The Best Time to Buy a Pool to Save Money and Time

Jacqueline Zenn
Written by Jacqueline Zenn
Updated July 6, 2022
oval pool green landscape
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The best time to buy a pool is right at the end of the swimming season in most places

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After much deliberation, you’ve finally decided to take the plunge and buy a pool. Once you determine what type of pool you want and where to put it, you’ll have to make another important decision by figuring out when exactly you should purchase and install your new pool. 

The best time to buy a pool depends on multiple factors, including climate, your free time to supervise the installation process, contractors’ availability, and retailers’ stock. However, all things considered, the fall is almost always the very best time to buy a pool. Here’s why.

1. Pools and Pool Materials Are Often on Sale in the Fall

Since many people decide to install a pool in the spring to have it ready to go once the weather warms up, fewer people are thinking of buying a pool in the fall. However, pool companies and builders still need sales and work, so that’s where the discounts come in. 

You may be able to find deep cuts on materials and supplies for above-ground and in-ground pools, as well as reductions on the costs of swimming pool heaters and the necessary fencing or pool enclosure materials. Even landscaping items may be on sale, allowing you to make the area around your pool really shine with rocks, plants, artificial grass, and more.

The cost of installing a pool near you might vary depending on several factors, including the style of the pool, the price of the material you choose, and any landscaping or extras you desire. However, all of the above will likely be less expensive in the fall, as manufacturers and sellers want to clear their inventory in advance of the new year.

What’s more, if you are thinking of financing your pool build or installation, interest rates could potentially increase in the new year. In this case, it is better to get started on the project and make your big purchases during the second half of the year.

2. Pool Builders May Be More Available (and Offer Discounts)

Installing a pool is a big project and one that would be complicated to do yourself, even if you have some excellent DY skills. You’ll likely need the services of a local pool installation pro or general contractor to get things done, especially if you are adding an in-ground pool or have any other complicated features. 

Even though spring and early summer tend to be the more popular times for pool builds and installations, pool contractors want and need work all year round. In the fall, they are more likely to be available, and you might get their undivided attention, which could be invaluable if you plan a more complex pool design.

Furthermore, pool specialists can likely still work throughout the fall or until the ground freezes, so labor might be available at a discount as their schedules open up. So, if you can wait until fall and plan ahead for next summer’s holidays and pool parties, you could save on labor, too.

3. The Weather Will Likely Cooperate With Your Pool Installation

The weather is particularly important if you are putting in an in-ground pool since you’ll likely need to dig out or evacuate a significant amount of dirt or soil. 

In the autumn, the ground will likely be softer and drier after summer’s heat. Plus, since the soil will be less damp, the materials pros will use to build your new pool won’t sink into the earth and create deep ruts or otherwise damage the landscaping. Besides, even if they do, you’ll have all winter to let the yard recover. 

If you are taking on the cost to fill in a pool or remove one completely, it is also best to do so before winter for the same reasons. The weather is more likely to cooperate, the ground is softer, labor is more readily available, and you can avoid the winterization and maintenance costs for a pool you want to remove anyway.

The caveat here is that weather can be unpredictable, so be sure to look at the forecast to get in before the first big freeze. You should also budget plenty of time for any weather delays.

4. You’ll Have Time to Plan for the Next Pool Season

Perhaps the most important reason fall is the best time to buy a pool is that you’ll have plenty of time to plan for the next summer. In most climates, you won’t be swimming much during the winter, and neither will anyone near you. You’ll likely be able to stock up on common pool accessories, like games, toys, new patio furniture, lounge chairs, and other fun stuff on the cheap. You can also take the time to upgrade your patio or deck to better align with your new pool. 

Plus, the anticipation of next year’s fun will take the sting out of being unable to enjoy your newly installed pool right away.


What is the best month to buy a pool?

Fall and winter months are a great time to buy a pool since swimming season is over and companies will be in their slow season. You might be able to cash in on sales and discounts, so shop around to see if you can get a price reduction. 

Do pools ever go on sale?

If you wait until fall or winter, you might see sales on pools and pool materials, enabling you to save a good amount on this home improvement project. 

When is the best time to put in an in-ground pool? 

If you want your pool to be ready for summer, spring is the perfect time to put in an inground pool. However, if you are concerned about cost and are looking to save money, you can wait until fall and winter, when some companies may offer discounts on pools and pool materials.

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