Former Marines make moving in D.C. area a smooth operation

Former Marines make moving in D.C. area a smooth operation
Two Marines moving company in Alexandria, Virginia

It was a moment of revelation for a Northern Virginia man who'd just gotten out of the Marines.

Former Sgt. Nick Baucom was helping a friend move when his entrepreneurial spirit collided with his keen sense of observation. “I’m not doing this for beer and pizza anymore,” Baucom remembers thinking back in 2008.

Just a few weeks later, he created Two Marines Moving and moved its first customer.

A lot has changed in eight years.

Growing the business

Today, the highly rated moving company boasts 100 employees who are carefully screened and all have military backgrounds. In truth, however, they’re not all Marines.

“We have guys from all branches of the military,” says Baucom, who spent six years in the service including a stint in Iraq. “It keeps things interesting. We all work together quite well, although on some occasions we do have a little inter-service rivalry, but it’s in a good way.”

With the Washington, D.C., area full of both active and retired military personnel, Two Marines has a solid customer base from which to draw. But, Baucom points out, his customers “run the gamut.”

“Who wouldn’t want some strong Marines come help them move?” he says.

Military values

He admits the name "Two Marines" does give Baucom’s business a first look from potential customers, but he says they have much more to offer than a patriotic name.

“When we move someone, we move them with a purpose,” Baucom says.

"Customers know the guys who are going to show up will be clean-cut, say ‘yes ma’am’ and ‘yes sir,’ and have a strong character,” he says.

Two Marines operates in a 60-mile radius from its base Alexandria, Virginia. As long as the move originates here, the guys will travel up to 400 miles moving items to their destination.

As for the cost, the biggest factor in moving fees is the number of hours the crew works on a particular site. They charge in 10-minute increments, plus truck, equipment and fuel fees.

Baucom says he always has been an entrepreneur at heart, so Two Marines combines two of his passions.

“I really enjoyed my time in the Marines,” he says. “It was a great place to learn about leadership and friendship.”