6 DIY Home Security Projects You Can Tackle on the Weekend

Jamie McInerney
Written by Jamie McInerney
Updated April 8, 2022
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Enhancing your home security doesn’t have to take up months of your time. There’s a variety of cost-effective ways to upgrade your home’s defense in just a few days. Here are six DIY home security projects you can tackle in a weekend. 

1. Upgrade to a Keypad Entry System 

The biggest risk you take with having a hidden spare key is the chance of it getting into the wrong hands. If you’re like most homeowners, your spare key has likely ended up in a predictable spot outside—covered by the welcome mat, placed on top of the door frame, or hiding under that one rock.

Upgrading to a keypad entry system for your home’s entry doors is a DIY security project that can help your home become safer and less vulnerable to break-ins. With an electric keypad deadbolt, you can share a code to unlock the door with those who need access to your home. 

As far as cost goes, you’ll find standard electric keypads for DIY installation, ranging from $100 to $250. Compare keyless locks to regular deadbolts to determine if an upgrade is right for your lifestyle. 

A smart lock is another modern alternative to a spare key. You can lock and unlock your doors with the touch of a button using a mobile app, and it’s convenient if you’re someone who wants to control and check on your locks digitally.

2. Install Exterior Lights

House dusk exterior lights
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Illuminating the outside of your home is a smart security upgrade. There are various types of home security lights to choose from to illuminate dark areas around your home and shine a light on unwarranted visitors. Plus, there will be no more fumbling with your keys in the dark or tripping on that planter of perennials. 

Outdoor lighting is typically low voltage, making it safe to install yourself. DIY landscape lighting kits are available online ranging anywhere from $40 to $800, depending on how many fixtures you want. You can also incorporate solar-power light fixtures in areas with lots of sunlight to save energy. 

As a plus, exterior lights also highlight your home’s aesthetic when laid out and installed thoughtfully.

3. Invest in Outdoor Security Cameras

Keep an eye on your abode at all times with outdoor security cameras. The presence of security cameras is another indicator that someone should think twice before entering the premises. 

The price range for DIY surveillance cameras starts at about $100, but can go up to $2,000 plus, depending on how many cameras you install. Call on a local security monitoring pro if you’d like someone to help you set up your system.

4. Keep Your Landscaping Trim

One of the easier and more affordable DIY home security projects that you can handle within a weekend is tidying up your landscaping. Believe it or not, sprucing up your shrubbery can help keep unwanted guests out. 

If you’ve been putting off whacking the bushes or trimming overgrown greenery, just know that tackling those chores also improves your home’s defenses.

5. Assess Your Windows

A simple way to increase home security is to assess all of your home’s windows. It’s possible you’ll find a handful of unlocked windows. When evaluating your windows, note any stubborn or faulty locks and replace them as soon as possible. 

Place dowels into the tracks of sliding glass windows and doors. These round sticks prevent doors and window panes from sliding open across the tracks, making it harder for anyone to open your windows from the outside. 

6. Add Window Treatments

Window curtain room
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Not only can they tie a room’s appearance together, but window treatments can also stop people from peering in to see if anybody’s home. There are tons of unique window treatment types to choose from, so you can customize each room with a treatment that suits your style. Window treatments can range anywhere from $110 to $830 per window.

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