and made sure that our basement sump pump was functional every evening. They checked in with us every morning and evening to make sure that we were completely satisfied. Did we have any questions, etc. They even checked to make sure that the noise level was okay. 5. They laid boards down when using equipment on our grass to assure that minimal invasion of our landscaping was done. 6. The workers were polite, efficient, on time, considerate. 7. The work was completely on schedule. We had a dirt basement before they started. We ended up with a poured cement foundation and the structural repair work far surpasses our expectations. I know this review seems to good to be true but I cannot think of a negative thing to say. I would recommend this company to anyone and be proud. We need some further work and will call them first for an estimate if we need a contractor in the future..

Description of Work
We have an old home which needed replacement of rafters and floorboards. They also dug out and poured a cement floor.

Category handyman service



Kim W.

Description of Work

Category handyman service



Chip L.

The renovation turned out wonderfully. If there were cost overruns, they were more a result of us adding better touches, stone window sills, a better AC system. Beyond that, the project came in pretty much on budget and was completed earlier than I'd hoped. One advantage we had is an engineer with construction experience in the family. We had very clear plans what we wanted to do, and while you can fool a homeowner, you can't fool an engineer-wife with 30 years of construction experience. We're 100% happy. I might add that prior to the renovations my house would have been unsellable in today's real estate market due to its many flaws and 70's decor issues. I now have a thoroughly modern house on Candlewood Lake whose resale value has doubled if we wanted to sell it.

Description of Work
We totally renovated the main floor of our house, installed new heating, plumbing, electrical wiring, created a new kitchen, moved one bathroom and created another, added a new water system. We tore down the old dark wood paneling, and made everything light bright and airy with nice white walls. We installed new windows, hardwood flooring, new tiling. Basically the modernization of a 1970s house--one with electric baseboard heating and copper piping running through the concrete slab of the foundation--Basically nearly everything but the shell of my house had to go. I might add our new plumbing system required new connections to our septic tank, and Lambert and Barr handled the excavation efficiently and neatly. And since the company owns its own excavating equipment, it ended up costing me less than if we had to subcontract that task out, too. Lambert and Barr handled every detail of this massive job with care, precision and a great crew. Two excellent master carpenters, a dedicated painter and masonry worker, and Lambert and Barr also coordinated independent subcontractors for the electrical, plumbing and HVAC work. Who all did excellent work and were always responsive. We also realized along the way, we needed other tasks done...rewiring the garage lights, hooking up new outdoor lighting, and building a new cap for my septic tank which the previous owner had buried under three feet of gravel and paving stones. They also looked at my garage and realized one of the supports was rusting out so they fixed that, too. At my cost, since it was not in the scope of the original proposal. I could go on, but another positive is that Lambert and Barr have a backup office staff where we could always reach them and discuss things on a day to day basis. That was invaluable.

Category ceramic tile, handyman service, landscaping, plumbing, remodeling, woodworking, home remodeling



Susan C.

After a fire damaged our home, Lambert&Barr was hired to demo and renovate our home. We entered into a contract with Lambert&Barr, which was specific in the material to be used. Lambert&Barr: -Overcharged us by $23,000 and to have failed to give this money back to us and have refused to provide a complete accounting as requested by our attorney. -Due to their negligence we have had to repair and/or replace items totaling over $7777.26 for work done poorly or not done at all. -They have state, that although they received approx.. $70,000 for being the general contractor and overseeing workers and subcontractors, THEY WERE IN FACT NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR WORKERS OR SUBCONTRACTORS. In their mind, any damage, negligence, poor workmanship or fraud done during the renovation of our home is not their fault when it was done by their workers and/or their subcontractors. But are still entitled to the $70,000. -Charged for or gave the price for many items after the fact, even after we expressly stated that we must be given pricing beforehand and not after the work was performed or material purchased -They were paid for specific work to be done, for which they failed to do so per the contract, yet they charged us for the work/items: (a) charged for a dual zone C/A system; They put in a cheaper unit, but charged us for the more expensive unit. (b) failed to remove the heating elements prior to sheet rocking but charged us, We had to replace the elements at an additional cost as they were caked in sheetrock dust, etc. (c) failed to install insulation per the contract; installed a lesser R-rated insulation, but still charged us for the original higher R-rated insulation. . In order to pass inspection and be code compliant, Theyhad to place additional insulation on top of the attic flooring, taking away our ability to use the attic for storage. (d) charged extra to fix our basement stairs which they never did. In addition to the stairs falling away from the upper landing the stringer was cracking on one side. The stairs were never been fixed, but became dangerous due to their negligence. (e)failed to fully sheet rock the garage per fire code and also charged us extra to fire block a section of our garage per code. Lambert&Barr failed to complete either. (f) charged us to replace the front porch as an added item. The frame was to be of ALL NEW material and is NOT. Old wood was reused. (g) charged to replace the deck as an added item. The frame and material were to be of NEW material and are NOT. The railings are NOT installed to code and being that the deck is over 10 ft off the ground, pose a hazard to the homeowner. Footings are not all code compliant. (h) charged the homeowner for installing a kitchen vent which was never installed but needed for obvious reasons. (i) charged the homeowner for 2 roof boots, but only installed 1 roof boot. -Charged us to replace electrical boxes that either did not need to be replaced or were already being replaced due to the nature of the electrical fire. -Tried to charge us for sheet rocking the mechanical room, when they had already installed fire rated insulation.. There was NO reason to install both fire rated insulation AND fire rated sheet rock.The sheet rock installedprevents the water valves from being turned into an off position. If there is a water leak we will not be able to turn the water off. -Were paid to perform the following work, which they were either negligent in doing or the work was done in a subpar manner: (a) KITCHEN: In an email to Home Depot, Lambert&Barr stated that they were installing kitchen cabinets which were damaged but once up we (the homeowner) would never know that they were damaged. During the installation/renovation of the kitchen, Lambert&Barr has also marred cabinets, cut cabinets incorrectly (stating that the error was not theirs but the homeowners), drilled holes in cabinet front incorrectly, re-attached cabinet doors to cabinet frames incorrectly, screwed into and cracked cabinets, shimmed cabinets incorrectly (stating again it was somehow the fault of the homeowner), splintered the cabinet frames where screws should have gone and then tried to patch these very visible areas. Lambert&Barr also installed brackets for a granite counter that at first they stated would not work, but due to the design recanted that statement, stating then that they would work ? the brackets did not work and the granite countertop is falling down. Lambert&barr installed the sink brackets incorrectly causing the sink to fall and damage the inside of the cabinet, and incorrectly installed crown molding which is falling off. (b) MAIN BATHROOM: At the insistence of Lambert&Barr, the main bathroom was redesigned. The redesign does not work and does not allow the bathroom to function. The washer and dryer area is too small to fit any normal size units. Yet Lambert&barr installed the new units purchased by us, knowing full well that once installed, they could not be serviced or taken out without ripping apart the walls. The only washer and dryer combination that will fit is an apartment sized unit, in a 4 bedroom house. Lambert&Barr?s design has caused us to move the dryer into the middle of the bathroom. In addition to the incorrect venting used for the dryer, the new design does not allow for venting to be installed at all. In order to fit in the dryer vent, the studs behind the dryer had to be cut and were done so without our permission. As the dryer area lies below the heavy air handler the studs should never have been cut. (c) STAIRS: Lambert&Barr installed new oak stairs between the first and second floor, which the homeowner paid extra for as an upgrade. Parts of the original landing were cut and then replaced by Lambert&Barr. The work was done so poorly that the landing began to sink and the stairs began to pull away from the upper landing. A video of the damage and the dangerous situation caused by Lambert&Barr is available for review. The upper and lower stairs have since been fixed not only for the obvious safety reasons, but also the homeowners needed to install a lift for their elderly mother, which could not have been done the way that Lambert&Barr left the stairs. (d) CLOSET SHELVING: Although we were charged for new shelving, Lambert&Barr tried to reinstall old rusted closet shelving. Upon discovery, Lambert&Barr then installed the wrong type of shelving so poorly that the shelves cannot be used as intended and/or are falling down. (e) CLOSET DOORS AND POCKET DOORS: Lambert&Barr reframed many of the closets in the house and installed doors so poorly that not even Jeld-Wen (the door manufacturer) could fix them. Many of the doors stick either because the doors were incorrectly installed or the ball catch that was installed was done so incorrectly. Many of the door handles have pulled out due to the sticking doors and the doors now need to be replaced. The ball catch in the pantry door has already flown out of the door due to the extreme force needed to open that door. The door frames were done so poorly that they are splitting apart. THE MASTER BATHROOM DOOR HINGE IS SET INTO THE MIDDLE OF THE SPLITTING DOOR FRAME AND WE HAVE ALREADY GOTTEN STUCK INSIDE THE MASTER BATHROOM. The pocket doors were butchered by Lambert&Barr during installation so much so that you cannot hide the fact that the latch area on the door and the plate on the frame were cut too big. (f) FRONT DOOR: during construction damaged the new frame of the new front entry door. Although the homeowner purchased a new door knob, they had to purchase another one as Lambert&Barr would not give them their keys back. (g) SIDING: The upgraded siding is falling off the house, does not meet in areas,is cracked in other areas, soffit not done correctly. Old fascia used with some new. (h) ROOFING: Parts of this system needed to comply with the manufacturer warranty are missing (starter, ice and water dam). There are also holes in the roof, shingles missing, and the nailing was done incorrectly. Due to poor workmanship and missing material, the roofing has no warranty. (i) FIRE RATED GARAGE DOOR: Lambert&Barr installed the self-closing fire rated garage door in such a way that the garage door does not function correctly. The hinge was set in the middle of the door frame and not as it should be. The sill is not supported. (j) WINDOWS: the homeowner paid extra to have new upgraded windows installed. The windowsills are showing signs of rot as the windows were installed without the proper flashing. (k) UPPER SLIDING DOOR: during installation of a new slider, we needed to fix rot from lack of flashing. Lambert&Barr not only charged the homeowner to fix the rot but then installed the door the same way. We will have rot again! (l) GROUT AND TILING: cracking and coming off. (m) PLUMBING: alluded to a specific professional plumber to do all of the plumbing work. Plumbing is not to code and done poorly. (n) GARAGE DOOR OPENERS AND WALL SWITCHES: The wall switches were damaged during re-installation and the main motor units are covered inside and out with sheet rock debris. They no longer function (o) APPLIANCES: Lambert&Barr picked up and installed all of the NEW appliances. The appliances became caked in sheet rock dust and there were sheet rock chunks in the washer machine. (p) FLOORING: did a bait and switch on the flooring ? the finish on the flooring and workmanship of installation is not a professional job. (q) Lambert&Barr purposely damaged our driveway with their backhoe. ted

Description of Work
Lambert&Barr alluded to using professional services then did the work themselves - unprofessionally! Lambert&Barr charged after the fact without telling us before hand they were charging for items/services as extras. Did not give pricing on items such as cabinets, stairs, windows, etc. until just before the items were delivered. Their accounting practices were such that they ended up overcharging and won't give the $23,000 overcharged back! Lambert&Barr frauded charged for new items, but used old wood, shelving, etc.. Lambert&Barr stated they were problem solvers, but could not problem solve anything-when they redesigned the main bathroom to the point that it is no longer functional they never solved the situation, when they could not put in insulation as quoted they did nothing, when they designed the kitchen incorrectly to the point of my bar counter falling down and damaged the cabinets they did nothing. In fact Lambert&Barr blames everyone, including the homeowner and the house for their mistakes. Lambert&Barr did not put in the C/A system per the contract, but chose to put in a lesser system - blaming their subcontractor. Lambert&Barr refuses to take responsibility for their actions and workers/subcontractors stating that they are not responsible for them - yet they were paid $70,000 to be the general contractor! We are currently in a lawsuit with them for what they did to us. DO NOT USE THEM!

Category ceramic tile, handyman service, plumbing, remodeling, woodworking, home remodeling



Howard A.

Excellent result. I made an appointment with Jim in June and he arrived punctually. He has a confident and easy going manner and is experienced in excavation, both commercial and residential. He took time to understand and clarify what I intended to accomplish and was respectful of the limitations I provided on scope of work. Following the initial meeting, we spoke a few times on the phone to allow him to confirm details of my expectations, and only then did his office provide an E-mailed proposal and scope of project. The proposal was fair, and I advised that I wanted the work done by mid-August. He confirmed that would happen and an insurance certificate was provided. Approximately a month later, I was advised that the work would be completed by end of July. The work covered 2 days at the end of July, and Jim worked tirelessly and confidently to do what he said he would. The result is outstanding and the site was left in better than expected condition. The project was completed on time and on budget. I highly recommend Lambert & Barr and would use them again for future projects.

Description of Work
Cleared mature trees and woodsy brush on sloped property to allow for landscape improvement.

Category handyman service, landscaping, tree service



Elizabeth B.

I will let you know!

Description of Work
We are still in the early stages of a complete kitchen renovation. Some items have been ordered, but renovation has not yet begun. However, we could not be more happy with the professionalism and responsiveness that we have received. I don't know if they are the least expensive service we could have found, but we are very happy to pay for the best, as this is a major renovation to our home!

Category handyman service



art B.

little hard to get hold of but started on time and went well looks nice

Description of Work
clean gutters, install small concrete pad, remove wires from roof

Category handyman service



Ron G.

He and his woman assistant or partner showed up when I was talking to a window contractor. I asked him to wait a few minutes. They left the building. I finished with the window contractor and went to tell them to come on in. When I went outside I could not see them. The window contractor assistant told me he saw them drive away. I called Jim on his cell phone and told him I was ready for him. I figured he went for a coffee. I told him to comer over and he said he was not interested in the job because it was too far from his house. WHAT?!!! I was so mad I just hung up on him. I could not believe it. This is a first for me in over 30 years of renovating and building houses. I have worked with a lot of contractors over the years and never had this experience. He just left and did not have the courtesy to even talk to me. If I did not call him I would have never know what happened to him. In today's age he should have know how far the job was via GPS or tons of map programs on the internet and not wasted my time. Now I have take more time to fine another contractor and more time to interview several of them What he blew was not only that job but many more as I and several builder buddies of mine will never hire this company for anything. We do several projects a year and when we find a good guy he will get a lot of work from us. If LAMBERT and BARR LLC would treat me like that I would not trust them on any job. Total lack of professionalism.

Description of Work
He was supposed to give me a quote on building a small roof over a porch and do some other very small framing jobs, closet, small wall in kitchen, hang some doors, etc

Category handyman service

Service Provider Response

We are sorry to hear customer's experience was not a positive one, however, we arrived at the address to look at customer's project, the house was in progress, Jim Lambert and his daughter arrived at the house on time. Upon arriving, customer was in the kitchen area, the door was ajar. Two men could be seen though the glass door, one was the customer. He was with another man in the kitchen with tools, pulling apart the kitchen floor area. the customer said upon us annoucing who were were to "Wait outside" He was extremely rude in his tone. We walked back to the truck. Looking at the siding, roofing, and excavation in progress and decided this was not a good fit for us. Jim is a non practicing certified building official for the State of CT, and we are not comfortable putting our name on any portion of work that is not to our quality in craftsmanship or based on others work that we may need to warranty against. In this case the siding. After waiting almost 35 minutes for the customer to come out we decided to leave. It was not the distance from our office to the project, it was just not a good fit. the customer did call approximately 45 minutes after the appointment time, we unfortunately had other appointments and could no longer wait. Best of Luck to the customer and his future projects.


Joseph P.

The most recent projects and all past projects have gone incredibly well. The Lamberts exceed our expectations on all counts. They treat our home as if it were their own. Projects come in at or under the estimates. The best part is any disruption to our home is transparent to us. When we arrive after work has been done, it's as if no one had been in our home, yet a transformation has taken place. With the recent gutter replacement, for example, they even improved the aesthetic of our home by making the new gutters less intrusive than our old ones.

Description of Work
Lambert & Barr have performed multiple services for our home since we bought it about 5 years ago. In fact, they are the only contractors we use and trust, and they came highly recommended by the previous owners. Most recently they have installed new gutters on the entire house. In addition they are currently working on landscaping and other projects. In the past, they have painted the house, inside and outside, and have done a variety of other work including installing crown molding, fixing plumbing issues, taking down a huge tree, and removing excess snow from the roof.

Category handyman service, landscaping, lawn service, plumbing, tree service, snow removal, woodworking, house painters, interior painters



mark B.

Lambert and Barr LLC. was contacted the morning after my circa 1770 barn was severely damaged by a tornado dropping a 75' cherry tree onto it's roof / east side exterior wall. The damage was quite extensive to the roof, exterior siding and the original oak and chestnut timber framing. The project manager was at my house within an hour of my calling, and was very knowledgeable as to what would be needed to restore my barn to it's pre-damage condition. When the time came for the insurance adjuster to inspect the barn, Jim Lambert, the company owner, was there to ensure no detail of the damage went undocumented, and he was adamant that the repair should be made using period correct materials and building techniques. A week later a delivery was made to my property of rough-hewn, oak and maple timbers sourced from a local sawmill. Lambert and Barr's skilled and knowledgeable framers were on site the very next morning cutting and notching the timbers into the posts and beams needed to re-frame the load bearing wall and rafters. I knew there would be some difficulty in finding replacement 8' tongue and groove exterior siding, as I had been searching for some for months to use elsewhere on the structure. The project manager told me that it would be difficult, but not impossible to find. Within a week there was a crew at the job site staining brand new siding. The roof repair was fairly straight forward, but the fact that there is no noticeable seem where the old and new materials join is quite impressive. Everything was repaired, or replaced, trimmed out and painted within three weeks of my initial phone call, and had the weather cooperated, I'm certain it would have been done in two weeks. During the restoration, some unseen damage was repaired and other various task were performed on my property. When I received the bill for services rendered, I was presently surprised to find these additional expenses were not billed. I would have no problem recommending Lambert and Barr for any type of construction work, especially if it involves historic properties. They are very knowledgeable, expedient and take great pride in the quality of their work. They deliver on there promises, and don't charge more than a job is worth. Jim Lambert is the sort of man that is a rarity these days. He is an honest contractor.

Description of Work
Structural restoration and repair of tornado damaged 240 year old barn.

Category handyman service, remodeling



Kama P.

We agreed upon a price before work began. We purchased all of fixtures for this job. Still the job came in just under $30,000. The quality was mediocre at best. Grout colors agreed upon before tile installation was not done. Once we saw it, it was too late, the tile was already installed. We asked for the floor tile in the renovated bath to be laid a certain way, they did not listen and laid it how they wanted it. Again, when we saw it, too late, it was installed. They installed tile in another area, and did not match the grout to the existing floor tile as instructed. We wanted waste pipes wrapped to eliminate noise downstairs when plumbing was used upstairs. We were told no noise would occur because they would wrap the pipes. This did not happen. We hear a lot of noise. The nails attaching the drywall are popping and we will have to get another contractor to remove them and and re-tape the basement. The bath in the basement had odor issues and several calls were made to get this contractor to fix the issue, they installed another pipe to the pump system to allow air into the system. Too much time was spent on our part managing the project, ensuring the job progressed. The finish work left a lot to be desired. It seemed once they had our money they, stopped listening to our concerns. We would not recommend this company.

Description of Work
Finished basement: Installed studs, electrical, heating, lights, drywall, taped and painted. Gutted existing full bath, re-wired, re-plumbed all fixtures and installed tile and lights. Primed and painted. Installed bath in basement from scratch. Installed sub pump system.

Category ceramic tile, handyman service, plumbing, home remodeling

Service Provider Response

First of all I am concerned when we have a one year warranty and a client comes back five years later to complain. If there is an issue and we are made aware they are addressed promptly. As far as the grout in two separate areas- the basement area was several years old and was in the basement. We explained to the homeowner it was filthy, from the numerous large dogs living in the house and needed to be cleaned and sealed. The homeowner did not want to expend money. It is old verses new, of course it will not match 100% in color without cleaning. When the client was not happy with the bathroom tile upstairs, Lambert and Barr offer to remove and reinstall at our expense. Even though it was installed properly by our professional tile installer. The homeowner did not want to do this. The tile selected was unable to be installed in the fashion the homeowner requested. This was explained to the client prior to install. They loved the tile and wanted it installed anyway. Once it was installed she did not like the look. It was not the craftsmanship. Plumber was a subcontractor - it was explained to the homeowner there was not enough space in basement to wrap the waste line. Pipe was strapped properly and to code to prevent movement. It is a pump up system and that is normal when the pump activates to eject the waste out. I have the same system in my home - not uncommon. Nail pops after several years are normal. Unfortunately over time this is not uncommon in any home. As far as the bathroom smell, this was explained several times to the homeowner, if the basement bathroom is not used on a regular basis the trap runs dry, then the sewer gases often run back into the house. Normally water in the trap will prevent this - we had explained to them to run some water in the fixture periodically to fill up the trap and it will prevent the gases from coming in. The additional pipe run was a vent line which is common and to code on bathroom fixtures. We feel that it is unfortunate that this is the method that this client has chosen to address and vent her issues rather than coming and providing us the opportunity to address her problems in a timely fashion. Five years later is a long time to carry a burden without at least contacting the company to allow them the ability to correct any concerns.


John G.

We had just purchased a home that we knew had a few problems and called Jim in to take a look at them. He was able to get a crew out there on very short notice while we out of town for the week and had everything completed when we returned. Considering the amount of work that was done and the quality of the finished product, I believe that the price was very reasonable. Jim is obviously very experienced in all aspects of home construction and repair and I have found his advice to be very valuable. Jim will be the first person we call when needs arise in the future.

Description of Work
Removed concrete floor leveler and subfloor, leveled joists and reinstalled subfloor. Enlarged a passageway through a supporting wall, repaired drywall and removed approximately 700 sq ft of ceramic and marble tile.

Category handyman service, remodeling




They came and gave us a quote and were able to start right away. They came in and gutted the bathroom. When they did that they realized that the walls were not framed the way they thought so adding a pocket door (not part of the original quote) was more expensive than originally planned. They redid the bathroom tiling the shower and the shower ceiling as well as the floor and installing a new air-jet spa tub, toilet, vanity and the pocket door. They went through the wall to fix the bathroom plumbing in the adjoining bath then they installed new tile in the other bath (so one was always usable). They did have to come back and repaint and do some finishing touches but the bathrooms came out beautiful. I never had any trouble getting a hold of someone and I they were very helpful if I had any questions.

Description of Work
Gutted and redid one bathroom and retiled the floor and fixed plumbing in another bathroom.

Category home remodeling

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    Lambert & Barr LLC is currently rated 4.1 overall out of 5.

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    Yes, Lambert & Barr LLC offers emergency services.

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    Yes, Lambert & Barr LLC offers warranties.

    What services does Lambert & Barr LLC offer?

    Lambert & Barr LLC offers the following services: Demolition, excavation and septic systems, remodeling, renovations and additions, bathrooms and kitchens, new homes, jacking and shoring, barn restoration, drainage and site work, decks and patios, masonry, concrete work and foundations, window and door replacement, water damage, just to name a few