Tools You'll Need to get Your Home Ready for Fall

Amanda Bell
Written by Amanda Bell
Updated October 26, 2016
Caulk gun
Use a caulk gun to help seal your home and keep the cool air out while prepping your house for fall. (Photo by Katelin Kinney)

Planning on making your home ready for fall? Make sure you have these maintenance tools on hand first.

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To everything there is a season — do you have the tools you need to get your home ready for fall? Collect these items to ensure a smooth transition from summer to autumn.

Caulk gun

Lock and load this tool with caulk to seal up gaps and cracks around your home to keep pests out and warm air in.

Maintenance brush

Use this swab to loosen lint from your dryer or clean your refrigerator coils. Finish both jobs with your vacuum’s hose attachment.


You’ll need one of these to get up close and personal with the gunk in your gutters — and to reach any Frisbees or other flyable toys that have been stuck on your roof since summer.

Telescoping hose attachment

Give your hose a little extra reach to wipe out any lingering wet debris lurking in your gutters.

Hammer and nails

Pull these from your tool belt to install and reinforce metal weatherstripping around your home’s exterior windows and doors.

Leaf blower

If you want a little more power behind your fall yard prep, one of these bad boys will do the trick. Before you turn your blower on, check with your locality’s noise ordinance — some restrict the times you can use them, while others ban them altogether.


Basically a larger, stiffer version of a broom for your yard, the rake is essential for those who want a quieter way to sweep up leaves.

Snow shovel

Depending on what part of the country you live in, you can never be too prepared for winter. Buy one in the fall so you’re not scrambling before the next season’s first snowstorm.

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