6 Basketball Hoops You Can Easily Install at Home

Ben Kissam
Written by Ben Kissam
Updated October 6, 2021
father plays basketball with son at home
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Dribble, shoot, and score a hoop that works for your home and budget

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If you’re a mom or dad thinking about installing a basketball hoop at home for your kid, statistics show you’re probably not alone: According to USA Basketball, 9.8 million boys and girls ages 6 to 17 play basketball in America.

Giving your child(ren) access to a basketball hoop at home is a great way to keep them physically active—and help them develop a killer jump shot, too. But they’re not only for the kids—shooting hoops at home is a fun and healthy activity for adults, too. 

The only thing left to decide is which types of basketball hoops are best for at-home practice or driveway scrimmages. Here are six options, along with some benefits and things to consider about each.

1. In-Ground Basketball Hoop

In-ground basketball hoops send a message to the whole neighborhood: you, or your family, are serious about basketball. If you’re a true fan of hoops—and enjoy the occasional recreation dunk contest with friends or family—an in-ground basketball hoop is probably the best option.

The benefits of an in-ground hoop include:

  • Sturdy

  • Stability when in use

  • Variety of pricing options

In-ground hoops hold up to the roughest types of play. Because they’re generally cemented into the ground and attached to a steel pole, they last for decades.

Of course, an in-ground hoop is an investment in the sense that it costs a little more to install ($400 to $700 total) and will be a staple of your home’s outdoor recreation center for years to come. Removing a basketball pole in concrete can be challenging, and involve concrete removal.

2. Portable Basketball Hoop

portable basketball hoop in driveway
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Portable basketball hoops come on wheels, making it easy to move your hoop in and out of the driveway or out in the street on quiet roads. This is an ideal product if you live on a busy street or have minimal outdoor space to keep a hoop.

The benefits of a portable hoop include:

  • Easily adjustable

  • Easy to move

  • Affordability

Affordable portable hoops start at $150. Filled with either sand or water, this type of hoop usually has 100 to 500 pounds of weight in it. If you expect your basketball hoop to receive action, though, you may want to opt for one with a little higher resistance grade.

If you think you’ll be moving it often or may need to transport it eventually, fill it with water. Sand is much harder to remove. Light dunking might be okay on a heavy-duty portable hoop, but hanging from the rim on these products is never advisable.

However, since you can move it to the best location, you could save additional money by not having to seal your driveway (or build a new one). Sealing an asphalt driveway costs between $250 and $700 per square foot.

3. Automatic Adjustable Basketball Hoop

Portable and in-ground adjustable hoops are both options. These types of at-home hoops are more expensive, but come with useful tech that makes raising or lowering your basketball hoop a breeze—which is ideal if you’ve got a couple basketball players in your home at various ages or sizes.

The benefits of an automatic adjustable basketball hoop include:

  • Easy to adjust height

  • Sturdy

These products tend to be heavier and more expensive ($800+) than a portable self-adjusted hoop.

4. Wall-Mount Basketball Hoop

garage with mounted basketball hoop
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If you have an outdoor living space like a garage or barn, wall-mount hoops can be a good option for under $100 (although they can cost more than $500, too.) 

Before buying this product, though, consider how tall the installation point will be (above 10 feet is too high) and what the space below the hoop will be like. If your driveway isn’t flat or paved, you may need to consider adding an extension or having it leveled.

The benefits of an at-home wall-mount basketball hoop include:

  • Takes up less space

  • Affordable

  • Easier to install than an in-ground hoop

The cost to pave a driveway ranges between $2,300 and $10,000. (If you’re really serious about making basketball a part of your home, the cost to install a basketball court ranges between $17,200 and $76,000.)

5. Pool Basketball Hoop

A pool basketball hoop is a fun way to liven up your pool and work on your shot. (If you thought shooting a basketball over a defender on the court was difficult, try doing it in chest-deep water.)

The benefits of a pool basketball hoop include:

  • Good for entertaining

  • Fun for all ages 

In-pool floating options range between $200 and $300. A mounted hoop on the side of your pool may cost as much as $500.

6. Kids’ Basketball Hoop

child playing with kid-size basketball hoop in driveway
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Perhaps you know you’re grooming a future NBA or WNBA star—but they’re still not old enough to ride the rollercoasters. In this case, a kids’ basketball hoop might be a good starter option you can upgrade from later.

The benefits of kids’ basketball hoops include:

  • Affordable

  • Age appropriate

  • No installation necessary

These products typically only go to 5, 6, or 7 feet. You’ll need to upgrade later, but it won’t necessarily hurt your wallet, as kids’ hoops start at $30 at many retail stores.

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