9 Benefits of Home Security Cameras: Prevention and Safety

Lawrence Bonk
Written by Lawrence Bonk
Updated November 30, 2022
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Residential security cameras are a great tool to keep your family and home safe, but that’s not all they do. Modern security camera systems are chock full of high-tech bells and whistles that allow homeowners to take control of their surveillance needs in innovative ways. 

Home security cameras continue improving, year after year, and they are also becoming more affordable. Here are the many benefits of installing a home security camera system.

1. Deterring Criminals

Security camera installed outside of a home
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Discouraging potential burglars from disturbing your home is the primary reason why most people install security cameras. The mere presence of a security camera deters many would-be burglars from entering a home and wreaking havoc. When deciding whether you need a security camera, consider how this technology will help deter thieves, as these systems are motion-activated and will make anyone think twice about entering your home.

2. Assisting Law Enforcement

Let’s imagine the worst-case scenario: A burglar throws caution to the wind and enters your home, despite the presence of security cameras. The system keeps helping, as the cameras provide police with crucial information about potential suspects and the crime that occurred. 

Home security cameras store data in the cloud or to an integrated SD card, so police have ready access to footage to identify the suspect and, hopefully, retrieve your stolen goods. With this in mind, resolution matters, so ensure your cameras accurately capture faces before the burglar enters your home.

3. Contacting Emergency Services

The last thing you want to worry about in the event of a burglary is scrambling to contact emergency services. Luckily, modern home security camera systems take care of that for you. The specifics of this benefit varies depending on the camera’s manufacturer and the system’s design.

For example, some subscription-based camera services offer real-time live feed monitoring, so the company alerts the authorities on your behalf when they notice something amiss. Other services send alerts to your smartphone when suspicious activity is detected on the security camera, letting you decide whether or not to contact the police.

4. Protecting Packages

Security cameras help protect your valuables, but they also protect your soon-to-be valuables. Yes, we are talking about packages left on your front stoop when you’re not home. This perk is especially helpful for when you order important or big-ticket items like smartphones, computers, or jewelry. 

As long as you place a camera within eyesight of your front stoop or porch, criminals may think twice before trying to get their hands on your latest purchase. And if someone does steal your packages, you can use the security camera footage to file a police report.

5. Checking On Household Members

Modern home security systems dissuade criminals, sure, but they also allow you to remotely check on what matters most, your family. Many home security cameras stream straight to your smart devices, so you can keep an eye on children and elderly family members when you’re not home. 

As a bonus, most security cameras include an integrated microphone, allowing you to have a quick conversation with people on the other side of the camera. Of course, this requires installing an indoor security camera or two unless your family members spend most of their time outside on the stoop.

6. Keeping an Eye on Pets

Dog taking a nap on a gray couch
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The aforementioned security camera services are not only for human family members. Use your home security system to check in on your beloved furry friends. 

Curious about what your pets get into while you are at work? Check the live camera feed. Are you worried about an elderly pet who requires special attention? Again, pop on the live stream. The integrated microphones also let you sternly reprimand any unruly pets, especially if they’re causing a stain on your hardwood floors.

7. Assessing Property Damage

Let’s paint a picture: You’re away from home on vacation when a powerful storm strikes your neighborhood. Back in the day, you’d have to wait until you got home to check on the status of your property—inside and out. Now, modern security camera systems allow you to monitor the camera feeds in real time, so you will be the first to know if extreme winds knock out a window or if heavy rain causes an AC leak

8. Saving on Homeowners Insurance

Major insurers tend to offer lower homeowners insurance premiums when you take steps to protect your property from fires, vandalism, and theft. To that end, installing a home security system can lower your insurance premium by up to 20 percent, making it a great way to save on home insurance

Maximize these benefits by opting for a professional-grade security camera system with live monitoring. Some renters' insurance providers also offer reduced premiums when you install security cameras. Talk to your local home warranty or insurance provider for more information.

9. Increasing Smart Home Automation Options

Modern home security systems integrate with smart home hubs to provide a wide range of high-tech services, though these innovations are limited to more expensive models. These smart home security automations can detect the difference between a trespasser and a trusted homeowner, so systems are starting to implement smart home routines to make life easier. 

For instance, if the camera recognizes you walking up to the door, it could automatically unlock it, turn on some music, or welcome you home with an audio cue. These services are reserved for professional-grade systems, but the technology is rapidly advancing.

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