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Recent Basement Waterproofing Reviews in International Falls

  • Innovative Basement Authority
    Both David Kottke and Isaiah Swanson did a very good job of fixing the pumps and also some extra work to make it easier to clean the sump basins.
    Tim S.
  • American Waterworks
    The crew was fantastic and did and excellent job. I would highly recommend. Professional in every way.
    Tim B.
  • Innovative Basement Authority
    David Kottke came to do our annual inspection for the waterproofing job on our basement. It was the first inspection since we bought the property and he explained everything that had been done and answered all of our questions. We inquired about a battery back up on our sump pump and he was able to install same day! Great work
    Kelly S.
  • DBS Residential Solutions, Inc
    I recently hired DBS to do a basement project for me. The project involved involved installing interior drain tile, new sump pumps, new sump pump discharge, 2 egress windows, 2 small basement windows, rim joist insulation, and basement wall insulation. The whole project with DBS has been a horrible experience. Way less than the WOW experience I was promised to get from them. The designer came to my house on May 24th and bid the job. I had other contractors come up prior to DBS and bid the same job as well. DBS was the cheapest bid and even after reading the negative reviews about DBS on the internet I made the decision to go forward with them. I signed my bid on May 24th and paid 50% of the project cost as down payment. The timeline of the project was supposed to take 6 working days. They don’t work Saturday’s or Sunday’s so they scheduled 2 weeks for the job in case of rain or other issues. These 2 weeks were scheduled to be the last week in July and the first week in August. I was told by the designer (on May 24th) that about a month before the project start date the crew foremen would come up to take a closer look at the job to make sure they had all the necessary parts and supplies for the job. i was also told by the designer (on May 24th) that DBS would take care of all the required permits, utility locating, etc. The week after the 4th of July, July 6th I think it was, I called DBS to check and see when the foremen were going to come up to take a closer look at the job since it was now less than a month to the project start date. I was told by the person I spoke to that the crews decided it was a pretty cut and paste project and would not be coming up for the closer look. On Friday July 23rd I received a call from DBS saying the drain tile crew would be up on the morning of the 26th at 8AM and would have their part of the job completed in 2 days. On the morning of July 26th I received a call from the drain tile crew saying they wouldn't be there until about 10:30. They showed up at about 10:30 on the morning of July 26th and worked until about 4PM. This is pretty much how the work went for that week and the week after when they did show up, less than 6 hours of work per day. They ended up finishing up the interior drain tile project Friday August 6th, 8 days behind schedule. Tuesday August 3rd the crew showed up for the rim joist and basement wall insulation. Again this crew did not show up until about 10 AM and worked until 4PM. The drain tile crew was still in the basement working and the 2 crews were getting in each others way. They tried to work in separate areas of the basement but that didn't work out too well. The insulation crew finished up on Friday August 6th as well. Tuesday August 3rd the carpenters showed up to work ion the small window installation and also the egress window project. These guys also did not show up until about 10AM on the days they did show up and worked to about 4PM. They installed the 2 small windows this day. Wednesday August 4th I was at work and received a text from my wife at 1030AM saying DBS showed up with a mini excavator and was going to dig the holes for the egress windows. I asked her to check and see if there were any utilities marked yet and she said there was nothing marked and the guy was getting into the excavator to start digging. I work about 5 minutes from home and immediately left work to talk to the DBS crew. When I got there they had just started digging. I yelled at them to stop digging and shut the excavator off. I told them they absolutely cannot be digging without first getting the utilities located because my gas line is near where the egress windows need to go. The operator of the excavator said the utilities never got located and that they were on a tight schedule so were just going to dig carefully. I asked him if I was supposed to call and get the utilities located and he said "no, that is DBS's responsibility". I told him again he cannot dig without getting things located, even if he planned on digging carefully. The excavator operator called the utility company to come out and do the locating. The utility company told him that it could be up to 2 days before they were able to come out and locate. The excavator operator told me that waiting for the utility company is going to push the project back up to 2 days. He also told me he has dug tons of window holes in my area and pretty much knows how the gas line is ran. I told him I will deal with waiting the 2 days for the utilities to get located, because that is the safe and right thing to do. At this time, I had to go back to work. It looked to me as though the excavator operator and the other carpenter were packing up and going to head out for the day. About 5 minutes after I got back to work I received another text from my wife saying the guy from DBS was digging with the excavator again. I told her to immediately get our dog and our infant daughter out of the house and over to the neighbors yard and I will be right home. About 5 minutes after that (before I could leave work) I got another text from my wife saying DBS hit the gas line and they are now waiting for the gas company to get there to shut the gas off. The gas company came, shut the gas off, repaired the leak, and located the line for DBS. I was home by now and was very upset with the excavator operator for digging when I told him not to, he put the safety of my family at risk with his actions. As the gas guy was leaving he told the excavator operator the one hole for the window will need to be dug by hand because it is illegal to dig with an excavator within 5 feet of a buried gas line. DBS started digging by hand but as soon as the gas guy was out of sight the guy jumped back into the excavator and started digging. I yelled at the excavator operator and told him to listen to what the gas guy said. He told me the gas guy has to say those kinds of things when there is equipment around but didn't really mean it and he proceeded to use the excavator to dig. I was so upset and frustrated at this point I didn't know what else to say to the guy. They got the holes dug but ended up hitting my siding with the excavator bucket in a couple spots. The crew also left the 5 foot deep by 5 foot wide holes uncovered or unmarked for the night. Thursday August 5th the concrete cutters showed up to cut the holes in the basement wall so the windows could go in. We had got a lot of rain the night before and the cutters were only able to cut out one of the window holes due to the other hole being about half full of water. DBS and the concrete guys packed up at about 1PM on this day. So I had one open hole in my basement wall that was covered with 2 inch foam and the 5 foot deep by 5 foot wide uncovered open holes in my yard. I got a call from DBS on the morning of Friday August 6th saying they were not going to come up until Monday. I asked if somebody could at least come up and put a piece of plywood over the holes in my yard to keep people or animals from falling into them. I was told they would look into it and see what they could do. Nobody ever called me back or showed up to make the holes safe. Monday August 10th DBS showed up around 1030 AM and started framing in the 1 egress window where the hole was cut in the basement wall. Around noon the building inspector showed up and asked to see a permit, which DBS did not have. The building inspector shut the job down and said they could not resume work until a building permit was approved. The building inspector said that since the hole cut in the basement wall is 52" wide, it is considered by the code to be modifying the structure and a building permit is required. The inspector said DBS should have known a permit would be required for the work. Before the crew left for the day I asked if I could get a piece of plywood or something to cover the open holes in the ground to make them safe. The crew said they didn't have anything like that with them. I called DBS on Tuesday August 10 to ask about the permit situation. I spoke with Dan who said he would be my contact on this issue. Dan claimed DBS did not know a building permit would be required and did not have a time frame when a permit would be approved. He said it's in the inspectors hands now as to the time frame when the project will be completed. I again asked for something to cover the 5 foot holes in my yard and got the run around yet again. I spoke with the building inspector on Wednesday August 11th. He said that DBS is refusing to draw the plans to the proper code and a permit will not be approved until it is drawn to code. He said that once he gets a drawing that is up to code, he will approve the permit and they can resume work. Friday August 20th I called DBS to find out what was going on with my project since I had not heard from them since the 10th. Dan told me they are still going back and forth with the inspector trying to get the permit approved so they can come up and finish the project. Dan also told me at this time that the cost of the building permit was not included in the original bid and would be added onto the final cost of the project. I told I would absolutely not be paying for the permit cost because as the contractor that is their responsibility. I again reminded Dan I had 5 foot deep by 5 foot wide open holes in my yard that I would like covered with something to make them safe. Dan said he would look into it again. Friday August 20th I also called the local building inspector to see what was going on with my project. He said DBS just keeps sending him the same drawings that he will not approve because they are not designed to code. He keeps sending the drawings back to DBS telling them what needs to be changed on them and DBS still refuses to do it because they don't agree with the inspector. Saturday August 21st I let my dog outside at night to go potty. She is an older dog and cannot see well in the dark. She ended up falling into one of the open holes and sustained an injury to her front shoulder. We brought her to the vet on Monday August 23rd to get an x-ray and luckily there were no broken bones just some bruising. In the afternoon of August 23rd I called Dan to tell him what had happened with my dog and also told him that somebody needed to come up that day and cover up the open holes in the ground. This was getting ridiculous. All Dan said to me was ok. He didn't say he was sorry about what happened or anything else, just "ok". Nobody ever came up to make the open holes safe. On Friday September 3rd I called the local building inspector and asked him how it was going with DBS regarding the permit application. He said the permit is not fully approved but he gave DBS the go ahead to start working on the project again. I then called Dan on September 3rd and left a message asking him when they were going to come up to finish the project since the inspector gave them the ok to start working again. I did not hear back from Dan on this day. Tuesday September 7th I received a text from Dan saying that the inspector has given them the go ahead to start working on my project again but did not have a time frame of when they would be up. Monday September 13th I received a voicemail from Dan saying the crew would be at my house to work on my project on Wednesday September 15th. Wednesday September 15th DBS and the concrete cutters showed up to finish framing in the one window they had started a month earlier as well as cut the hole in the basement wall for the other window. During the cutting of the basement wall the concrete saw went too high and cut into my siding. Dan called me on Friday September 17th to ask me how things were going with the project now that it is just about wrapped up. I told him DBS needs to work on their customer service and communication skills if they are going to continue to stay in business, They also need to learn to be more professional and do more research on the jobs they bid on. Lastly, they need to be more safety conscious and at least pretend to care about their customers. I then told Dan about the issues I had with the project. #1 was that the brand of window they were installing was not the same as the brand I was quoted. They ended up installing a cheap Jeld-Wen window from Menards rather than a top of the line Walsh window. Dan said he would knock $110 off my final price to make up for this. I told Dan this didn't even come close to the price difference of the windows but he said it's the best he can do. #2 Issue was the damaged siding from the excavator bucket and from the concrete saw. I told him my siding is only a couple years old and this needs to be addressed. He told me to get an estimate from a contractor of what it would cost to replace the siding. #3 issue was the time it took to complete the project. I had my yard tore up for the whole month of August and had to postpone 2 family gatherings I had planned to host in my yard. Dan said the time it took the job to complete was not DBS's fault but rather the fault of the local inspector for taking so long in approving the permit application. #4 issue was the safety of the worksite as a whole. Digging without locating utilities, hitting the gas line, leaving open holes in my yard for over a month and doing nothing about them, and my dog being injured. I told Dan DBS is lucky that my infant daughter did not fall down into one of the open holes. The only reply Dan had to the safety issues I had was that the inspector shut down the job and they were unable to do any more work. Monday September 20th the carpenters came back to finish up some trim and caulk around the windows. They also installed my sump pump discharge line. Also on September 20th I had my siding contractor come out and give me an estimate on what it would cost to repair/ replace the damaged siding. My siding contractor told me my exact color of siding is no longer being made but there is one that is similar. It is not the exactly the same color so replacing the couple pieces of damaged siding would not match, the whole side would need to be replaced. He quoted me $2500. Later on in the afternoon after DBS finished up with the project Dan called me and asked me if I came up with a number for the siding. I told him my quote from the contractor was $2500 and gave him the reasons why. He said he will talk to management and get back to me. Thursday September 23rd I received an email from Dan stating DBS feels that $800 off the cost of the job is a "fair" price for the siding replacement. I replied back to Dan's email and said $800 does not even cover half of what the contractor quoted me to repair their mistakes and would like to be compensated a little better, not just for the siding replacement but also for all the hardship, stress, and safety issues DBS put me and my family through for the last month and a half. Dan replied back to me saying the managers decided $800 for the siding plus $220 for the windows is the best they can do, for a total of $1,020 off the cost of the job. He then gave me reasons why that is the best they could do. These reasons included paying the permit cost of $331 and spending many man hours drawing up the plans (both of which should have been included in the bid cost), and that the extended time frame it took to complete the project was the inspectors fault not theirs. Dan then sent me the instructions on how to make the final payment. I replied to Dan's email telling him that DBS did not pay for the man hours that went in to the design nor the cost of the permit. The money for these things came out of my down payment, because that is exactly the kinds of things down payments are for. I told Dan how disappointed I am with DBS and am not the least bit satisfied with the job. I explained to Dan that they are one of the worst contractors I have worked with in a long time and they will not be getting a good review from me to my family or friends. I told Dan I am only choosing to pay my final bill because I am sick and tired of dealing with DBS and just want to be done dealing with him, not because I approve of their work. I did not get a reply back from Dan. My total project cost was just about $32.000. They decided to be "fair" and lower the cost to just under $31,000. Anybody who is looking for a basement contractor for a similar project to mine please spend your $32,000 with another company rather than with DBS. You will not be satisfied with DBS
    Joseph K.
  • Innovative Basement Authority
    Very please with David Kottke who installed our Aprilaire 1850 dehumidifier. Very knowledgeable about the unit and walked through the instructions step by step. Very much appreciated
    lori b.
  • Complete Basement Systems
    Began with complete basement for sump pump & tile around basement. Next was new windows in basement & complete air unit. Installed last item was vapor barrier in crawl space. We now have a great usable basement.
    Norean C.
  • Complete Basement Systems
    They went above and beyond, telling me the water softener was broken and told the furniture delivery people where to put it when I couldn't get it rescheduled for when I would be there. They kept me informed during the entire process. Very professional
    Faye F.
  • Complete Basement Systems
    hey did an amazing job. done in the exact time frame we were given. Very friendly and professional. Would recommend them very highly. We are now very proud to show our basement to positional buyers
    Kenneth K.
  • Complete Basement Systems
    It went very well, however we had to wait because they were booked so far in advance. Installation crew was efficient and very pleasant. Cleaning was good also.
    Jerry & Karen A.
  • Complete Basement Systems
    Great experience. Salesman very Thorough- have bid while in our home. Follow up calls were made, guys came and went right to work. Did a great job on deadline, what we would need to do to finish project.
    Keith T.
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