Who Do You Hire to Repair or Install a Garage Door?

Kristi Pahr
Written by Kristi Pahr
Updated February 15, 2022
Brick house with yellow garage door
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Treat your garage to a glow-up with a professionally installed or repaired garage door

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A new garage door can do wonders when it comes to upping curb appeal. If you’ve ordered a new door or just need a few repairs on your existing door, you may consider DIY-ing it, but for jobs like this, hiring a garage door pro near you is the way to go.

Benefits of Hiring Garage Door Installation Pro 

You just ordered a new garage door and are probably chomping at the bit to get installation underway. If you’re a seasoned DIY-er, it may be tempting to install a new garage door yourself, but there are a host of reasons to call in a local pro for this project. 


Your new garage door most likely came with a manufacturer’s warranty, which is a huge plus. They’ll protect you if your door is damaged or malfunctions during a certain amount of time. Warranties also protect you against improper installation—but only if a professional garage door installer installs the door. If you attempt to install it and either the door or your home is damaged, you’re on the hook for the repair bill, and your warranty is no longer valid. That means even if you hang it perfectly but something goes wrong down the line, like a manufacturing defect, the company won't replace it.


If your garage door needs repair, whether to the door itself or the motor or electrical components, a local garage door technician can take a look at the problem and give you an estimate on repairs. In many cases, repair work done by garage door pros is guaranteed, so if you have a problem after the repair is complete, they’ll come back to provide service at no extra charge.


Unless you are 100% comfortable working with electricity, installing a new garage door is best left to a pro. A local garage door installer will have the knowledge and experience to ensure your installation is safe and up to local and state codes. 

Also, a botched installation could lead to damages down the road. Ensuring that both the electrical and the mechanical sides of things are correct can provide peace of mind when it comes to your garage door functioning as it should.

Experience and Know-How

When you hire a professional garage door installer, you can rest assured knowing your garage door will function effectively. A local garage door professional is familiar with the steps involved in garage door installation, which means fewer glitches and problems. And many professional installers guarantee their work. So if you have a problem with your door, they’ll come back to your home to assess the door and make adjustments or repairs as needed.

Can I DIY Garage Door Installation?

Technician installing new residential garage door
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Garage door installation is a moderate to difficult home improvement project. Garage doors can weigh hundreds of pounds and be difficult to maneuver into place, so you should avoid DIY garage door installation. If the installation is incorrect, the door can fall, potentially causing damage to your home or injury to your family or pets. 

Only an experienced DIY-er with the physical strength to move a garage door should attempt DIY installation, and you need to lift correctly so you don’t damage your back.

Working with electricity is also dangerous. Wiring your garage door isn’t something to take lightly and should only be performed by a professional or someone with years of electrical experience.

Can I Hire a Handyperson for Garage Door Installation or Repair?

While your favorite local handyperson might have adequate experience to complete a garage door installation or repair, your warranty may be invalidated if the job isn’t performed by a licensed professional.

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