How Much Does Concrete Cost?

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Updated September 7, 2022
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  • Concrete is typically priced by the cubic yard.

  • You can DIY and buy pre-mixed concrete from a home improvement store.

  • Different types of concrete mix vary in look, consistency, and strength.

  • You can hire a professional to handle most concrete jobs at your home.

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The average cost of concrete is about $130 per cubic yard, with a range of $110 to $150 per cubic yard. Concrete delivery is one task that’s best left to the professionals, especially for larger projects. Hiring a concrete company can save a lot of time and hassle—but you’ll usually pay extra for delivery costs.

Average cost of concrete per cubic yard is $130, ranging from $110 to $150

How Much Does Concrete Cost Per Cubic Yard?

Concrete prices average between $110 and $150 per cubic yard. For most sizable projects, you’ll need to order concrete by the cubic yard. However, for some smaller projects, you may be able to order concrete by the cubic foot.

You can also order concrete by the truckload. A truckload contains about 10 cubic yards of material, though that amount may vary between companies. The average truckload of concrete costs $1,100 to $1,440.

Pre-Mixed Concrete Bag Costs

If pouring concrete on your own, you have the option of purchasing pre-mixed concrete from your local home improvement store, which can cost anywhere from $4.50 to $27 per bag depending on the type of mix you choose. These mixtures produce fast-setting concrete that’s excellent for small residential jobs.

While these prices may seem more affordable than having wet concrete delivered, it’s worth noting that you need to purchase multiple bags to cover just one cubic yard. Calculate how many bags you’ll need to cover the surface you’re paving and see if buying in bulk from a concrete company would save you money. Here’s a look at pre-mixed concrete bag sizes, how many cubic yards they cover, and how many bags you’ll need.

Bag SizeTotal Cubic YardsBags Needed per Cubic Yard
50 lbs.0.01470
60 lbs.0.01760
70 lbs.0.0250
80 lbs.0.02245
95 lbs.0.02740

Concrete Cost Estimation 

You can calculate the exact cubic yardage needed for your job by multiplying the square footage of the area by the desired depth of the concrete and converting to cubic yards. For example, the average 10-foot-by-10-foot concrete slab is six inches deep. That’s 100 square feet with a half-foot depth, for a total of 50 cubic feet. Divide that by 27 (the number of cubic feet in a cubic yard) and you get 1.85 cubic yards. It’s a good idea to assume you’ll need a little extra, so to be on the safe side you should round up by about 10%.

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Concrete Cost Factors

The typical cost to deliver concrete for a standard pour, such as a driveway or foundation, is $2,000 to $8,000, but the actual cost can vary based on how much concrete you need for your project and your desired delivery date. Aside from the cost of the concrete itself, common delivery costs include short load fees, fuel surcharges, and materials.

Unlike many home improvement projects, concrete delivery is one task that’s best left to the professionals, especially for larger projects. Professional concrete delivery is convenient—but you’ll pay extra for delivery costs.

Concrete Type

There are many types of concrete mix that vary in look, consistency, and strength. Strength is measured in pounds per square inch (PSI). Higher PSI mixes are stronger, but more expensive. Weight-bearing concrete slabs, such as driveways or home foundations, should be poured with a higher PSI mix. Patios and walkways can be poured with a more affordable, lower-PSI mix.

Below is the concrete price per yard for some common PSI measurements:

3,000 $100–$115 per cubic yard
3,500$110–$123 per cubic yard
4,000$118–$130 per cubic yard
4,500$128–$138 per cubic yard
5,000$135–$138 per cubic yard

Materials and Delivery Cost

The average base cost for concrete delivery is $100 to $200 per cubic yard. This covers the cost of materials and delivery, but does not include the cost to install the concrete.

Short Load Fees

Since every batch must be custom-mixed, contractors lose money with smaller loads. If you’re buying less than the average capacity of a cement truck, which is about 10 cubic yards, you may have to pay a “short load” fee of $40 to $60 per cubic yard.

Fuel Surcharges

Fuel surcharges typically cost between $20 and $40 per load. They can occur when the delivery distance is longer than usual.

Delivery Day

Concrete delivery companies often charge extra for weekend or holiday deliveries. To avoid additional charges, you should check with your delivery company to make sure that there aren’t any extra costs associated with your preferred delivery day.

Additional Concrete Costs

Several additional costs may arise when pouring new concrete. Consider the following when setting your project budget.

Concrete Installation

Hiring a pro concrete installer to pour and spread your concrete can save you time and energy. You’ll also pay a higher total cost to account for the installation labor on top of the price of materials. Below are average installation costs for some common concrete installation jobs.

Type of Concrete InstallationCost
Basic Slab$4.34–$7.73 per sq. ft.
Reinforced Concrete$9.29–$10.04 per sq. ft.
Concrete Patio$4.40–$16 per sq. ft.
Concrete Foundation$4.50–$14 per sq. ft.
Concrete Driveway$6–$14 per sq. ft.
Stamped Concrete$9–$16.25 per sq. ft.

Concrete Removal

If you’re planning to pour concrete at a site where an older slab already exists, you’ll need to pay to have it removed. The average cost for professional concrete removal is $2 to $6 per square foot.

Land Excavation

Before you can pour concrete, you’ll need to clear and level the area. The average cost of land excavation ranges from $50 to $200 per cubic yard. Professional land clearing costs between $200 and $6,000 per acre, plus $0.47 to$2.28 per square foot for leveling. Expect prices for this type of work to increase if you’re pouring concrete in an area that’s difficult to access.


A new concrete slab on its own can look a little bare without some landscaping work. Adding features like walkways, retaining walls, fresh sod, or flower beds can help make your project look finished. Because there are so many options, landscaping projects can vary widely in price. Below are some projects commonly paired with concrete installation and their average costs.

Type of Landscaping ProjectCost
Sod Installation$0.87–$1.76 per sq. ft.
Walkway Installation $10–$20 per sq. ft.
Planting Trees or Bushes$30–$3,000
Laying Mulch$40–$115 per cubic yard
Planting Flower Beds$650–$3,000
Retaining Wall Installation$4,030–$8,720
Gazebo Installation$5,370–$9,030

DIY Concrete Installation vs. Delivery

DIY concrete installation could save you thousands on installation labor, but pouring concrete is difficult even for experienced DIY homeowners. Concrete is extremely heavy and requires specialized machinery to mix. Some very small projects can be done by combining pre-mixed cement in a wheelbarrow with water, but you’d need at least 40 bags to cover one cubic yard. Concrete is also very sensitive to the amount of water used. When purchasing ready mix concrete, the water ratios are already measured. For DIY concrete, it’s important to properly measure using the recommended amounts.

For larger projects that require more than a few square feet of concrete, it’s a good idea to get it professionally delivered. Professionals have the experience to leave you with an adequately reinforced surface, and you'll get a more consistent result compared with having to mix concrete bags yourself, by hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

Labor and pouring adds between $8 and $18 per square foot. Especially for larger projects, it’s usually a good idea to hire professional help when it comes to installing concrete surfaces.

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