What’s the Best Lawn Sprinkler?

Updated June 14, 2017
Large yard with multiple sprinklers and a rock ledge with a tree
Choosing the right sprinkler helps give you a lawn you'll love. (Photo courtesy of Hunter Industries)

Give your lawn the lush look it deserves when it's dry with these outstanding home sprinklers.

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While different lawns have varying irrigation needs, some products separate themselves with consistency and long-term performance. Here’s a look at some of the best sprinkler options for your landscape:

What's the best oscillating sprinkler

Gardena 1975 Aquazoom
Photo courtesy of Gardena

The Gardena 1975 Aquazoom 3900-square-foot oscillating sprinkler with fully adjustable width control gets sparkling reviews nationwide.

This model provides tremendous range, with a spray width of 13 to 55 feet, a length of 23 to 69 feet and nearly 3,800 square feet of coverage. It's great irrigation for large lawns and gardens.

While its $65 price is more than most oscillating sprinklers, “best ever” is a term used often by homeowners because of its durability and functionality.

Other quality models include the Rainwave Turbo Gear, Melnor XT and Dramm 15005 ColorStorm.

What's the best sprinkler heads

MP rotator sprinkler head by Hunter Industries
Photo courtesy of Hunter Industries

Many home irrigation professionals choose the MP Rotator from Hunter Industries. They deliver multiple streams of water at a slower application rate for an evenly distributed, full soak. Each wind-resistant, adjustable head covers anything from a 5-foot strip to 35-foot radius, along with a range of 90 to 360 degrees.

At around $10 apiece, MP Rotators are ideal for new automated sprinkler systems, which start at around $5,000, or retrofitting old systems.

The Rain Bird 5000 rotor head and Orbit 55662 Voyager II also provide top-level results.

Best sprinkler for low water pressure

Hunter’s MP Rotator also earns high praise here. The company prides itself on their installation at Dell’s corporate campus in Round Rock, Texas.

When new construction dropped water pressure campus-wide, grass, plants and trees suffered because the previously installed popup sprinklers couldn’t get water to them. Because of the MP’s method of hydration delivery, after they went in, the system reached 50 pounds-per-square-inch of pressure, up from 15 PSI before, and the landscape flourished.

For low-pressure watering in flower beds and shrubs, consider drip irrigation via hoses or bubbler fountains.

How to get the best sprinkler system

Regardless of how much you spend on an automatic sprinkler system, it's only as good as the person installing it. Remember, this is not a DIY project, so your first step is to search Angi for the top lawn irrigation pros in your area, who can make recommendations and do the job right.

Do you have a sprinkler you like? Tell us about it in the comments section below. 

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