How To Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Tom Moor
Written by Tom Moor
Updated December 5, 2020
Make sure you have all the right cleaning supplies before you start deep cleaning a kitchen. (Photo by Brandon Smith)


You've got this!

Time to complete

2 hours

One of the best ways to knock out germs, dirt, and fingerprints on counters, cabinet handles, and other surfaces is through a kitchen deep cleaning.

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What you'll need:


  • Plenty of rags and warm water
  • Common household cleaners
  • Scraper for oven and caked-on food
  • Vinegar
  • Bleach
  • Broom
  • Steamer for floor
  1. The Oven

    Because the oven is typically used so much, it can be one of the grimiest areas of your kitchen. It’s important to follow the oven manufacturer’s owner’s manual before cleaning it. Bremer recommends using a specialized oven cleaning solution and letting it sit for a few minutes before wiping it down. Ken Leffel, owner of highly rated Home Cleaning Centers of America in Indianapolis, also uses a regular oven cleaner and a scraper or putty knife for any caked-on material.

  2. Stovetop

    For most of us, spills occur frequently on the stovetop. Leffel recommends using a cleaning solution on the stovetop and scrubbing the range tops in the sink. Not all types of stovetops should be cleaned the same way, Leffel says. With a gas burner, a simple degreaser works well on the grates and range top. For electric coil stoves, Leffel recommends soaking the drip pans in hot water and using an all-purpose cleaner to loosen the residue. Afterwards, Leffel recommends scrubbing with a two-sided sponge. For glass-top stoves, a regular glass range top cleaner usually will suffice. It’s also important to clean the inside of the range as well, where food and grease can fall and splatter. Lift the top of the stove to access this area. Bremer says a degreaser is helpful for the stovetop and areas around the stove that typically see a buildup.

  3. Kitchen Sink

    Your kitchen sink is one of the germiest areas of your kitchen, area cleaning pros say. During a deep clean, Leffel uses bleach to kill bacteria. Homeowners can use an appliance polish to shine up metal fixtures on the sink. Don’t forget to clean and wash the dish rack, another germ-filled area!

  4. Cabinets

    Remove everything from the cabinets and wipe the shelves off with a rag and warm water. Do the same for the outside of the cabinets. “I remove all of the contents and thoroughly wipe the cabinets out,” Bremer says.

  5. Refrigerator

    Take everything out of the refrigerator. Use warm water and a rag to clean the inside of the refrigerator. Bremer uses warm, soapy water on the inside of the fridge and the shelves and drawers, which she removes during cleaning. Jim Alford, owner of highly rated Mr. Clean Cleaning Service in Indianapolis, uses Lysol on the inside of fridges. Experts recommend wiping down the outside of the refrigerator to clear off germs and fingerprints.

  6. Floors

    Experts recommend sweeping floors almost daily and mopping weekly. But during a deep clean, a steam clean is in order, Leffel says. “We use a steam clean with a hot water extraction,” he says. “And then we use a brush to get out all of the discoloration in the grout.” Bremer says steam cleaners can be rented or bought, usually for under $200. Make sure a steam cleaner is appropriate for your flooring first.

  7. Countertops and Pantry

    Remove all the objects on the countertops and wipe the counters down completely before spraying with a disinfectant. For the pantry, remove all the food and clean the shelving.

  8. Hard-To-Reach Areas

    A deep clean should consist of cleaning those hard-to-reach areas. This includes moving the stove and refrigerator and mopping and sweeping behind them. Wipe down the sides and backs of the oven and refrigerator and clean the refrigerator coils.

  9. Doors, etc.

    Clean off any tables, chairs, light fixtures, doorknobs and door frames. Wipe down walls and trim. Bremer also cleans cobwebs from her customers’ ceilings.

  10. Microwave

    The microwave needs a good cleaning, inside and out. Look for other appliances, such as toasters and blenders, that may need a good wipe down.

  11. Dishwasher

    Wipe down the front of the dishwasher. To clean the inside, Leffel recommends pouring in a cup of vinegar and running the dishwasher empty on a low cycle.

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