Vampire Electronics Are Real, And They're in Your House!

Updated October 8, 2019

The real vampires fangs can put a serious suck on your energy usage.

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If you think vampires only live in Louisiana, think again. Blood-sucking vampires may be the stuff of horror movies, HBO hits and novels, but vampire electronics are very real, and there are probably more than a few of them lurking about your house!

These real vampires may not be quite as sinister as their Hollywood and television counterparts, but their fangs can put a serious suck on your energy usage (which means they're draining your wallet, too). In fact, the Department of Energy estimates that five percent of all electricity in the U.S. is wasted powering devices that aren't in use.

Take a nod from Abraham Lincoln (vampire hunter) and put a stake in these vampire electronics:

1. Computers. Whether you have a desktop or a laptop (or both), your computer is a Dracula-level energy vampire. By turning your computer off instead of letting it idle or sleep, you can reduce its energy usage by as much as 250 percent.

2. Toaster. Once your crispy toast is on your plate, there's no need to leave your toaster on. Unplug it until it's time for your next snack.

3. Cell phones. Even when your phone is plugged-in and fully charged, it's sapping energy from your outlet. Make a point to unplug your cell phone once the battery is full. Same goes for the charger.

4. DVR and cable box. Even when your cable setup isn't recording and is turned off by remote control it uses a whopping 43.46 watts an hour. When you're going to sleep or leaving the house for a while, unplug your setup completely.   

5. Coffee machine. You may take your cup of java to go in the morning, but your coffee machine hangs out all day draining power. Unplug it once you have your brew, or go classy and switch to a French press!

Want to get truly medieval on your vamps? Then be sure to always buy Energy Star appliances, which are tested for their low reliance on standby power.

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