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At Angi, we pride ourselves on having the best reviews for local pros, including moving companies and haulers to help you find the right moving professional for the job. You can see our list of moving pros along with ratings or browse movers near you to match with a moving company quickly.

You can learn more about moving including how much does hiring movers cost, good things to know before hiring movers, and things to do before moving.

Grand piano in living room with fireplace (Photo by ©  tab1962/Getty Images )
Movers & Moving CompaniesPiano Movers
The average cost to move a piano is $400 but ranges between $260 and $580, depending on the style of the piano and the move distance. Grand pianos average $250 to $650 for a local move and $1,000 to $2,000 for long-distance.
Moving crews loading a moving truck
Movers & Moving CompaniesDIY Moving
As with most services, there are scams associated with rogue moving companies.
Moving crew loading a truck
Movers & Moving CompaniesPiano Movers
One highly rated provider explains how a professional mover can simplify your move.
 (Photo by Photo courtesy of Bekins Van Lines)
Movers & Moving CompaniesDIY Moving
A long-distance move costs an average of $4,000. Most jobs range between $2,200 and $5,700.
DIY MovingMovers & Moving Companies
Eight ways to cut costs on moving day.