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car up on hydraulic lift
General Auto Repair
Although some car problems may seem small at first, ignoring these warning signs can lead to big repair bills.
Engine oil dipstick
General Auto RepairBrakes
Don't neglect your car's fluids.
Photos by Brandon Smith | Mechanics Jon Schilling (left) and Josh Blong perform maintenance on separate vehicles at A-rated O'Brien Toyota Scion on North Shadeland Avenue in Indianapolis
General Auto Repair
Does an extended auto service warranty actually cover your car "bumper to bumper"? Here's how a service contract compares with a manufacturers warranty and what may, or may not, be covered.
Pumping gas into car
General Auto RepairHybrids
Ease the pain at the pump with these tips for better fuel economy.
mechanic working on a car
General Auto RepairHybrids
Hybrid car owners face dilemma when choosing an auto mechanic because of the new car technology involved.