Ring It Up: The Cost to Install a Smart Video Doorbell

Gemma Johnstone
Written by Gemma Johnstone
Updated October 17, 2022
A man opening the door with a smart doorbell located in the background
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  • Smart doorbells generally cost between $50 to $600 to install.

  • You can save up to $250 when DIY installation is possible.

  • You’ll usually need the help of a pro to fit a new wired device.

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Have one too many parcels gone missing from your doorstep? No wonder there’s plenty of buzz around smart video doorbells, with sales of popular brands, like Ring, Nest, Arlo, and more, on the rise. The average cost to install a smart doorbell is around $300, but you could spend from $50 to $600, depending on if you install it yourself and how high-tech you go.

Minimum CostNational Average CostMaximum Cost

How Much Does It Cost to Install a Smart Video Doorbell?

When estimating your total cost for smart doorbell installation, one of the biggest price factors is the type of doorbell you get. Choosing between wired and wireless smart doorbells will have a big impact on your total cost, as well as the installation.

Wireless Smart Doorbell 

Expect to pay around $100 to $350 for a wireless, battery-or solar-operated smart doorbell that connects to your Wi-Fi. The devices can be more expensive than wired varieties, but you can usually install them yourself, saving on labor costs.

Wired Smart Doorbell

You’ll pay anywhere from $50 to $600 for a wired smart doorbell that connects to your ethernet. Unless you're replacing an existing model, call in the pros to hook it up to appropriate low-voltage power wires.

Smart Doorbell Cost Breakdown

cost breakdown of smart doorbell installation, with labor averaging $100 to $250

How much you pay to install a smart doorbell depends on whether you can install it yourself and if you splurge on one with lots of added features. Below is a breakdown of some important costs so you can weigh all of your options.


A budget-friendly, basic model with minimal features could be as low as $50. A sophisticated wired and battery-operated option with all the bells and whistles could set you back as much as $350.


Expect to pay between $100 to $250 for a professional smart doorbell installation. Your final price depends on whether it's a simple battery-operated install or if you need rewiring work using a power adapter or transformer to connect to low-voltage power. The former will definitely be less expensive than the latter (and you can probably just do it yourself).


Biometric identification, motion detection, pre-buffer recording and other high-specification features drive the price of smart doorbells up. Expect to pay at least $250 for more advanced models. Whether you feel you need these extra features depends on how much of a tech-head you are and the level of security you’re seeking.

Subscription Costs

Monthly subscriptions range from around $3 to $20 per month or $30 to $200 annually.

Basic smart doorbells let you access your live video feed and intercom without a subscription. Subscriptions often allow you to access features like sharing and downloading recordings, night vision, and extended warranties.

Cost to Install a Smart Doorbell Yourself

An electrician installing a new smart doorbell
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Installing a wireless battery-operated or solar panel smart doorbell is something you should be able to tackle yourself in less than an hour—even if your DIY skills are usually limited to changing light bulbs. All this type of doorbell usually requires is a drill and a few screws to attach it to the wall. 

If you’re replacing an existing wired smart doorbell, you may be able to tackle this yourself, too, as all the wiring is in place. In this case, you’ll only have to pay for the device (between $50 and $350). However, it’s important to make sure you turn off the power to the wires before starting. Always use extreme caution when doing any electrical work. If you don’t have previous electrical experience, you should definitely consider hiring a pro here.

When fitting a first-install hard-wired device, hiring a local electrician or handyperson is definitely recommended, especially when you don’t have an existing doorbell with a low-voltage transformer in place. It might cost you another $100 to $250 to hire a pro, but it saves any worries about the safety aspects of fiddling with more complex, dangerous doorbell wiring. Plus, you can rest assured the job is done right the first time.

Smart Doorbell Costs Questions and Answers

Is installing a smart video doorbell worth the cost?

If you enjoy online shopping and want to prevent package theft, or you just don’t want to miss unexpected visitors, then it's a smart purchase. 

It's worth reviewing the specifications of the many brands out there to get what best suits your needs and budget. There’s no point opting for a basic model only offering live videos if you want to record footage for security purposes. You can even attract potential home buyers with smart technology like this.

Is it better to install a wired or wireless smart doorbell?

Wireless models are easier to install, but the batteries could run out on you at the least opportune moment if you forget to charge them. And, if you have hard winters, expect the batteries to run down quicker.

Once they’re up and running, wired smart doorbells are lower maintenance, and there are more models to choose from. But installation is trickier, and you’ll likely need to hire an electrician to run the appropriate low-voltage wiring to the system.

If you're on the fence, some models operate by both battery or wired operation but expect them to be at the higher end of the price range.

Does replacing a smart doorbell cost less than installing a new one?

When you already have wiring in place for a doorbell, smart or standard chime, installation is simpler than fitting a completely new wired bell. You might be able to install it yourself, but if not, labor costs to hire a local handyperson or electrician to fit a replacement won’t typically be more than $150.

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