7 Reasons Why You Should Spring for New Moving Boxes

Becca Stokes
Written by Becca Stokes
Updated November 19, 2021
Woman packing her belongings in boxes
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Packing, taping, stacking—phew! Moving is a trip, literally. But buying brand new boxes can give you some much-needed peace of mind

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From planning to packing, it’s no secret that moving is one of life’s biggest undertakings. That’s why you should minimize potential stressors as best you can. One way to do that is to invest in new moving boxes. 

People often opt for used moving boxes from friends or local businesses to pack for a move. But buying brand new boxes can save you frustration when you’re mid-move. And when those moving trucks roll up, we could all use a little peace of mind. 

Here’s why it’s better to opt for new rather than used when it comes to packing up your beloved belongings.

1. New Moving Boxes Are Easy to Identify

When you buy new moving boxes, you’ll get a series of uniform boxes. That means that all the information you write on the boxes will likely be in the same place on each box, making it easy for you to identify its contents quickly. That’s a lot easier than trying to remember if the coffee cups are in the box from the library, or the box from the corner store.

2. New Moving Boxes Are Easier to Stack

It doesn’t matter how many boxes you manage to collect from the side of the road. If they don’t stack well, your packing project could fall to pieces. The moving company you hire can provide new boxes that will stack nicely in the moving truck without risk of getting crushed in transit.

3. New Moving Boxes Are As Easy to Find As Used Ones

While your moving company sells new moving boxes, they aren’t the only ones who offer the crisp cardboard you crave. Finding new boxes when you move is easy—you can buy them at hardware stores, and at larger office supply chain stores.

4. New Moving Boxes Are Cleaner

Let’s face it, while second-hand cardboard boxes may be less costly than new moving boxes, newer ones are going to be a heck of a lot cleaner. Don’t forget, cardboard is a material that critters adore—it makes for a great hiding place for rodents that love to use cardboard to make nests. Your new home should be a fresh start. They may be cute, but it’s best to stick with new moving boxes and leave the mice behind.

5. New Moving Boxes Are Stronger

Cardboard boxes in their prime are strong and can protect even your delicate dishware if you pack your items properly. Strong as they may be, cardboard moving boxes won’t last forever, and become flimsier after each use. Don’t let the bottoms of your boxes fall out when you’re moving because you took the bookstore’s free (but overused) boxes. Use new moving boxes to make sure your belongings safely get from point A to point B.

6. New Moving Boxes Come in Multiple Sizes

Empty house room with staked moving boxes
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Contact your moving company or a hardware store for details about the different types of moving boxes they may sell. You might be thinking of picking up some second-hand boxes for smaller items, but you can likely purchase the sizes you need.

7. New Moving Boxes Come With Package Deals

Often, people who are moving choose second-hand boxes because they assume new ones will be too pricey. Good news—very often, that’s not the case. Moving boxes cost between $1 and $10 apiece, depending on size. Ask your moving company about the boxes they offer, as they likely have a package deal that works for your budget.

It's also worth asking if your moving company has reusable plastic moving bins. Many moving companies now offer these sturdy, reusable alternatives to cardboard moving boxes for homeowners who want to reduce their carbon footprint. Your moving company may be able to drop these bins at your home and pick them up as you fill them to make moving day a little bit easier.

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