Here’s How Much a Metal Carport Will Cost You

Annie Sisk
Written by Annie Sisk
Updated January 6, 2022
A metal carport on a modern house
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  • A metal carport typically runs about $3,400 on average

  • You can choose from several sizes of metal carports at varying prices

  • Size, features and labor costs will all impact your final cost

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Putting up a metal carport is a great way to protect your vehicles without spending the thousands of dollars that building an enclosed garage costs. However, before you jump in to put up your own metal carport, it’s smart to get a clearer picture of the costs involved. A metal carport that’s big enough to provide cover for a single car can cost as little as $700,  whereas a carport for two midsize sedans may cost $1,300 or more. Additional features like vertical roofs, gabling, and walls can add to the total price.

Cost of Metal Carports Near You 

The cost of a metal carport doesn’t vary significantly on a regional basis across the U.S. However, while major manufacturers typically set carport prices fairly uniformly nationwide, installation labor costs may vary as well as the cost of specific features as discussed above. Additionally, you may encounter higher prices in locations with stricter building code requirements or a tendency toward strong winds and storms, such as the southeastern and southern coastlines.

How Much Does It Cost to Build and Install a Metal Carport?

The main factor affecting the cost of your metal carport is its size, with smaller sized styles often costing much less than larger ones. The average prices listed below include typical labor costs. Special features, much larger carports, and sites that require additional work can add to your costs.

10’L x 7’W x 6’HATV or motorcycle$550
21'L x 12'W x 6'HOne mid-size car$700–$800
21'L x 24'W x 6'HTwo mid-size cars$1,300
41'L x 20'W x 12'HOne large RV$2,800

Metal Carport Building and Installation Cost Breakdown

The cost of getting your new metal carport installed can be divided into two basic areas—materials and labor—plus additional costs for special circumstances that may or may not apply to your property or carport. 


Most homeowners choose a metal carport kit sold by a home-improvement retailer. Many of these kits will include delivery to your site and some may even include installation. A metal carport kit should include all required hardware, though you’ll also need basic tools such as a power drill, screw gun, rivet gun, tape measure, and levels, if you’re installing the carport yourself. 


If the company that sold you the carport kit does not offer installation services, you can hire a carport installation pro or local general contractor to do it for you. Labor costs that aren’t included in the total price generally run around $10 per square foot

Additional Costs

The average costs listed above assume you’re installing your metal carport on a level site and that you need no further specialized work for added features or unique conditions. You’ll spend anywhere from $50 to $200 or more if the following conditions apply to your site: 

  • Installation site over 50’ from the nearest access road: $50

  • Wiring the area for electricity: $100 per hour

  • Uneven installation site with variation between 4” and 9”: $150

  • Installing carport over another structure, such as a workshop or shed: $200

  • Installation on a boat dock (note that most companies will not install your carport on a floating dock): $200

  • Assembling the metal carport then subsequently sliding it onto the installation site, if possible: $200

  • Pouring concrete slab for carport to be installed over: $1,000 to $2,000 for approximately 200 square feet (sufficient for one-car model)

Cost to Build and Install a Metal Carport Yourself?

A house’s backyard with a metal carport
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Installation costs are often included in the total cost for your carport. Additionally, carports are fairly easy to build and install, usually taking an experienced pro a day or less. Consequently, you won’t likely save much money by doing this work for yourself. If you’re a seasoned DIYer and you have one or two people to assist, you can save approximately 5% off the total costs mentioned above by tackling the job yourself. 

How to Save Money While Building and Installing a Metal Carport

Generally speaking, the cost of metal carports is fairly uniform across the country, so you’ll probably see a similar cost range for any individual model you consider. You can trim your expenses by selecting the smallest size carport for your current and reasonably expected future needs. For example, if you don’t anticipate buying a second vehicle, stick to a smaller one-car model to trim your costs. Additionally, compare the features for various models and give some serious thought as to whether you need additional features.

Metal Carport Building and Installation Questions and Answers

What are the pros and cons of buying and installing a metal carport? 

Pros: On average, metal carports cost less than enclosed garages of the same size. Major home-improvement retailers offer a variety of sizes and styles in ready-to-install kits, sometimes with free delivery included in the total cost. Carports provide significant overhead protection for vehicles from the elements and other things that present a risk of damage to vehicle bodies or paint finishes. Because they’re not typically as highly regulated as garages, they’re also simpler to install and maintain. They’re well-ventilated and generally take only a day or two to build and install. 

Cons: Metal carports are typically open on the sides, which means a strong windstorm can still damage your vehicles. Additionally, animals will still have full access to the area. They also don’t provide the secure protection of a closed and lockable garage, so theft or intrusion is still possible. Of course, you can also convert a carport into a garage at a later time if you find you need the extra security. 

What should I consider when selecting a metal carport?

Give careful consideration to the type of carport you choose. A steel carport is sturdier against severe weather conditions such as snow, wind, and strong rainstorms. However, steel carports will weigh much more than aluminum styles, with installation taking longer. Aluminum carports are also less expensive and more resistant to rust. 

How do I keep my metal carport from rusting? 

Most metal carports are made from stainless steel and aluminum. Both of these materials are rust-resistant. However, you might want to add a sealant coat for additional protection against weather. That’s especially true if you live near coastal areas with strong winds, high moisture levels and bodies of saltwater nearby.

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