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Angi How To Make DIY Teacup Candles

Date Published: Nov. 12, 2019

Time: 45 Minutes

If you're looking for an easy gift idea, or just have a lot of extra teacups at home, turn them into candles! This DIY project is easy and looks like it jumped out of the pages of an Anthropologie catalog! Here's how to turn an old teacup into an awesome candle.

Tools & Materials Needed 
teacup (or teacups)
wax flakes
wooden kabob skewer sticks
scotch tape
a shallow pan
a glass measuring cup
oven mitts
wax wick
food coloring (optional)
essential oils (optional)

Lay two skewer sticks side-by-side and tape one end together. Slide your wax wick in-between the two wooden sticks so 1/2 of the wick is below the sticks and 1/2 is above. Tape the open end of the sticks together.


Grab your teacup and position the wick in the center of the cup. Ideally, you want the metal bottom of your wick to be flush with the bottom of the teacup. If it isn't long enough or is too long, pull it through your wooden stick in the desired direction (it will slide). The wooden sticks should lie flat against the mouth of the teacup.


Fill a shallow pan with water and place it over medium heat. Place your measuring cup in the water and pour your wax flakes into the measuring cup. Make sure the water doesn't run over the edge of the measuring cup! As your water heats up, your flakes will melt. Make sure to watch the stove so your wax doesn't burn! If you want to add essential oils or food coloring, do it now.


Tip: Use an extra wooden skewer to stir your wax while it's on the stove!


Once your wax is melted, remove your measuring cup from the hot water. Make sure to use an oven mitt – it's going to be hot! Holding the skewered wick in place with one hand, carefully fill the teacup _ full of wax.


Your hot wax will take a few hours to cool and dry. We recommend letting your candle sit overnight. Once it's hard to the touch, remove your wooden skewers and trim your wick. Enjoy your candle!