Who Can You Hire to Remove a Basketball Hoop?

Scott Dylan Westerlund
Updated February 7, 2022
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Here's who you can call to haul away an old basketball hoop

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Who can you call when a basketball hoop is all dunked out? Removing a basketball hoop because you'rereplacing it with something better (like upgrading and installing an outdoor basketball court) can take a team effort if it's anchored with concrete. Luckily, you don't have to spend a day courtside battling a jackhammer to get rid of an old basketball hoop. Take a look at who to call to remove a basketball hoop to get the project done with net gain!

Who Can You Hire to Remove a Basketball Hoop?

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A number of different pros can assist with hoop removal. However, your hoop specifics can make some professionals better than others for the job.

Getting Rid of a Portable Basketball Hoop

While getting rid of a portable hoop is easier than tossing a basketball hoop that's fixed in concrete, the task can still be cumbersome. Any local junk-removal company should be able to swing by to remove the hoop.

You can also consider calling local charities that haul away items if the hoop is in usable condition.

Removing a Fixed Basketball Hoop

If your hoop is fixed to the ground with concrete, removal is more challenging. You'll need to hire a handyperson, contractor, cement mason, or concrete specialist to tackle the job.

There are two ways to remove a fixed basketball hoop from the ground. The first option is to cut the metal attached to the pole sticking into the concrete. However, this "quick fix" leaves remnants behind that hinder the appearance and usability of the area where your hoop used to be.

The better long-term option is to dig the pole out from the ground. This is a labor-intensive task that involves digging 2.5 to 3 feet under the surface to pull the pole from the ground without leaving behind anything.

Next, they’ll remove the concrete surrounding the pole with either a sledgehammer or jackhammer. In some cases, the pro you hire may need to destroy the concrete surrounding the pole before freeing the pole from the ground.

Can You Remove a Basketball Hoop on Your Own?

Yes, DIY hoop removal is possible. However, this project can be overwhelming for someone without experience with digging, breaking up concrete, using a sledgehammer, or operating a jackhammer. Digging can take hours.

Handling the weight of the pole can also be difficult for one person.

You'll need several helpers if you decide to do a DIY hoop removal. In addition, you check the area for buried utilities for gas, phone lines, electricity, Internet, and cable before digging. A benefit of using a pro is that they will be familiar with the process of clearing the area before digging.

The time, equipment, dangers of flying debris, labor intensity, and weight involved with getting rid of a basketball hoop can all make hiring a professional to get the job done correctly appealing.

A neat, professional job makes it easier for you to restore the landscape after the hoop is gone!

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