Moving Day: When You Need a Chicago Moving Van Parking Permit, and How to Get One

Shannon Antinori
Written by Shannon Antinori
Updated June 15, 2021
On-street parking is scarce in Chicago. Be sure to have your parking plans in place before moving day.
Photo courtesy of member Iolanda S.

Moving can be a big enough hassle — make it go smoothly by planning your parking in advance.

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On-street parking is hard enough to come by in Chicago — and it gets even trickier if you’re looking to park a moving van on a city street.

If you’re preparing for a move within the Windy City, you should be aware of the rules if you need to park a moving truck in the public way.

If you’re using a smaller truck or van, you can obtain “no parking” signs from your alderman at no charge. You can find your alderman’s contact information by visiting the city’s ward look-up page.

No parking signs must be posted at least 48 hours prior to the move, 44th Ward Alderman Tom Tunney says on his website, so residents should pick them up several days in advance.

No parking signs issued by an alderman are handy, but it’s important to be aware that those signs are not enforceable by law, and vehicles parked in violation will not be ticketed or towed by Chicago police.

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When you need a permit

A moving van parking permit is required anytime a vehicle larger than 16 feet will be parked on a city street for more than an hour.

The city will only issue permits to companies that are registered with the Chicago Department of Transportation Public Way Permit Office at City Hall, so before you rent a moving van or hire a Chicago moving company, you should make sure the company is registered.

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Typically, it’s the movers who handle the permit process. Permit fees are $25 per truck, which is billed directly to the moving company. The cost goes up to $50 per truck if you’re moving in or out of the city’s central business district.

With a permit, moving companies can help secure a parking space by obtaining an enforceable no parking sign from the city.

In this case, the city’s Department of Streets & Sanitation will post the signs for you, but the process takes three full business days, so it’s important to hire your moving company and make sure your permit is secured well in advance.

Golan’s Moving & Storage, located in Skokie, Illinois, says knowing the rules on parking permits can help make moving faster and easier.

“A proper parking area for our truck(s) is an important aspect of any move,” the company says on its website, adding that customers can help the process go smoothly by scouting out a parking spot for their moving truck prior to the move.


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