Take care of your skin while you're young

Take care of your skin while you're young

We often think of skin conditions as conditions of age. Perhaps it’s wishful thinking that our skin will stay soft and smooth until age finally catches up with us some distant date in the future, but the reality of the situation is that the damage that occurs to your skin when you are young can have widely reaching implications later in life.

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Remember, the damage that you do to your skin is cumulative with age. Your skin can combat some of the damage done over time, but larger complications will almost always have long-lasting implications. Sun damage that occurs in your teens and young adulthood can often increase your risk of skin cancer and melanoma later in life.

Houston dermatologist Bahar Firoz worries about the risks young women take in pursuit of a tan.  “We think that a lot of people who are exposed to sun, especially younger women going to tanning salons and tanning booths, are experiencing these higher rates of cancer because of their exposure.”

In addition to staying out of the tanning booth, dermatologists say the most important things you can do to take the best care of your skin is to wear proper sunscreen when you’re exposed to the sun’s radiation. 

Dr. Scott Geunthner, an Indianapolis dermatologist, cautions that many people  apply sunscreen incorrectly because they either wait until the damage has been done before putting on sunscreen at all, or they neglect to reapply it after going in water.  Geunthnersays sunscreen should be rapplied “every couple of hours and apply approximately 30 minutes before you head into exposure.”