Making an Entrance: Your Door Installation Cost Guide

Dawn M. Smith
Written by Dawn M. Smith
Updated May 11, 2022
Entrance porch with yellow front door and large windows
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  • A new door typically costs up to around $1,500.

  • What you’ll pay depends on many factors, including material type, labor, and where the door is located.

  • You can also look into custom doors with all the bells and whistles, but these will typically cost quite a bit more.

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A new door can do more than welcome you home at the end of a busy day—it can instantly boost your home’s curb appeal or add style between rooms. And although the typical door installation cost is $475 to $1,560 (including labor), this kind of improvement can offer an inviting return on your investment.  

But keeping a handle on your door installation budget takes a bit of know-how since costs can easily rise if you splurge on customizations and high-end finishes (think smart locks and glasswork). Read on to unlock all the details you need.

Door installation costs average $1,000, ranging from $475 to $1,560

Door Installation Cost Breakdown

You’re probably thinking, “It’s just a door. Why is it so pricey?” But doors, both interior and exterior, have many variations in size and style. There are materials to consider, such as metal, wood, or glass, and there are surprisingly a lot of parts to a door system.

Depending on the type of door installation your project requires, you may or may not need all those parts. But you also might choose to add on security features and hardware upgrades, and those can bump up the budget.

Plus, door installation costs may also include the labor to install the door and any additional parts. So if you decide not to DIY your door project, keep in mind you’re not just buying a door: You’re buying the professional’s time and expertise, too.

Here are some of the ins and outs of a door installation:

Cost FactorTypical Price Range
Labor $150–$300
Jamb and stop$150–$300
Frame construction$200–$650

Door Installation Labor Costs 

It's a good idea to hire a door installation pro to ensure the perfect fit for your door project. After all, a job well done can save you time, trouble and money in the long run. Your total labor fees will depend on two things: the work required and how long the job takes.

We recommend blocking out an entire day for the installation—it’ll likely take at least four hours. Average labor costs for a local door installation contractor will run you between $40 and $90 per hour. If you choose an experienced handyperson, the fees are typically less, about $30 to $40 per hour.

How Much Will I Pay to Install or Replace a New Frame and Jamb?

What’s the difference between a door frame and a jamb? That’s easy. A door jamb is part of the door frame: it’s the flat surface that runs vertically up either side. If you need to replace a door frame or jamb, that’ll set you back about $250 plus possible disposal fees.

Illustration of a door jamb depicting the different parts

Now, if your existing door frame has rot or damage, you’ll likely need a new one. A “rough frame” (that’s what pros call the overall frame that allows space for the door itself) has a wide range of costs. Expect to pay between $200 to $650, depending on details like whether the door will be load-bearing or if it’ll need electrical wiring rerouted. 

How Much Will I Pay to Replace a Door in an Existing Jamb or Frame?

A simple swap of an old door for a new one is the perfect job for a DIYer because you’re only changing the door, not the frame or jamb. The key is to make sure you have the right size door for your frame to avoid sticking or letting air or moisture in or out.

If you’re replacing an interior door for a new one that’s the same size, the price ranges between $30 and $150 without labor costs. Exterior doors jump in price, from $300 to $1,500 or more depending on the door’s materials and its extra features or accessories. 

What Will I Pay to Fit a New Door System Into an Old Opening?

Nothing says “instant upgrade” like a new exterior door, but this is one case where you may need to change the whole door system. That can mean adjusting your existing space or opening to fit your new door and make your entryway shine. For this type of installation, you can expect to pay an average of $900, but it’s worth it if you’re hoping to maximize your return on investment. 

For any door project, you’ll need to change an existing opening if it needs expansion or reshaping to accommodate the new door. Many older homes, for example, don’t meet today's doorway standards, so they may need some finessing to be able to welcome a modern door system. 

And remember, exterior doors often have extra features. You’ll pay more if you decide to add side windows, transoms, or a portico

What Materials Do I Need to Buy?

Homeowners generally pay for all the materials the contractor needs for a door installation, including the door itself, plus mounting hardware, hinges, screws, and even the threshold. The process of choosing a door and finding all of the necessary supplies can seem tricky, but your contractor may be able to save you time and trouble by providing everything and putting it on your final bill. 

That said, if you fancy a trip to the home improvement store to buy your door, talk with your pro before you go. They’ll share ideas, recommendations, and tips to help streamline the process.

How Much Does It Cost to Install a New Door By Style?

Doors aren’t just a means to transition between spaces; they can be a portal to your personal home style. This goes for your front door, of course, but also for new interior doors too, which can add charm to your rooms. Our best advice? You’ll want to balance practicality and personality when choosing a door while also keeping an eye on your preferred budget. 

Here are some costs for different styles of doors to help you decide what’s right for your home.

Door Material Budget Basics

Common door materials include wood, wood veneer, steel, aluminum, and fiberglass. But before you bring your shiny new door home, take the time to consider your options. The material your door is made of is one of the key costs for your door installation project. 

“Slab” doors (another term for “just the door itself”) and “pre-hung” doors (a kind of door package with pretty much everything you need) range from basic hollow-core styles for $40 to $90 each to solid wood and glass doors for $1,000 or more. If you envision a door with sidelights and decorative transoms, add $600 to $2,000 or more. 

But before we get into the details on different door materials, it’s important to know that doors come in a range of styles, with options for personalization, including:   

  • Flushed: Simple, design-free style, best for doors that aren’t center stage

  • Paneled: Vertical patterned pieces made of fiberglass or wood

  • Arched: A classically curved design

  • Glass: Fashioned with windows or insets to add natural light

  • Decorative: Showstoppers with wood detail, metal scrollwork and the like

Door installation costs by material, including wrought iron, wood, and fiberglass

Wooden Doors 

Wooden doors remain popular year after year because, well, they’re classic. They come in a wide variety of styles and rock that timeless look. Low-cost interior wood doors start at $40, while you might pay up to $5,000 for high-end exterior doors. 

Composite Wood Doors

Composite and engineered doors offer the look of wood without the hefty price tag, which makes them very popular, especially for interior doors. They cost between $40 and $500 on average and are the humble, reliable workhorses in the world of doors. 

Steel Doors 

You might choose steel doors for their durability and affordability. Steel resists weather well, but will need attention if rust should form. You’ll pay between $500 and $1,230 to install or replace a steel front door. Pro tip: If you want to add sleek style to your steel door, consider glass accents (though this will likely increase the price by $300 to $1,200).

Wrought Iron Doors

Wrought-iron doors, with their imposing elegance or intricate designs, are the home style stars of social media, and for a good reason. They can add a ton of character to the entrance of your home. 

Most wrought iron doors are made of a steel base and are then customized with wrought iron, glass, or wood details. Wrought iron doors start at $1,500, but can run you up to $7,000 depending on size and personalization. 

Fiberglass Doors 

If you’re interested in saving money on monthly energy bills, an efficient fiberglass door may be a fantastic fit. Fiberglass doors expand and contract with the seasons and temperature to keep your climate-controlled air on the inside, just where you want it. 

But just because they’re practical, it doesn’t mean you have to skimp on style. You can find smooth or wood grain textured options to add a bit of flair. Most fiberglass door installations cost between $250 and $2,000.

Aluminum Doors 

If you live in a home that lacks natural light, such as a bungalow, choose an aluminum door and soak up that Vitamin D. Another asset? Aluminum-framed doors are strong. In fact, if you like, they’re strong enough to add in large windows without adding the extra bulk of a thick frame. 

This type of door costs $100 to $2,000, depending on whether you’re installing an interior or exterior door.

Door Installation: What Factors Will Affect My Costs?

Young man fixing a door lock
Photo: Antonio_Diaz / iStock / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

It’s no secret; doors provide safety, security, and style for a home. But many different elements will influence the cost of your door installation, so check out these helpful notes to help keep your budget in check. 

Interior vs. Exterior Doors

A no-frills interior door costs as low as $30, but adding special features or design details can drive the price up to as much as $500.

Exterior doors have a bigger role to play in your home, from providing security to withstanding whatever Mother Nature may bring. So it’s easy to understand why an exterior door installation can range from $500 to $2,000 and up. It can even exceed $10,000 if your door is a high-end, custom creation requiring special expertise at installation.

Angi Pro Tip: If your renovation plans require a new location for your door, prepare to spend more on modifications. Contractors will likely be able to tackle drywall and electrical changes, but it will add an average of $75 more per hour in labor charges.   

Jamb, Hinges, Knobs, and Locks

When you buy a pre-hung door, it will include some of the hardware you need, but you’ll probably have to purchase knobs and locks. Slab doors will also need jambs and hinges. Take a look at the pricing for each:

  • Jambs: $150–$250; including labor and materials 

  • Hinges: $2.50–$30; you’ll need two or three, depending on your door 

  • Knobs and locks: $10–$300; these come in handy sets 

You may also want to consider installing a doorway transition strip to minimize noise between interior rooms.

Solid Core vs. Hollow Core Doors

Not to be confused with a solid wood door, solid core doors are altogether different. They have an interior filled with wood particles and foam. A hollow core door, on the other hand, has a slat system inside that looks kind of like a honeycomb.

If you’re looking to save money, a hollow core door (perfect for a linen or craft closet) is a solid choice, even if it’s not quite as durable as a solid core door. Hollow core doors are most often used for interiors. Both solid and hollow core doors cost about $100 to $300 per installation, but the hollow core option will likely be a bit easier on your wallet.

Custom Doors

Think of a custom door like a piece of jewelry for your home, and a gateway to your style. But as with anything personalized, it comes with a higher price tag. Custom door installations range from $500 to $10,000 or more if you add sidelights, transoms, or security systems. If all you need is a basic install, doors cost between $200 to $1,800, and your pro probably needs about three hours to do the job.

FAQs: Door Installation Costs Explained

How do I choose the right door for my home? 

To pick the best door, start by pinpointing its most important job in your home, then choose the material and style based on that function. Simply put, there’s a world of difference between what an interior bedroom door and driveway-facing entryway door do for your home. Thinking about your door's purpose first, then its personality will help you make the right choice and stay on budget. 

Why should I install a steel door?

There are a number of reasons steel might be perfect for you. It’s affordable, strong, and can withstand quite a bit of weather. Steel doors also have a long lifespan if you take care of dents and scratches (or hire a local door repair pro to do so for you) early and prevent rust from sneaking in on your steel style.  

What should I consider when installing a new door? 

The main things to think about are the purpose of the door, its price before installation, and the labor costs for getting it perfectly in place. It may seem obvious, but labor fees vary according to the amount of work needed to install the door properly, so it’s important to get an estimate from any professional you might hire. Your project might call for more than a simple “door exchange,” where you just switch out a new door for the old. 

As a general rule, if you’re upgrading exterior doors, there’s a big chance you’ll need work done to the entire door system, so make sure to keep that in mind. Also, don’t forget to tally hardware or specialty item costs like sidelights, smart locks, or custom accents and accessories.

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