14 Must-Have Pool Accessories for a Safe and Fun Summer

Scott Dylan Westerlund
Updated February 10, 2022
mother and child cleaning their pool
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Dive into summer with the right pool accessories

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Living your best life by the pool all comes down to having the right accessories for a clean, carefree oasis. New pool owners often wonder about the essential pool accessories needed to keep their pools clean and safe. 

Make a splash with these 14 swimming pool accessories before "opening day" at your pool this year, and learn average prices so you can budget before you buy too.

1. Solar Pool Blanket

Looking for a new way to keep your pool heated? Solar blankets heat pools using solar energy. Another benefit of a solar pool blanket is that it helps to reduce evaporation that makes your water level go down. This swimming pool accessory ranges in price from $100 to $350.

2. Robotic Pool Vacuum

man cleaning pool with robot vacuum
Photo: polack / Adobe Stock

Essential for keeping your pool clean and free of debris, robotic pool vacuums are superior to suction and pressure vacuums because they don't run off your pool pump. That means you'll use much less energy to clean your pool.

One of the pricier accessories for a swimming pool, a robotic pool vacuum sells for $300 to $1,200.

3. Life Buoy

A life buoy is essential for drowning prevention. While a life buoy is never a replacement for proper supervision in a swimming pool, it can help with rescue in the event of an emergency. Life buoy prices range from $15 to $75.

4. Lifeguard Hook

life buoy hanging on fence
Photo: Nuamfolio / Adobe Stock

A pool hook that accompanies a life buoy is a great accessory for "hooking" a person in distress. Pool hooks can be picked up for around $30 each.

5. Rope Float

If you have a pool with different depths, rope off the deep end using a rope float. A rope float marks off the deep end to ensure that unprepared swimmers don't wade into the restricted area. This vital accessory sells for $10 to $20.

6. Pool Skimmer

man cleaning pool with net
Photo: Alfonsodetomas / Adobe Stock

Pool owners know that the morning ritual involves a good skimming. You'll need a long-handled pool skimmer that allows you to lift leaves, grass, bugs, and other debris from the surface of your pool water daily. 

Priced at $5 to $15, a good pool skimmer will feature a net made of double-stitched nylon with a long, strong aluminum frame.

7. Critter Escape Ramp

Unfortunately, many pool owners discover that frogs, chipmunks, and other critters can easily find themselves in pools with no escape. Finding a critter that was trapped in your pool can spoil your day. A critter escape ramp is the kindest pool accessory you can buy.

Escape ramps are soft, mesh-based swimming pool accessories and the price is usually less than $20. They fasten to the side of your pool without taking up much space. The design creates a simple bridge that critters can use when they can't get from the water to the rim of your pool on their own.

8. Equipment Hangers

pool skimmer hanging on fence
Photo: scattdude / iStock / Getty Images

Items like your vacuum hose and skimmer need to be put away carefully after every use. Leaving them out can cause everything from damages to trip hazards. Invest in some equipment hangers that can be mounted to wood, vinyl, concrete, and other surfaces around your pool to make life easier.

A good pool equipment hanger should hold up to 30 pounds easily. A nice set of hangers made of aluminum usually goes for $12 to $20.

9. Pool Float Rack

Pool floats can float away with a gentle wind. That means that any floats you don't tether down can float away, pop, or become damaged. Priced around $200, a pool float rack is a great investment for keeping a tidy pool area. You won't be stuck replacing damaged floats throughout the season.

10. Pool Fence

swimming pool with safety fence
Photo: rocklights / Adobe Stock

Start thinking about your pool fence as soon as you hire a local pool installer. Pool safety is a serious matter that all pool owners need to prioritize. While laws vary by state, the general guideline for pool safety is that every pool should have a fence that's a minimum of 4 feet in height. A fence should surround all sides of a pool.

Pool fence systems should also have self-closing, self-latching gates that can be locked by key. Where should a homeowner start with this? Getting an estimate with a local fencing contractor with experience with building pool fences to comply with state and local ordinances is the first step. In addition, a locksmith can help to design an effective latch-and-lock system.

Hiring a fence installation pro in your area to install a pool fence costs between $1,500 and $10,000.

You can also consider the benefits and cost of a swimming pooling enclosure, which averages between $5,300 and $15,000.

11. Pool Surveillance

Think about installing wireless cameras to keep tabs on what's going on at your pool. This can be vital for preventing drowning and other accidents. It could also potentially save the life of an animal. Wireless cameras cost between $150 and $300.

12. Pool Alarm

swimming pool with alarm in water
Photo: rocklights / Adobe Stock

Consider a pool alarm that detects motion at the pool gate, near the pool, or in the water. A sensor system is used to alert you of activity. While floating pool alarms can be found for $20, more complicated systems that attach to the sides of your pool cost around $200.

13. Basketball Hoop

What's better than a slam dunk while you're dunking yourself for a swim? The ultimate way to always make pool time party time, a basketball hoop is designed to be just the right height for making shots from the water. Most hoops with weighted bases that allow them to safely stay in place go for around $100 to $150

However, you can actually have a contractor drill a permanent hoop into place in the concrete around your pool if you'd like to spend up to $1,000 on a premium hoop. Just don't forget to pick up two hoops to ensure you can transform your lovely pool into a true home court.

14. Volleyball Net

There's nothing like a little friendly competition around a volleyball net to get a pool party going. Priced at $30 to $100, this swimming pool accessory stretches across your pool by being held in place by weighted bases that rest on your concrete. 

Most have adjustable straps that allow them to work with pools of all sizes. Nets also come with special "water volleyballs" that perform in the water.

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