How Much Is It to Replace a Gas Valve on a Water Heater?

Alison Kasch
Written by Alison Kasch
Updated October 29, 2021
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The labor cost for replacing a gas valve on a hot water heater is between $100 and $200, plus the price of the part

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If you’re having pilot light issues, or if your showers are coming on way too hot, it might be time to replace your water heater’s gas valve. Depending on the price of the replacement part, as well as labor rates in your area, your final cost could vary.

What is the Labor Cost for Replacing a Gas Valve on a Hot Water Heater?

Most plumbers will charge between $100 and $200 to replace the gas valve on a water heater, plus the cost of the part. The whole job takes about one hour, so the plumber’s hourly rate will dictate what you pay. Your plumber may also charge a trip fee of around $50 to $75

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Water Heater Gas Valve Yourself?

You can save about $200 in labor costs by handling your own water heater gas valve repair. The part itself will usually cost between $100 and $250. You’ll also need about $16 worth of tools and materials (unless you already have a fully stocked toolbox).

Note that there should not be any gas smells present. If you smell gas, shut off the water heater’s gas supply and call a local water heater repair specialist. Do not attempt to light the pilot light to repair things yourself—this could be extremely dangerous.

If it’s safe to proceed, here are the basic tools you’ll need:

  • Adjustable wrench: $5

  • Screwdriver: $3

  • Teflon tape: $3

  • Pipe joint compound: $5

Total: $16

One more important safety tip: always shut off the gas supply before attempting any water heater repairs. If you’re not totally comfortable with this DIY, contact a pro to handle it for you.

Water Heater Gas Valve Replacement Cost Breakdown

Parts, fees, and labor will make up your total cost to replace a water heater gas valve. Below is a breakdown of what to expect.

Costs for water heater gas valve replacement include trip fees, labor, and parts

Labor Cost for Replacing a Gas Valve on a Hot Water Heater

The labor costs from your plumber will typically be between $100 and $200. This makes up roughly 50% of your cost to replace a gas valve on a water heater. 

Cost of Parts

A new water heater gas valve costs between $100 and $250. It’s wise to purchase the part yourself, as this may be cheaper than buying from a pro.

Trip Fees

Some plumbers may charge an additional trip fee of between $50 and $75. However, many of them will charge a lower rater for the actual job, so costs may even out.

What Factors Affect the Labor Cost for Replacing a Gas Valve on a Hot Water Heater?

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Your labor cost for replacing a water heater gas valve depends on a number of factors. These include:

  • Local labor rates

  • Difficulty in accessing the valve (this may add extra labor time)

  • Whether there is a trip charge on top of the actual labor

  • Whether the gas connection is up to current code or not (if not, then the plumber will need to perform extra work to bring it up to code)


How do I know if my gas valve is bad on my water heater?

A faulty gas control valve will cause your pilot light to go out or not stay lit after you release the button. It might also cause the water to get too hot, or the heat limiter to trip. 

Still, this could also point to an issue with the thermocouple, thermostat, pilot light, or other important parts. Troubleshooting the water heater gas valve will help you determine the cause of the problem.

As mentioned before, do not attempt any repairs or troubleshooting if you smell gas. Otherwise, you can troubleshoot a gas control valve by following these steps:

  • Test the pilot light by pressing down the button and seeing if it stays lit (if it doesn’t, there might also be an issue with the thermocouple)

  • If you recently replaced the thermocouple, check to make sure it’s installed properly (look for kinks in the line, ensure it’s screwed in tight, and verify that the probe tip is in the pilot’s flame)

  • If there are no thermocouple problems and the pilot light won’t stay lit after you let go of the button, it’s likely a problem with the gas control valve

  • Check on the water heater’s gas supply to make sure it wasn’t shut off and that there are no kinks in the lines

If your pilot light won’t ignite and there are no issues with the gas supply, there may be a clog in the line somewhere. Contact a local gas water heater repair specialist to pinpoint the cause of the issue.

How much does it cost to repair a water heater?

The average water heater repair cost is about $600, with most jobs ranging between $225 and $960. As far as professional repair prices go, a gas valve replacement is pretty near the national average. However, a gas valve is one of the more expensive parts to replace, making it a costlier DIY fix. You can minimize the need for repairs by inspecting and maintaining your water heater on a regular basis.

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