9 Easy Ways to Improve the Security of Your Garage

Lauren Murphy
Written by Lauren Murphy
Updated December 8, 2021
A triple wooden garage door
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Get peace of mind by enhancing the security of your garage

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Your home is your castle, so it only makes sense to install upgrades that help keep you and your family safe. From security systems to security doors, you’ve thought of it all—but what about your garage? Luckily, there are some easy garage safety tips you can implement today that’ll enhance security and provide you with added peace of mind.

1. Close Your Garage Door

This garage safety tip seems like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised at how many of your neighbors leave their garage doors open all day long. 

Leaving the door open is especially common in the summertime when kids are constantly going in and out to grab their sidewalk chalk, bikes, and other summer break essentials. Make it a family rule to keep your garage door closed when not in use—even if you’ll be back outside soon. 

There are also products you can get that will alert you if your garage door has been left open and allow you to close it from anywhere. 

2. Upgrade Your Remote Opener

Most modern garage doors are electric and come with automatic garage door openers. These little gadgets have the power to open and close your garage door, so it’s imperative that it doesn’t get into the wrong hands. 

To enhance your garage’s security, consider upgrading to a smart garage door opener that connects to your smartphone so you can open and close the door remotely. Alternatively, you can switch to a garage door opener remote that attaches to your keychain, so you’ll always have it on hand.

3. Hide Your Garage Door Opener

If you do have a loose push-button garage door opener (not one that connects to your smartphone or attaches to your keychain), make sure to hide it carefully. 

Tossing it in your glove box or under your seat isn’t good enough—especially if you don’t park inside the garage. If a thief breaks into your car, they can find your remote with a little poking around and gain access to your garage and home. Take your opener with you wherever you go or conceal it well.

4. Keep the Security Code a Secret

Some garage doors use keypads for entry, requiring you to punch in a specific four-digit code to open them. Keypad entry is convenient, especially for kids who tend to misplace physical garage door openers, but risky. If your code gets out, your garage and home safety is at risk.

Treat your garage door code like your computer password. Don’t use an easy-to-guess code, like the year you were born. Choose a unique number and keep it to yourself, only sharing it within your household. 

Consider changing it up often to keep everyone on their toes and to keep your garage extra safe from outsiders who may or may not be actively trying to guess your code.

5. Install Lights and Sensors

Poor exterior lighting isn’t great for garage safety. Bright, illuminating floodlights will enhance the security of your home—and make it much less likely that you’ll trip when going out to grab the mail at night.

Installing floodlights and lights triggered by motion sensors will make it much easier for family members and friends who might be coming and going from your home at night while deterring unwanted visitors too. 

6. Maintain Your Garage Doors

A man’s hand opening a garage door with a remote
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Routinely check your garage doors to ensure that they open and close smoothly and that there is no physical damage to the door itself. Test the machinery by opening and closing it while you listen closely for signs of a problem. 

If you hear a grinding noise, there could be an issue with the tracks. Try lubricating them yourself and hire a local garage door company to make repairs as needed. 

7. Install a Security System

A comprehensive five-year study at Rutgers University that analyzed crime data from the Newark Police Department found that home security alarms decrease crime. If you want a surefire way to increase your garage’s safety, install a security system.

There are several systems to choose from on the market. Find the right one for your budget and home, prioritizing systems with motion sensors and alarms to alert you and potentially scare off intruders. 

If your system comes with cameras, place one outside of your garage. Place security signage  around your home and in your windows to let thieves know that there is security in place, which will make them think twice about attempting to break into your garage.

8. Tint Windows

Whether you’re dancing in your best sweats while cleaning out garage cupboards and would prefer the neighbors can’t see … or simply want to enhance the security of your home, tinting the windows of your garage is a smart move to make. 

Preventing people from seeing into your garage is a safety upgrade that can help keep your items secure. You can purchase tinted security film from your local home improvement store or hire a pro to complete this task for you. 

9. Don’t Keep Valuables in Your Garage

Keep all of your valuables out of your garage if possible (though we get that your expensive car has to stay in there). Take your wallet and keys inside with you when you pull in after work and bring any expensive equipment, like your new snowboard, indoors to a more secure spot if possible. 

If you can’t bring your prized possession in, try to keep it out of eyesight. Toss a cover over your valuable motorcycle and tuck your top-of-the-line camping gear out of sight.

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