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Angi How To Prepare Your House for Trick-or-Treaters

Date Published: Nov. 12, 2019

Time: 15 Minutes

It won't be long now! The neighborhood kids are planning their costumes as you read this. Masks, robes and mummy tape. Maybe even a Justin Bieber hairdo! Can your house handle the barrage of children begging you for treats? If you're not sure, then you're not ready. It's time to gear up!

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Tools & Materials Needed 
Halloween candy
porch or stoop decorations
festive attitude

This is the first step in any trick-or-treating preparation session. Set up some Halloween decorations on your front door or in your yard, and don't hold back! The spookier the better. Don't forget a few jack-o-lanterns, either. If you want to break the mold a bit, try a no-carve pumpkin this year. Note: If you do decide to go with a lit pumpkin, make sure it's placed well away from areas that trick-or-treaters will be walking through.


Since your front yard will be getting more foot traffic than usual on Halloween, it's important to make sure your guests can see so they don't take a tumble. If you don't have any exterior lights over your front door, consider adding a few lanterns along your walkway so you don't have children falling down in your yard.


This isn't about robbery so much as accidental damage. If you have any delicate ornaments, flowerpots or statues around your front door, relocate them until November. That way, they can't be damaged if that cute little mummy trips on his or her costume.


Nothing squashes a child's hopes and dreams like knocking on a door that doesn't have any candy left. To ensure the survival of youthful happiness in your neighborhood – buy plenty of candy. If you live in one of these extremely popular trick-or-treating neighborhoods, consider going to a wholesale store like Costco or BJ's, just to be safe.


It's not as bad as running out of candy, but answering the door on Halloween wearing a sweater and jeans is kind of a buzz-kill for the kids. Even if you put it together in five minutes, a costume is always a good idea!