Should You Tip for Tree Removal?

Amber Guetebier
Written by Amber Guetebier
Updated November 17, 2022
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  • While not required or expected, tipping for tree removal is a great way to show appreciation for a job well done. 

  • If you have a tougher-than-expected task or your pro went above and beyond, tipping is a great way to express gratitude. 

  • Tip the workers instead of the owner since they did the hard work and make less than the owner. 

  • It’s customary to give your tree removal service a tip of $20–$100 for services during the holidays.

  • Homeowners can choose to tip based on the total service bill or per person.

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If the tree branches that provided welcome shade in the summer have grown a little too close to your roofline, you'll likely need to schedule a tree trimming. Once you’ve enlisted the help of a local tree service professional and calculated the cost of your tree service, you might wonder, what about gratuity? Is it customary to tip for tree service? This guide will help you decide whether you should tip for your tree trimming or removal service.

How Much Should You Tip for Tree Removal Services?

Although tree removal specialists may not expect a tip at the end of a project, should you wish to tip, here are some general guidelines: 

  • Tip by percentage: For an individual job, you can tip by the percentage of the total bill. Typically, 15%–20% of the total cost is the norm for any industry service tip.

  • Tip per person: If the tree removal job seems too big or small to tip based on percentage, consider giving each worker $5–$15 at the end of the job.

  • Holiday bonus: For a regular tree service, offering a bonus of $20–$50 around the holidays is customary. If it’s an individual who regularly works for you, $50–$100 is an appropriate holiday bonus.

Reasons to Consider Tipping for Tree Removal Services

Tree removal worker cutting a stump
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Tipping is expected in a restaurant, but it is not necessarily the norm to tip for tree removal services. However, the work of tree removal is often hard labor, and workers are not always paid top dollar, so for that reason, tips are usually welcome.

There are a few reasons to consider offering a tip or a bonus to your tree-removal crew. 

A Job Well Done 

If you feel that the individual workers did an excellent job on your project, you can consider offering them a tip. A tip should go directly to the workers who did the labor, not the owner of the company. However, landscaping and tree services are often owner-operated, so they could be the same person.  

The Pros Went Above and Beyond 

A good rule of thumb is that you should tip if your tree service pros completed additional work that wasn’t contracted. For example, let’s say you hire a tree removal service to trim a large tree, including removing the branches. Then you changed your mind and asked for some of the branches to remain on your property to use as mulch in your yard. While making last-minute changes to a previously agreed-upon job is never recommended, when a company demonstrates a level of flexibility and customer service, it is a good cause for a tip. 

The Job Was Tougher Than Expected

Sometimes, due to circumstances beyond anyone’s control, a tree removal job will turn out to be more challenging than expected. Working in inclement weather—particularly extreme cold or heat—can make an average job difficult. If you feel that the crew worked through tough circumstances or had to face a problem that they didn’t anticipate, tipping would be appropriate. 

The Holiday Season

It’s customary to tip your tree service or landscaping service professionals around the holidays. You can either offer a small bonus per worker or, if it’s an individual who does the work regularly for you, tip them a bit more than usual.

Who Do I Tip?

If you’ve decided to tip for a job well done, you should always tip the workers, not the owner of the company. Doing this ensures those who did the hard work will receive the extra money for it. 

In addition, tipping is done to show appreciation for the work itself, so it makes sense to give the money directly to your tree removal pros. Another reason to tip workers is because it provides them with supplemental income. They make less than the owner and will be appreciative of your kind gesture.

How Much Does Tree Trimming and Removal Cost?

The national average for tree services is around $863. In general, tree services costs range from $431 to $1,316. On the low end, costs can run about $270, with the high-end range at $2,500. However, this figure varies depending on several factors: 

  • The number of trees 

  • The height and size of the trees 

  • The location of the trees 

  • Amount of tree debris that needs to be disposed of or removed

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