Here’s How Much You’ll Pay to Install a Pool Enclosure

Normal range: $5,165 - $15,920

The average cost to install a pool enclosure is $10,542, but depends on factors like pool size, material, design, and special features.

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Lydia Schapiro
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Updated August 29, 2022
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Maybe you’re tired of fending off critters or finding dirt and sticks by the pool. While the average cost is $10,542 to install a pool enclosure, the average enclosure falls between $5,165 and $15,920. Read more below for all the cost factors that may impact the price of your project.

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Normal range for U.S.
$5,165 - $15,920
  • Average
  • $10,542
  • Low end
  • $910
  • high end
  • $26,000

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Pool Enclosure per Square Foot?

On average, pool enclosures range from roughly $8 to $200 per square foot, depending on the materials and style. Installing a pool enclosure can help eliminate these problems and keep ongoing pool maintenance easier to manage.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Pool Enclosure by Size?

Pool enclosures can be broken down into different heights, and usually, the higher the enclosure, the higher the cost.

Low Pool Enclosure

A low pool enclosure typically costs roughly $24 to $75 per square foot, and usually solely covers the pool. A low-height enclosure typically ranges from one to two feet above the pool surface. These are the simplest option, made to offer security and help keep the pool clean. 

Medium Pool Enclosure

Medium-sized pool enclosures on average cost somewhere between $8 and $100 per square foot, and are one of the most commonly picked enclosures. A medium-height enclosure usually ranges from two to three feet above the pool surface. These enclosures may be screened in, only covering the pool, or can be larger enclosures and cover some of the deck and seating areas  

High Pool Enclosure

High-height enclosures tend to cost around $15 to $200 per square foot and are usually as tall as full ceiling height. You can expect a high pool enclosure to be around three to four feet above the pool surface. Homeowners often request custom paneling and parts that can be opened for airflow.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Pool Enclosure by Design?

There are a variety of pool enclosure designs to choose from. Here are some of the most common ones and their respective costs. 

Domed Pool Enclosure

Domed pool enclosures on average cost $1,200, with a range of roughly $870 to $1,500. These can be simple and low, or more complex and large. They are available in a wide range of costs, sizes, and styles, but usually are made of polycarbonate. 

Lean-To Pool Enclosure

Lean-to pool enclosures extend off your home and contain three walls. If you want to be able to go directly out of your home into your enclosure, a lean-to enclosure is a great option. A lean-to enclosure on average costs $5,000 to $20,000 and can be made of many materials such as screen, glass, and polycarbonate. 

Retractable Pool Enclosure

According to HomeAdvisor, retractable pool enclosures cost an average of $70,000 for a 700-square-foot area but can cost up to $140,000. Most of the time, these enclosures are made of polycarbonate, but some have glass panels or consist of a mix of glass and polycarbonate. Some have panels that slide from one end to the other, while others have motorized panels, which can increase the total project costs.  

Pool Enclosure Cost Factors

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Below covers some of the major costs that you can expect to factor into the total cost when installing a pool enclosure. 

Pool Size

A good rule of thumb is that the larger your pool enclosure, the higher the overall cost, although often, you’ll see the price per square foot decrease as the overall size increases. 


On average, you can expect to pay around $35 per hour for pool enclosures that are screen and polycarbonate, while pool glass enclosure labor rates tend to be slightly higher at around $50 per hour

Pool Enclosure Door

The price of your enclosure door will depend on the type of door you pick. The most common pool enclosure doors are screen doors, storm doors, and doggy doors. 

Screen Door

Screen pool doors are the most inexpensive option, usually ranging from around $50 to $500. These may be single or double doors and can be decorative or plain. The frame is usually aluminum, but may sometimes be wood. 

Storm Door

Storm doors are usually made of polycarbonate and tend to be clear or opaque which allows some light in. These on average range from roughly $100 to $1,000. Storm doors are usually a little more secure than screen doors and you can enhance security by attaching a security lock. 

Doggy Door

The most expensive option, a doggy door, typically costs somewhere from around $150 to $500. These are very versatile and can be made in several different sizes and materials. 

Standard Cover

If your main interest is to keep debris and critters out of your pool, you can buy a pool cover. The three main types of pool covers are safety pool covers, solar pool covers, and winter pool covers. Pool covers start at $100.


Common pool enclosure materials include screen, polycarbonate, and glass. Here is a look at each of those three options. 

Screen: Pool screen enclosures typically cost around $8 to $15 per square foot. These are great for warding off bugs, leaves, and debris. There are various options for screen type such as fiberglass screens, pet screens (these are made to prevent pets gripping the screen), and “Florida Glass” (a screen with a clear plastic overlay offering protection from outdoor elements). 

Polycarbonate: Polycarbonate enclosures on average cost between $20 and $200 per square foot. These enclosures provide a line of defense against outdoor elements and keep out debris and intruders. Plus, polycarbonate offers protection against UV rays. Polycarbonate enclosures are also versatile, coming in all types of shapes and sizes. 

Glass: As the most expensive option, glass pool enclosures cost roughly $30 to $75 per square foot. These enclosures are made of glass panels, which are usually tempered and insulated–this insulation and temperance offers more security and energy efficiency. One downside is that these enclosures aren’t available in all shapes, like polycarbonate enclosures. 

Snow and Wind Load

If you live in areas that experience high snow and winds, you’ll probably need to install a more heavy-duty enclosure. This may include a larger enclosure or more sturdy material and will increase the total project cost. On average, this will increase the cost by roughly 10%. 

Framing and Glazing

For those living in areas with extreme weather conditions (hurricanes, strong winds, heavy snow), the pool enclosure should be a bit stronger. This may include adding framing and glaze to your enclosure.

On average, a screen mesh or aluminum framing costs roughly $5 to $15. If you’re adding a glaze, which helps protect the enclosure, you can expect the total cost to increase by around 10%.

Additional Accessories

When installing a pool enclosure, you may decide to do more work around the pool area.

Landscaping: If you’re requesting some landscaping work, you can expect this to cost on average around $4 to $12 per square foot.

Seating Areas: Having a pool is a great asset for entertainers. If you are a frequent host, you may decide it’s in your best interest to invest in a seating area. The cost to build a concrete patio is roughly $4 to $12 per square foot.

Drains: Installing drains along the bottom of the pool will increase the total project cost by around $30 to $50 per drain.

Fence: Installing a pool fence is helpful if you have small kids or pets and want to improve safety around the area. On average, the cost to install a pool fence is $15 to $25 per linear foot

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Pool Enclosure by Brand?

There are a number of popular brands that create pool enclosures with varying costs and installation rates.


You can expect Libart enclosures to cost between $75 and $200 per square foot. These are available in several customizable styles, and you can choose the height of your liking. Plus, they’re available in different shapes and styles. These are made from aluminum and polycarbonate materials and are strong and long-lasting. 


DynaDome enclosures also cost on average between $75 and $200 per square foot and also are available in a long list of customizable styles. 


Roll-a-Cover pool enclosures are the slightly more expensive option, usually ranging from around $80 to $120 per square foot. These come in many styles and are lightweight, durable, and easy to transfer and maintain.

DIY vs. Hiring a Pro

Installing a pool enclosure yourself can be a difficult and time-consuming project, so unless you’re an expert DIYer, you should hire a pool service professional.

By hiring a pro, you can ensure the installation is done correctly–plus, you’ll get a warranty on the separate parts and labor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your pool enclosure’s lifespan will depend on the type and materials, but on average, you can expect it to last 10 to 15 years. The climate and level of maintenance will also affect how long your pool enclosure lasts. If you’re unsure of  how your pool is doing in general, you can always get a pool inspection to make sure everything’s running smoothly.

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